ZenBusiness Vs LegalZoom:- Which is the Best Service in 2021?

Do you have a unique idea for your new startup/business? 

You are all set for the incorporation, but you are finding it challenging to select the best LLC service providers and to determine which one is best in terms of Quality of Work?

ZenBusiness & LegalZoom are the two best Online LLC Service Companies with different advantages and disadvantages. 

They both are doing a great job when it comes to the incorporation of an organization. 

You can look forth for their specialties in the comparison guide.

Here you will find more about ZenBusiness & LegalZoom in-depth to help you choose the right one as your LLC service company. 

Common Comparison

When we search for some factors which remains common while comparing both ZenBusiness & LegalZoom with each other, we got 6 points, and they are


Both the companies provide fast services to get your business registered in a week or a few days with the state.


LegalZoom has earned more experience by offering its services to millions of customers.

Still, ZenBusiness isn't staying back in the race as it has also registered thousands of Businesses with their expertise and is involved in widening its Customer base. 


LegalZoom has a Knowledge Center with almost every information about Legalities, paperwork, rules, and other issues you might face while incorporating your business. 

The same goes for ZenBusiness. They have a blog section where they share information about various entities, business tips, and many other things related to customers' interests. 


Both with ZenBusiness & LegalZoom, you will save a considerable portion of money on your LLC registration than other LLC Service Providers.

Customer Support

ZenBusiness & LegalZoom both have a healthy Customer Support system that will always help you with every problem. 

Additional Services

Regardless of offering LLC services, LegalZoom & ZenBusiness also offer various additional services for your new business, such as providing you Registered Agent to Annual Report Service and so much more.

Side by Side Comparisons

The categories we will be looking into for the side-by-side comparison are:

1. Pricing.


When it comes to the best price offering for the incorporating services, ZenBusiness is the only company with the incorporation package of $39. 

This fee is the lowest ever price you can ever find in any of the incorporation services nationwide. Plus, it also includes a CPA Assessment, A Registered Agent Service, and Corporate bylaws. 

In the Incorporating package of $149, you can also enjoy some additional services like Compliance Monitoring, Annual Report Service, a Banking Resolution, and EIN (Federal Tax ID Number). 


The well-known and highly popular LegalZoom also has a customer base of millions and an enormous Brand Reputation, all thanks to their Advertising Budget. But that doesn't conclude that they provide the best services than any other LLC. 

Their Incorporation packages started from $149 without any advanced features and registered agents service in any packages. 

Plus, their Incorporation packages range with variable fees of $159 - $299 every year to add it on. 

Final Winner Verdict

Investing and incorporation through ZenBusiness are more worthy of your budget as it has a more substantial value-per-dollar ratio than LegalZoom does. 

ZenBusiness offers its Incorporation Package at an affordable price, i.e., $39 with lots of features. 

LegalZoom has a base rate price of $149, which is $110 more than ZenBusiness. 

2. Features


There is a difference between ZenBusiness & LegalZoom in terms of Features. ZenBusiness offers a $39 package that includes a Customizable LLC operating agreement and a Registered Agent Services, and LegalZoom does charge extra.


In the case of LegalZoom, you get the minimum package of $99 with limited features.

If you want to avail the Registered Agent service & Customizable LLC facility via LegalZoom, you have to spend $60 more for it.

And suppose you want to get a formation package of LegalZoom with a Registered Agent Service & Operating agreement.

In that case, the total amount they charge is $447 ($99 LLC Formation + $99 Operating Agreement + $249 Registered Agent Service).

Final Winner Verdict

Though LegalZoom provides lots of services to their customers, their prices are way too high compared to ZenBusiness.

ZenBusiness is offering lots of features in their very economical package, LegalZoom is charging a massive amount of money for offering the same set of features.

So clearly, ZenBusiness is the clear winner here.

3. Experience


Though ZenBusiness is a new LLC service company established in 2015, it is very generous in offering corporation services to thousands of new businesses in just five years.

By offering various features at the best Price, ZenBusiness is rapidly winning the hearts of their Customers. 


When you have to count in the Giant LLC companies, LegalZoom will always be there in the list.

LegalZoom was founded in 1999 and has served millions of businesses in getting incorporated and earned tonnes of experience for running a successful business. 

Final Winner Verdict

Experience is the consequence of chapters you've learned from your past actions.

LegalZoom has correctly justified this statement by gaining lots of experience after incorporating 2 million businesses nationwide.

ZenBusiness is trying its best to provide better services and broaden its customer base.

4. Customer Services


ZenBusiness is giving their best shot in keeping their customers happy and satisfied with their services.

Customers can access the ZenBusiness Customer service department via Email, Phone, or by chatting on their official website.

Using any of the three given options, you can get helpful & friendly replies within minutes, and you don't lose your time in waiting for their responses.

Their contact hours are from morning 9 am to evening 7 pm from Monday to Friday.


The Customer Service system of LegalZoom is also very nice. They offer contact or customer support by email and phone, and you can opt for any of them that suits you best.

Though the Email services are a bit slow, they can take a maximum time of one week to get back to you.

But their Phone support is a whole other concept. When you talk to the support team on the phone, the representatives will respond to every question, and it is always easy to get a hold of it.

They've extended their Support hours, and now are available from morning 8 am till night at 10 pm from Monday to Friday, and for Saturdays, the timing is morning 10 am to evening 7 pm. 

Final Winner Verdict
🏆It's a Tie🏆

When looking into it, Customer Support Services provided by ZenBusiness are more quick and efficient in contrast with LegalZoom.

On the other side, LegalZoom has the advantage of Customer Support available six days a week.

So for this category, It's a Tie.

5. Turnaround Times


Turnaround times depend on the customers' level of services, not on the state government's processing time. But still, ZenBusiness is perfectly capable of managing their processing time based on your state.

They take a turnaround time of 3-4 weeks in the Starter package, whose time you can decrease by going for the Pro package and getting the parcel in 1-2 week or opting for the Premium package and receiving it in 3-5 days only.


Talking about the Turnaround time for LegalZoom, it is also somehow similar to ZenBusiness.

LegalZoom's Cheaper packages usually take 30 business days to reach you, but if you want your package early, go for Top-Tier Express Gold Package and get it in 7-10 business days.

Final Winner Verdict

Suppose you are looking for the best incorporation service provider, making it possible to deliver your filing package to you as quickly as possible.

In that case, ZenBusiness is the only one that comes to mind.

6. Order Tracking

In both the ZenBusiness & LegalZoom, Customers can track their order's current status with the Order Tracking Tool's help on their respective websites.

The simple step is to log into your account, go to the Order sections and track your order from there.

7. Registered Agent Service

When you incorporate your organization with an LLC, there is a compulsion to designate a Registered Agent who receives important document deliveries from the State Government, informs you about the Receipt, and forward the documents to you.

All this is so important because the state wants you to have a reliable means to contact you.


With ZenBusiness, you get a free Registered Agent Service with all the LLC Registration packages with a minimum payment, which is very good for your business.


In the case of LegalZoom, they don't offer the perks of Registered Agent in any of their LLC packages. But if you want to avail the facility of a Registered Agent, then you have to pay $249 per year for it.

Final Winner Verdict

When we see through both of the organizations, ZenBusiness and LegalZoom, both offer Registered Agent Service.

Still, the significant difference is that ZenBusiness provides this service free with a very affordable package.

But LegalZoom charges additional fees and the little expensive package that is easily beatable by any other online incorporation services in the country. 

8. Company Stats & Track Record Customer Reviews


They are not in the Old is Gold category, but since they had opened in 2015, they've served thousands of customers already, and it seems they are unstoppable at any given point in time.

Plus, the feedback which their clients revert is very spectacular, firm, and positive.


Since 1999, LegalZoom has served around 3.6 million customers (half of them were business clients) and handles higher customer volume accounts.

However, the feedback received for LegalZoom is entirely rational.

Final Winner Verdict
🏆It's a Tie🏆

Both companies have their respective advantages in this category. The track record of LegalZoom is unmatchable for ZenBusiness.

It's a mixed reaction in LegalZoom, whereas ZenBusiness regularly has excellent customer feedback.

At last, It's a tie between them, but again the ball is still in your court until you make your choice.

9. Customer Reviews


When we talk about capturing people's hearts and being the best LLC service provider, ZenBusiness comes on top very rapidly with thousands of reviews that claim that Services from ZenBusiness are the best and affordable.

Also, they praise the efficiency and the ease of use ZenBusiness is offering.


Customer Reviews in the case of LegalZoom from their clients are mixed reviews.

When studied a bit more, the positive feedbacks are slightly more than the critical feedbacks.

Customers are satisfied with the convenience of receiving their services, but they're not so happy with the inconsistent customer care services and high range packages.

Final Winner Verdict

Here in keeping the customers happy and satisfied, ZenBusiness has outplayed, leaving LegalZoom behind.

Though ZenBusiness is a new company, it is still doing a tremendous job, topping the chart in LLC Service Companies.

10. Additional Services


To provide additional services, ZenBusiness is offering Publication services in State (New York) that require them.

But there are so many services that ZenBusiness isn't offering, but LegalZoom does, and that is the space where ZenBusiness must work a bit more.


LegalZoom offers various additional services like the creation of Last Will, Testament, Divorce papers, Property deeds, probate, and executor assistance.

Plus, they let their customers select from the broad category of Copyright Protection and Trademark Registration Services, making it better in extra services than ZenBusiness.

Final Winner Verdict

Well, here in rendering Additional Services to their Customers, LegalZoom is the winner by offering so many services with their Business offerings.

Overall Winner

Summing up the Overall Faceoff, we get that ZenBusiness has so much to offer to their customers and keep them extremely happy and content by giving them an easy-to-use platform and faster processing time of their order.

They are the clear winner of this comparison guide and undoubtedly one of the best Incorporation & LLC Service Provider Companies in America.

We're not saying that LegalZoom is not a great option. They have their own Pros and expertise with colossal infrastructure, excellent Track Record, reliable & professional services. Plus, they've served an enormous customer base since 1999.

It's just that ZenBusiness being the new Sunriser LLC, is doing a substantial job and going with a superior speed in expanding their client list.

ZenBusiness VS LegalZoom

  • Zenbusiness Score: 9/10
  • Zenbusiness Starting price: $39
  • Zenbusiness Value: Excellent
  • Zenbusiness Recommendation: Absolutely
  • LegalZoom Score: 6/10
  • LegalZoom Starting price: $99
  • LegalZoom Value: Fair
  • LegalZoom Recommendation: Sometimes

Common FAQs

What is the Biggest Advantage of each Service?

The Biggest advantage in the case of ZenBusiness is that they are offering the whole Business Formation package for just $39 only (except for your State fees).

Plus, ZenBusiness is so much more to give their Clients without any additional fees. On the other side, LegalZoom charges $149 for the Incorporation services with some advantages of its own.

With lots of experience and customer volume, they've been going so far and so well with millions of satisfied customers.

Which Service Has Fewer Upsells?

Well, LegalZoom piles up quite a few upsells. They sprinkled a $1080 worth of upsells as you want to get your work done in your specified way, yet it is an excessive amount of upsells in the LLC formation industry.

ZenBusiness is far better in terms of Upsells as they have an upsell worth of only $285, which is easily affordable by any new business. They can also enjoy many other perks with ZenBusiness's Advanced features.

Which LLC Formation Website is faster?

In this Industry, most companies base their Turnaround times on how fast each Individual's state processes the LLC formation. Every company has their turnaround time based on the package opted by you.

In ZenBusiness, Turnaround Time with the package is:

Started ($39/year): 3 to 4 weeks
Pro ($149/year): 1 to 2 weeks
Premium ($249/year): 3 to 5 weeks

*Note: ZenBusiess has already mentioned that the Formation times may vary depending on the state and which formation play you bought.*

Now let's take a long on LegalZoom's Turnaround time with the available packages:

Basic ($99): 30 Business Days
Standard ($329): 15 Business Days
Express Gold ($349): 7 to 10 Business Days.

It's always the customer's choice how early they want their package in their hand to choose accordingly.

Which is Better in terms of Publication Service?

In some states, you have to publish the Company's Formation info in the Regional Newspaper.

Like in New York, it is for only LLCs, in Georgia & Pennsylvania, for Corporations, and in Arizona & Nebraska, the publication is a must for both LLCs & Corporations.

ZenBusiness takes care of this Publication service keeping in mind the Location of the Business (State) and handling all the publication requirements.

While LegalZoom doesn't offer any such services or assistance in terms of Publication services. 

Does ZenBusiness or LegalZoom have any refund policy?

As per the concerned Refund Policy, ZenBusiness has mentioned:

"Once ZenBusiness has submitted your business for filing with the state, under no circumstances can you charge-back or dispute the fees associated with forming your business.

If you contact ZenBusiness before it submits your business for filing with the State, ZenBusiness might refund the charge, less a $50 cancellation fee, if it meets certain conditions."

Coming to LegalZoom, they have a significant advantage in this category. All credit goes to their Solid Satisfaction Guarantee.

In case you are not happy with their Services, you have 60 days from the date of First Purchase to request them for a refund, and they will surely grant that to you without any question and cancellation fees.

ZenBusiness vs LegalZoom Conclusion

The Bottom Line

After going through every given parameter and a thorough comparison between ZenBusiness & LegalZoom, the ZenBusiness is the overall winner and the Best LLC service provider company.

If you are looking out for starting a company and an LLC with the best-bundled packages, lots of features, best turnaround time, and Lowest price, ZenBusiness is the ideal match for your search.

We're not at odds with LegalZoom as it is also offering you the same set of services, but the fee they charge is relatively high.

Nonetheless, they are the most Popular Brand but still don't give you satisfaction in the LLC formation.

But in the end, it is again your job to check out everything at your end and then finalize which one is better for you.

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