Northwest Registered Agent vs LegalZoom:- ( Which is Right to Choose in 2021

Have an idea for starting a business?

But an idea isn't good enough for that.

It would be best to have some help or assistance from some experts who do this formation and registration job for you.

There are so many companies that are offering LLC Formation services.

And we bring you two very reputed companies in this industry, Northwest Registered Agent and LegalZoom.

Now that we have companies, the next question is which one is best LLC for you.

To answer this question, we will compare these two with each other on a different set of parameters and figure out which one suits your requirement, and then you can go for it and get all the legalities done in a few days. 

Here you will find more about Northwest Registered Agent & LegalZoom in-depth to help you choose the right one as your LLC service company. 

Common Comparison

When there are odds, there are also right there. We have collected some points which are quite common in both of them.

Let's have a look:


Experience is a sign that shows how much you have earned and learned in your life. The same goes in the case of businesses and industries.

Both Northwest Registered Agent and LegalZoom have served thousands of satisfied customers with their experience, expertise, and outstanding service quality.


Before buying something, it's normal human behavior that we check for the price.

Northwest Registered Agent and LegalZoom are both that kind of companies that offer you affordable price range packages for your LLC formation. 

Customer Support

Both Northwest Registered Agent and LegalZoom provide expedite service that can give you faster delivery of your packages to establish your business as soon as possible with complete formalities and procedures. All the compliance with the state government is complete.


Both Northwest Registered Agent and LegalZoom provide expedite service that can give you faster delivery of your packages to establish your business as soon as possible with complete formalities and procedures. All the compliance with the state government is complete.

Additional Services

Just the LLC formation services are not enough. Customers always look for something extra whatever they purchased from you.

Besides LLC formation services, both these companies have so much to offer to their customers, like ongoing compliance requirements, registered agent services, and so much more on the list.


Regardless of services, when you offer knowledge or online learning to your customer, that can be a significant attention-seeking point for them.

Both Northwest Registered Agent and LegalZoom have lots of free tools to help customers know various things related to the business world and their LLC. 

Side by Side Comparisons

For side-by-side comparison between Northwest Registered Agent and LegalZoom, the topics we are going to look into are:

1. Pricing.

Northwest Registered Agent

Here in this category, Northwest Registered Agent has only one LLC formation package.

The price of that one package is $225 (plus state fees). But don't judge too soon as you will be getting lots of features and various additional services to make it worthwhile spending at this price.

Northwest Registered Agent has just one LLC formation package, priced at $225 (plus state fee). Meanwhile, LegalZoom's pricing starts at $99, and they also offer two higher-priced LLC service packages for $329 and $349.


As we look for LegalZoom, they have a starting package of $99, which is the basic one. Other than the basic one LegalZoom offers two more LLC formation packages, which have a price range of $329 and $349.

Another notable point is that they don't include a Registered Agent's services in their packages. What if you still want this essential service? Then you can always pay some extra fees and get it.

Final Winner Verdict
🏆 Northwest Registered Agent ðŸ†

They say you don't judge a book by its cover. Though Northwest Registered Agent offers a high price package, there is much more that makes it worthy.

2. Features

Northwest Registered Agent

Talking about Northwest Registered Agent's features, the most popular one is providing a registered agent's services for one year in their package without any additional charges.

The advantages start LegalZoom you have to pay the additional charges of around $159 with every package. And you are getting it adjusted in the same package.


With the basic package of $99, LegalZoom has limited features to offer you.

But they have two other packages ranging from $329 and $349, including so many advanced features that can add up to your LLC formation process.

But in the end, you have to spend some extra bucks for getting a Registered Agent's services. Legalzoom charges $299 every year to get this service. 

Final Winner Verdict
🏆Northwest Registered Agent🏆

So in this category, we get Northwest Registered Agent as our winner. Sometimes price doesn't matter when you are getting an all-rounder package covering all the essential services in and after your LLC formation.

Plus, LegalZoom charges approximately $299 for offering a registered agent's services, whereas Northwest is offering the overall package for just $225. So save some bucks and enjoy Subway in your snacks.

3. Customer Services

Northwest Registered Agent

Not every person out there is an expert in every field. Whenever they feel stuck or require some help, they always look forward to the company's support.

Talking about Northwest customer support, it is very incredible and commendable. They have a fantastic team of professionally trained corporate Assistants for all their premium customers.

‘So whenever you want some help or have any questions, you can directly contact them, and they will answer all your questions without wasting your time.


Coming to LegalZoom's customer support, then it is also very significant.

Though their customer care representatives are not as expert and knowledgeable as Northwest's, they carry another advantage of the time limit for contacting them.

Legalzoom offers two different modes of contacting their customer care center: a phone call and email.

You can contact the customer care center from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays and on weekends the time will be 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

Final Winner Verdict
🏆It's a Tie🏆

So under this head, it is a tie between Northwest registered agent and LegalZoom as both have something special in their packages and for their customers.

One provides an extended level of experts to their customers, and the other provides extended time to contact them.

4. Turnaround Times

Northwest Registered Agent

The calculation of turnaround time offered by a company happens based on the state's formalities. The longer it takes to get approval, the latter you will receive your package.

Northwest also has the same concept. They try to deliver your package as soon as possible when done with the procedure at their end.


LegalZoom also has the same theory for evaluating the turnaround time taken and delivering your LLC formation package.

They have three different packages with different turnaround times, and you can pick anyone based on your requirement.

The basic package takes 30 days, and the top-tier express brings you the package in just 7 to 10 days.

Final Winner Verdict
🏆Northwest Registered Agent🏆

Under this head, Northwest is the winner as they only have one package, but they are offering faster services than LegalZoom that offers three packages based on the price.

And from observation, most people don't want to go with a company that slows down your process just for some price variation.

5. Order Tracking

Here comes the other exciting part after the placement and confirmation of an order. Clients have this curiosity to keep track of their packages and keep themselves updated regarding the order's current location.

Both Northwest Registered Agent and LegalZoom offer an online tracking tool on their website where you can keep a constant check on your order's current location.

6. Registered Agent Service

A registered agent is the most crucial person in forming an LLC as the only person the State Governments trust and contacts regarding your business inquiries is your Registered agent.

He assembles all the crucial documents from the State Government and delivers them to you.

Northwest Registered Agent

When it comes to the best Registered agent service, Northwest has a significant advantage.

Their LLC formation package includes the services of a registered agent for the first year of your purchase, and after that, you can pay $125 per year and avail of the services.

Another plus point is that they locally scan every document they receive on behalf of your company and then forward it for further procedures.


Coming to LegalZoom, there are no such services available in any of their packages, whether it is affordable or costly.

But if you still want to have a registered personal agent for your LLC formation process, then you have to spend $299 every year.

Final Winner Verdict
🏆Northwest Registered Agent🏆

Since a registered agent is compulsory for every LLC formation process, everyone will need this service.

Northwest is providing the package service to those who would like to spend an extra $299 and spend an additional $74 on it. 

7. Company Stats & Track Record Customer Reviews

Northwest Registered Agent

Established in the year 1998, Northwest Registered Agent is a midsized company that has served millions of businesses in their formation and accomplished other compliance related to the state government.

They have a vast customer base who are satisfied and content with the services. Northwest is looking forward to serving many new businesses as much as possible.


Founded back in 1999, LegalZoom is one of the most popular LLC service provider companies in America.

With lots of experience, reputation, customer base, and expertise, LegalZoom has served around 3.9 million businesses till the date of their formation, registration, and smooth running by providing them high-quality services on time.

Final Winner Verdict
🏆It's a Tie🏆

In this category, we found that it's between Northwest Registered Agent and LegalZoom. They both have lots of experience in their respective fields and have served many happy and satisfied customers with their services.

8. Customer Reviews

Northwest Registered Agent

As per the data collected from the online reviews, Northwest Registered Agent has a great score.

They have around 200 online reviews, but all are positive, and customers have posted a lot about the services they have received from Northwest Registered Agent's team.


And the other side LegalZoom is famous for rendering high-quality service to all their clients. But main It is the matter of online reviews they are about 2,000+ and mid star rating.

All the reviews are in mixed proportions, some are positive, and some are mid positive.

Final Winner Verdict
🏆Northwest Registered Agent🏆

Sometimes it's just quality, not quantity. Northwest has taken care of this very nicely by offering high-Quality Services to its customers. As a bonus, they have received all the positive reviews everywhere on the internet.

9. Additional Services

Northwest Registered Agent

Just the formation and registration of LLC service isn't good enough to maintain your customer base for a long time.

Northwest knows this very well and offers you a handful of additional services other than LLC formation and registration, such as registered agent service, annual reports, EIN acquisition, foreign registration, etc.


when it is the matter of keeping their customers happy by providing additional services, LegalZoom isn't back in the race.

They also offer many extra services other than an LLC's formation, such as last will, power of attorney, living trust, testament, divorce paperwork, property deeds, copyright protection, trademark registrations, etc.

Final Winner Verdict
🏆It's a Tie🏆

Finally, in this category, both LegalZoom and Northwest Registered Agent have a tie.

They both offer various additional services to their clients other than LLC formation, so they can always look up for something more whenever required.

Overall Winner

After all this comprehensive comparison and ups and downs, we find out that Northwest Registered Agent is more capable and preferable than LegalZoom.

Northwest Registered Agent & LegalZoom are competent, expert, experienced, and legitimate LLC Service companies in the market.

Northwest Registered Agent VS LegalZoom

Northwest Registered Agent
  • Northwest Registered Agent Score: 4.6/5
  • Northwest Registered Agent Starting price: $225
  • Northwest Registered Agent Value: Great
  • Northwest Registered Agent Recommendation: Absolutely
  • LegalZoom Score: 3.7/5
  • LegalZoom Starting price: $99
  • LegalZoom Value: Fair
  • LegalZoom Recommendation: Sometimes

This face-off is a big eye-opener that lets you know Northwest Registered Agent offers only one package, which is a complete all-rounder that you can't find in this industry.

LegalZoom has no odds, but we care about our customers and try to bring them the best deal possible for their success.

Common FAQs

Which LLC Formation website provides faster services?

The service's speed entirely depends upon the state of the location where you are forming your business as both LegalZoom and Northwest have different processing speeds.

Northwest's turnaround time depends upon the actual capability of the state government to process your documents.

LegalZoom's turnaround time directly bases on the choice of your package. The economy package gets delivered in 30 days.

On the other hand, the most expensive Express gold package brings your package in just 7 to 10 days.

Which service has fewer upsells?

Northwest Registered Agent doesn't showcase their upsells just like LegalZoom does. They want their customers to explore, learn, and then choose with their free will.

LegalZoom pushes like no other company that is offering LLC formation services does in this industry. So before you go to the payment gateway page, you have to face the upsells worth of $1,080, which isn't helpful at all.

Does Northwest or LegalZoom have any refund policy?

Well, LegalZoom is more flexible when it comes to providing refunds to its clients. They claim a satisfaction guarantee, reflecting how confident they are about their quality of products and services offered.

You can request a refund within 60 days of your first purchase from the company. They will initiate your money transfer without asking any questions or charging any cancellation fees within 5 to 6 business days.

Though Northwest also has a fair refund policy, they charge a $25 processing fee before transferring your refund amount to your account.

Does either of these services share my information with third parties?

Both of the companies are offering ongoing compliance assistance with variation in their prices.

LegalZoom charges $55 (and state fees) for giving annual report service, but you have to pay the price ranging between $159 to $199 per year for a Registered Agent.

MyCorporation avails the facility annual report costing you $99, but it is entirely taken care of and reliable. And as for a registered agent, they have a flat annual fee of $120.

Northwest Registered Agent vs LegalZoom Conclusion

The Bottom Line

At last, you might have gotten the answers to every question you have about these two allergy service providers.

This Northwest Registered Agent VS LegalZoom face-off is mainly to give you a better perspective before selecting an LLC provider for your organization's speedy and efficient formation.

And the highlight is, we got a winner who is the best and a wholesome LLC provider who has the ultimate LLC formation package with lots of features, additional services, and a pretty decent amount for their customers.

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