Swyft Filings vs LegalZoom:- Which is Right to Choose in 2021

Are you looking up for an LLC service provider company that is great and offers you the best prices with an incredible featured package?

There are many LLC Formation Companies in the market, but shortlisting is another complicated process you don't want to go through.

Here we bring you the two Best LLC Service Providing Companies: Swyft Filings & LegalZoom. Both are entirely online and offer you outstanding services in Pre & Post Formation of your corporation.

In this comparison guide, we will discuss everything you want to know about these two LLC Service Providing companies at various parameters so that you can make the best choice for the formation of your company.

In this Swyft filings vs LegalZoom article you will find in-depth about both companies to help you choose the right one as your LLC service company. 

Common Comparison

When we search out for some factors which remains common while comparing both Swyft Filings vs LegalZoom with each other, then we got 6 points, and they are:


When you want to complete an LLC formation in the least possible times, Swyft Filings can be your Ideal match with the Quickest Turnaround times and have expedited service available.

And with LegalZoom, their Turnaround Times is based on the level of service and package purchased by you, and the least expected time for formation is one week.


When we see about Experience, Both Companies have a great experience and have served an enormous customer volume.


Swyft Filings & LegalZoom both help you a lot in saving a large portion of money in the formation of an LLC, and also, you don't have to figure everything out alone as they will provide you all the assistance you need.

Customer Support

When it comes to being there for their Customers and answering every query, both Companies have an immense Customer Support Network. Whenever you face some issue or have any question, they're just an email or call away.

Additional Services

If you're looking for any other service, then both Swyft Filings & LegalZoom offer many other services like Registered Agent Service, Federal Tax ID numbers, and a lot more.

Satisfaction Guarantees

Swyft Filings & LegalZoom both boast about 100% Satisfaction Guarantees. But in case you don't get satisfied, you can quickly request a refund and get it without any questions.

Side by Side Comparisons

For side-by-side comparison between Swyft Filings and LegalZoom, the topics we are going to look into are:

1. Pricing.

Swyft Filings

The Pricing of the Swyft Filings is the first thing that you'll fall for with no doubt. The Basic package costs $49 only, a highly competitive price but doesn't count in extra help for establishing your business.

The price of the Standard Package is $149, and the Deluxe Package is $229, which is quite expensive. And in case you want Registered Agent service, then it will cost you for $149 per year and will add much-needed value to your service. 


The Basic Package offered by LegalZoom has a price tag of $149, which is somehow the expensive basic package for the formation of a corporation.

Moreover, LegalZoom's packages don't include any Registered Agent Service, and prices may vary for each package ranging from $159 - $299 per year for adding this service.

Final Winner Verdict
🏆Swyft Filings🏆

In this Category, Swyft Filings is the best as per your requirement and funds with the Lower Price tag, impressive services, and valuable features.

LegalZoom is also doing well in forming corporations, but they're leaving behind in the price category.

2. Features

Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings brings in some welcome features like a 30-minute Consultation about Business Tax, a free domain name for a year, and access to their ComplianceGuard Company Alert system that helps you maintain track of filing deadlines.


Talking about LegalZoom's offering, they offer a Banking resolution for Business checking & savings accounts, which is not provided by Swyft Filings.

Final Winner Verdict
🏆It's a Tie🏆

While we look at both of them, neither offers a great list of features but offers Registered Agent Services extra fees every year.

So it's a tie.

3. Customer Services

Swyft Filings

When you're a business owner, customer satisfaction is your first job, and you should take care of it at every step. Swyft Filings does this job with perfection.

To address every query and question and solve them for their customers, they have an eminent service department.

The Department representatives are there for the Customers from morning 10 am till evening at 7 pm from Monday to Friday.


To keep their customers informed and redress their conflicts and issues, LegalZoom offers Customer support via phone calls and emails.

You have the choice between both of them, pick which suits you better.

Email Contact support is relatively slow, and they end up taking a minimum time of a week to contact you or respond to your message.

But when it comes to contacting via Phone call its whole another story.

The representatives give their best to solve all your questions and queries, which is always easy for opting.

They're available from Monday to Fridays from 8 am to 10 pm, and on Saturdays, it is from 10 am to 7 pm.

Final Winner Verdict
🏆It's a Tie🏆

In the category of Customer Support, both companies support their clients with excellency, as fast as possible, and efficient. So, if nobody wins, then nobody loses also.

4. Turnaround Times

Swyft Filings

Turnaround Time depends on the Customer's Package and Location. It has nothing to do with the State Government's Processing time.

Taking the reference of Swyft Filings, their Turnaround times depends on the location (State) of the LLC, where you're planning the formation, and it can take a period ranging from a couple of days to a few weeks.

Everything's on the State location.


Coming to LegalZoom's Turnaround Time, it also carries the same concept. But you can find three different packages in LegalZoom, which lets you receive your package when you exactly need it;

The cheapest package takes up to 30 days, and the Top Tier Express Gold delivers you the package in just 7 to 10 days. 

Final Winner Verdict

In this head, LegalZoom is the absolute winner by providing you different packages based on your requirement of getting the package available in Swyft Filings.

5. Order Tracking

After placing the order, Customers have this excitement to check and track the package's current status. So both LegalZoom and Swyft Filings offer you an Order Tracking facility on their website.

Just sign up for your account on their Official Website, look for the Order section, select Track the Order, and keep yourself updated with your package's current location.

When an organization forming process is going on, then you must have a Designated Registered Agent. It's sort of compulsory in America.

A Registered Agent performs various functions such as receiving crucial paperwork deliveries from the State Government, informing you about the same, and finally forwarding you those documents.

To complete this work, State asks for a person they can rely on and contact them anytime regarding your business whenever they want.

Swyft Filings

The Registered Agent Service is essential when you go for the formation of an LLC. Swyft Filings offers you this facility after the payment of $149 per year.


Again LegalZoom also charges some amount from you to provide you the services of a Registered Agent. And for this, they charge $249 annually, and if you want to continue the services, you have to pay the amount every year.

Final Winner Verdict
🏆Swyft Filings🏆

Both companies offer Registered Agent service to perform many jobs and stay in touch with the State on behalf of your organization.

When LegalZoom is charging $249 for rendering this service, Swyft Filing is only asking for $149, which is $100 less than LegalZoom.
So Swyft Filings won this round.

7. Company Stats & Track Record Customer Reviews

Swyft Filings

Founded in 2012, Swyft Filings has recently joined the Online LLC Formation Industry and is going ahead in the race.

Its primary strength is its Happy Clients, who are continually receiving the Pre-Formation & Post Formation services from Swyft Filings, giving their positive feedback and recommending it to others.


Established in 1999, LegalZoom has served approx. 3.6 million customers till the date (half of the figure comprises the Business Clients). And their focus isn't only on Business Formation. They have also supported 1 Million+ businesses.

Final Winner Verdict
🏆It's a Tie🏆

Again, in this category, it's a Tie between Swyft Filings & LegalZoom as they both are doing very significant in their respective jobs.

Plus, The Track Record of LegalZoom is far way better than any other LLC Formation Services as it has the perk of being one of the oldest companies in the industry, but Swyft Filing puts in so much to come to that level. 

8. Customer Reviews

Swyft Filings

Happy Customers is the sign that people are willing to make a deal with you. The same is going with Swyft Filings who is getting outstanding feedback from their customers.

10,000+ online reviews with high average scores make the Swyft Filings Customer's favorite. And customers are keeping on appreciating the services provided by Swyft Filings and how efficiently their team completes all the work. 


In the case of LegalZoom, being the old LLC Formation perk doesn't go so well. LegalZoom has around 2,000 reviews on their website. Their ratings are kind of slapdash.

Though they have an ample amount of satisfied customers who are content with their services, they have another customer base with specific problems like high pricing or uncertain customer services.

Final Winner Verdict
🏆Swyft Filings🏆

When your customers are pleased and glad about your service, your business blooms the most.

Swyft Filings managed to keep their customers happy with their services and beat LegalZoom in the head.

9. Additional Services

Swyft Filings

Just the Formation of an LLC isn't enough to retain your customers. It would be better if you had some more features to get a hold of them.

Swyft Filings offers essential additional services like Annual Reports, Registered Agent Services, Business Licensing research, etc.

But still, it doesn't match up the level of LegalZoom here. 


Though LegalZoom offers almost every service in their LLC Formation package, customers' limit isn't it right here.

They always want some more Additional Basic services, and that LegalZoom offers that.

LegalZoom also offers many other personal services like Last Will, Power of Attorney, Testament, Living Trust, Property Deeds, Divorce Paperwork, Trademark Registration services, and at last Copyright Protection.

Final Winner Verdict

Well, here in rendering Additional Services to their Customers, LegalZoom is the winner by offering so many additional services.

Overall Winner

After all this discussion we came to an end where we get that both the companies have their advantages & disadvantages.

And still, they are giving the best service at their end and leaving their customers satisfied.

So in the Face-off between Swyft Filings and LegalZoom, the ultimate Winner is Swyft Filings with some additional benefits of pricing and services.

It doesn't mean at all that LegalZoom is not worth choosing for LLC formation service.

With years of experience and expertise, intelligence, a giant infrastructure, reliable services, and an excellent track record, you can always look up to LegalZoom.

Swyft Filings VS LegalZoom

Swyft Filings
  • Swyft Filings Score: 7/10
  • Swyft Filings Starting price: $49
  • Swyft Filings Value: Great
  • Swyft Filings Recommendation: Yes
  • LegalZoom Score: 6/10
  • LegalZoom Starting price: $99
  • LegalZoom Value: Fair
  • LegalZoom Recommendation: It Depends

Common FAQs

What is the Biggest Advantage of each Service?

Well talking about the most significant advantage that LegalZoom has is its extraordinary experience and track record.

They have served many clients by offering excellent services with various packages, their immense Brand Power & Market reputation is sort of unbeatable.

And for the Swyft Filings, they own the most significant advantage of having the best affordable price, which LegalZoom isn't offering.

Which Service Has Fewer Upsells?

In this Category, LegalZoom has a worth of $1080 for upsell attempts for you to make the best selection as per your needs and budget.

In the case of Swyft Filings, they do have upsells, but they all are rare but logical and reasonably presented to the audience.

Which package of Swyft Filings is best?

Swyft Filings offer the two most incredible deals which anyone can go for and is recommendable by us.

The first one is the Basic Package of $49, which includes your corporation's complete formation with an online corporate compliance tool.

The second one is the Standard Package of $149, which offers your company's full formation, an online corporate compliance tool, an EIN, and an operating agreement.

You can now select any of them after cross-checking with your budget because they are both pretty decent and affordable.

Do any of them share the client's personal information with any Third-party?

Swyft Filings does offer some packages on the Package select Screen, which sometimes attempts to share or copy your data with third-party partners.

In 30 minutes of Business Tax Consultation, Free Domain Name and Free Web hosting with the free website are all controlled and managed by Third Party partners with which Customers are entirely unaware.

Whereas LegalZoom doesn't do this kind of activity. Instead, they channel all the focus on presenting the services and serving clients to their best ability.

Which is Better in terms of Publication Service?

In some states, you have to publish the Company's Formation info in the Regional Newspaper.

Like in New York, it is for only LLCs, in Georgia & Pennsylvania, for Corporations, and in Arizona & Nebraska, the publication is a must for both LLCs & Corporations.

Swyft Filings takes care of this Publication service keeping in mind the Location of the Business (State) and handling all the publication requirements.

While LegalZoom doesn't offer any such services or assistance in terms of Publication services.

Do Swyft Filings or LegalZoom have any refund policy?

When we invest our money, by default, we look for the presence of a refund policy.

With Swyft Filings, you must know what their views are on this. "Once Swyft Filings has submitted your business for filing with the State under no circumstances can you charge-back or dispute the fees associated with forming your business."

"If you contact Swyft Filings before the submission of your business for filing with the State, Swyft Filings may refund the charge, with a $50 cancellation fee, if it meets certain conditions."

LegalZoom has an incredible advantage in this category. All thanks to their Solid Satisfaction Guarantee to their customers.

If you don't feel satisfied, then it's not a matter of worry. You can ask for a refund from the date of purchase until the next 60 days and receive it without any questions asked or cancellation fees. 

Swyft Filings vs LegalZoom Conclusion

The Bottom Line

Though this might look like a long journey, it is still worth taking your time.

You must have found out every answer to the questions that you have in your mind regarding these two companies.

And in this Face-Off, Swyft Filings has won right over the edge.

There isn't that much difference in both of them, but still, Swyft Filings manages to win this comparison and proven itself better than LegalZoom.

We don't have anything against LegalZoom.

It is also one of the best, experienced, and reputed LLC Service companies, but the only demerit that keeps clients away is their pricing.

But the rest of the features make that high amount worth spending.

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