Rocket Lawyer vs LegalZoom:- Which is Right to Choose in 2021

Are you thinking of forming an LLC but don't want to do it by yourself?

Many companies are offering LLC formation and various other services that might help in the smooth running of a business.

But you are confused about which one is best for you?

Both Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom are two popular online LLC service provider companies in this industry, providing excellent LLC formation and registration services.

We bring you a very detailed comparison guide where you'll find the answer to every question you have in your mind regarding these two companies. 

In this Rocket Lawyer vs LegalZoom article, we discussed in-depth these two companies to help you choose the right one as your LLC service company. 

Common Comparison

When there are odds, there are also right there. We have collected some points which are quite common in both of them.

Let's have a look.


Both the companies have served millions of customers to date and gained lots of experience, reputation, impressed customer base, knowledge, and positive feedback.


Price is the prime concern of the customer when they go to buy something. For LLC's formation, you might have seen people hiring a lawyer and spending thousands of bucks.

But you can save yourself from doing that and opt for Rocket Lawyer or LegalZoom, who are offering affordable business formation packages with multiple features.

Customer Support

When you do not opt for the DIY route, the most significant plus point of hiring an LLC service provider is to have customer care centers with well-trained representatives who can always solve all the problems and queries.

Guaranteed Services

Legalzoom claims about offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and if you aren't satisfied with their services, you can easily ask for a refund within 16 days of your first purchase.

Similarly, Rocket Lawyer also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to their clients.

Additional Services

You never know how much additional services can add to attract more customers to your business.

Both companies have a lot more to offer various services to entrepreneurs like tax ID numbers, registered agent services, licensing, ongoing compliance, and more.


And in certain situations, when you need some additional assistance or want to know more about the business world, both rocket lawyer and LegalZoom have ample information on their website, which helps you travel around every chapter of the business world.

Side by Side Comparisons

For side-by-side comparison between Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom, the topics we are going to look into are:

1. Pricing.

Rocket Lawyer

The price offered by rocket lawyer is $99.99, which is quite near to LegalZoom's price.


Well, Legalzoom also has a starting package of $99, similar to Rocket Lawyer. But they have two more LLC formation plants with a price range of $329 and $349, respectively.

Final Winner Verdict
🏆 It's a tie 🏆

When both the companies are offering the same prices and features in their LLC formation package, there could be competition in the price category. So it's a tie.

2. Features

Rocket Lawyer

One of the famous companies, Rocket Lawyer, provides pretty essential LLC formation services through which you can prepare, register, and file your business with the state government.

Another most important thing to bring to your notice is that Rocket Lawyer does not provide registered agent services with their package.


In the basic package, which costs $99, LegalZoom offers limited features in your LLC formation package.

Other than the basic ones, they have two more packages, including so many advanced features and other entrepreneurial services with a price range of $329 and $349.

When you need a registered agent's service, you have to spend a special price to get yourself the service every year.

Final Winner Verdict
🏆 It's a tie 🏆

Again it happened with Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom, a tie between offering the most significant services package in the LLC formation process.

Usually, both provide the same set of services, so it's up to you, you can choose whichever you like the most.

3. Customer Services

Rocket Lawyer

Whenever clients hire you, they usually depend on you regarding the formation and registration process, and also, in any other situation, they look forward to you for some expert assistance.

That's why Rocket Lawyer offers customer care services for all their customers.

Whenever you need assistance from their customer care representative, you can call them up, ask questions, and resolve your queries within a few minutes.

Their experience and expertise representatives are there to guide you between 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekdays.


Customers are also satisfied with LegalZoom's customer care services as they have the other advantage of a time limit for contacting them.

They offer two modes for connecting the customer care center; emailing and phone call. You can call their experts between 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays and from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekends.

Final Winner Verdict

LegalZoom has won this category by offering two modes for contacting them and being available on weekends, which Rocket Lawyer does not offer.

4. Turnaround Times

Rocket Lawyer

Turnaround time is the time taken by a company to process, register, file, and deliver your package to your doorstep.

In some States, Rocket Lawyer offers faster services, and in some others, services are a bit slow.


LegalZoom also calculates their turnaround time based on the speed at which the state completes the formality for registration and filing the documents.

Though, they are offering three different packages with different turnaround times.

If you want your package as soon as possible, go for top-tier Express as it brings you your package in 7 to 10 days, and if you have enough time when you can go for the basic one that takes 30 days to deliver your package to your doorstep.

Final Winner Verdict

So in this category, LegalZoom has scored another point in its account by offering different kinds of packages with different price ranges and different turnaround times makes it more feasible for the customer to opt for the package which is more favorable to their requirements.

5. Registered Agent Service

Registered agent is the most crucial person and the most having crewmate who performs essential tasks relating to the State Government.

The registered agent collects all the essential documents and paperwork from the State Government and brings it to you.

He is the only person the state government relies on and contacts whenever they need to know something about your business.

Rocket Lawyer

In this category, Rocket Lawyer has the advantage of offering registered agents' services for just $149.99, which is 25% less than LegalZoom's price.

Though they don't offer these services in their packages, and if you want one, then you have to subscribe to it and pay for it an extra.


The same case is with LegalZoom. They also don't offer any services of Registered Agents. It is an essential service when you form your business, and for that, you have to pay $299 per year for receiving the service.

Final Winner Verdict
🏆Rocket Lawyer🏆

Since we all know the services of a registered agent are mandatory for every LLC formation process, we will all need it at some point in time.

Rocket Lawyer has the plus point of providing this service at 25% less price.

Since a registered agent is compulsory for every LLC formation process, everyone will need this service. Northwest provides the package to those who would like to spend an extra $299 and spend an additional $74 on it. 

6. Company Stats & Track Record Customer Reviews

Rocket Lawyer

Founded back in the year 2008, Rocket Lawyer has the best track record ever since. They have a vast customer base as compared to LegalZoom. Rocket lawyer has served around 20 million customers since 2008.


Well, LegalZoom is also not that behind in the race. Founded back in 1999, it has served around 4 million clients since they started their online business of providing entrepreneur rial and LLC formation services.

Final Winner Verdict
🏆It's a Tie🏆

Rocket Lawyer has won by serving around 20 million clients in this round and has served many customers who are happy, contented, and satisfied with their services.

7. Customer Reviews

Rocket Lawyer

Another big Pro point for Rocket Lawyer is that they have around 3100+ reviews on the internet, and almost all of them are positive and from happy customers.

From the reviews, anyone can easily conclude that their customers are satisfied and rely on them whenever they need help in some business activities.


On the other hand, the legal zoom also has 2000 plus reviews and mid star ratings on the internet. But that waste is that their reviews are in mixed proportions. Some are positive, and some are negative. There are a few neutral reviews too.

Final Winner Verdict
🏆Rocket Lawyer🏆

When we studied and observed rocket lawyers' reviews, it was more than the reviews that LegalZoom has earned.

8. Additional Services

Rocket Lawyer

Offering registration and formation of LLC services isn't enough. Customers always look for something more so that they don't have to wander here and there for other services.

Rocket Lawyer provides many additional services regardless of LLC formation services such as registered agent, LLC operating agreements, foreign qualifications, and EIN acquisition, and more.


Extras always work in getting extra. When you provide something besides, customers get easily attracted and work with you for once.

Legalzoom knows this very well, and that's why they are offering several additional services like last will, power of attorney, testament, property deeds, divorce paper, living trust, copyright protection, etc.

Final Winner Verdict
🏆It's a Tie🏆

Once again, we have a tie between rocket lawyer and LegalZoom again as they both offer several services regardless of LLC formation.

Whenever their clients need more, they can look up to them and get their job done effectively and from an expert team.

Overall Winner

After covering this long comparison journey full of ups and downs, we find out that there is a tie between Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom.

Both the companies are so good at their work and providing extra services other than LLC formation, so you can quickly look for a company that attracts you the most.

Rocket Lawyer VS LegalZoom

Rocket Lawyer
  • Rocket Lawyer Score: 3.7/5
  • Rocket Lawyer Starting price: $99.99
  • Rocket Lawyer Value: Fair
  • Rocket Lawyer Recommendation: It depends
  • LegalZoom Score: 3.7/5
  • LegalZoom Starting price: $99
  • LegalZoom Value: Fair
  • LegalZoom Recommendation: Sometimes

Suppose you want comprehensive customer care services and a great package of additional service.

In that case, LegalZoom is the best fit for every entrepreneur who can't extract time and get the answers to some questions that are troubling them.

Rocket Lawyer is an ideal LLC formation company for you if you want a company with a huge customer fan base and an unrivaled client volume. You can go for it and get your business formation process completed.

Common FAQs

Which LLC Formation website provides faster services?

The LLC providers' service speed entirely depends upon the state where you want to form a business. And the calculation of turnaround time is also one factor that is affected by the establishment's location.

Rocket Lawyer's processing speed is directly interlinked with each state's actual capabilities to process the LC formalities. In some states, you will find the services faster, and in some states, it might be a bit slower.

And in the case of LegalZoom's turnaround, they offer three levels of services and packages in which the slowest one takes 30 business days, the medium one takes 15 days, and the faster one takes 7 to 10 days to deliver your package.

Which service has fewer upsells?

Talking about showcasing the upsells and not mentioning LegalZoom, still a hypothetical situation. Legalzoom is a bit fantasized about their upsells.

They pile on $1,080 WhatsApp cells before you select your LLC formation package.

It's a turn off for the visitors when they see that they haven't chosen their ideal package and the company is already presenting the upsell attempt in front of them.

As far as we've researched, rocket wire doesn't attempt any upsells regardless of their frequent reminders that only notifies you to sign up for their subscription plans.

Good subscription services play a massive role in their business model and provide reasonable bargains for customers' rights.

Does Rocket Lawyer or LegalZoom have any refund policy?

Legal Tum has a more flexible refund policy for their clients. Firstly the claims 100% satisfaction guarantee, which indicates how confident they are about their services.

Secondly, if you aren't satisfied with the services, you can ask for a refund within 60 days of your first purchase, and they will return you without asking any questions or without charging any cancellation fees.

Rocket Lawyer has some convoluted refund process. They say that they will provide you a refund within 30 days of your initial purchase.

In another situation, they specify that they will not initiate a refund for "incorporation related services."

Does either of these services share my information with third parties?

Both LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer do not share your personal information with third-party partners under the guise of providing "Extras" or "Bonus Features."

Both companies respect the privacy of the client's data and maintain it forever.

Rocket Lawyer vs LegalZoom Conclusion

The Bottom Line

Both the LLC providers are offering good value and services in this industry and have helped thousands of businesses in their formation.

But when somebody asks for a recommendation, then rocket lawyer is the best option after getting this extended comparison.

Well, looking into the bigger picture, neither of these LLC services are preferable.

Instead of going for them, we would like you to check some other top LLC service providers offering better services than they are giving you.

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