MyCorporation vs LegalZoom:- ( Which is Right to Choose in 2021

Are you looking for an LLC formation service provider that can offer excellent quality services?

We got you the two most popular companies in America, MyCorporation & LegalZoom, that offer good LLC Formation and registration services with various advanced features.

But which one is better? How do you differentiate them on various parameters?

So, in this comparison guide, there will be a face-off between these two companies, and by the end, you will have the winner, which will be the best option for you to proceed further.

Here you will find more about MyCorporation & LegalZoom in-depth to help you choose the right one as your LLC service company. 

Common Comparison

Here some factors which remains common while comparing MyCorporation & LegalZoom with each other, they are:


Experience is one of the secret keys to success. And when you get the assistance of a highly experienced and expert, there is no chance of any faults in anything you do.

The same story prevails in the case of LLC Formation Service Companies. Both MyCorporation & LegalZoom hold a high number of satisfied clients.

They both have served millions of clients and customers in their company's Formation process by offering them various attractive packages at affordable prices. 


Prices are the first thing that captures the attention of the customers. The more affordable the prices are, the more possibility of sales there will be.

MyCorporation & LegalZoom offer LLC Formation packages with various advanced features and efficient services at very economical prices, saving you hundreds of dollars.

Every person would like to save their money by going for integrated LLC Formation packages than hire a lawyer, paying him lots of money for drafting and filing documents for the same.

Customer Support

Customer support is the best point that we would like to bring to your view. If you decide to do it all by yourself, there might be situations where you feel stuck or unknown to some formation compliance; that is when you need some help.

And when you get a package from popular companies like MyCorporation & LegalZoom, you don't have to worry.

If you have any questions, their Customer Care Representatives will always be there to solve all your problems and answer all your questions. 

Satisfaction Guarantees

MyCorporation & LegalZoom, both companies, give you the surety of providing a Satisfaction guarantee with their quality of service, turnaround times, and the accuracy in the documents.

But still, if you aren't satisfied, then you have an exit clause in your package. Ask for a refund in the stipulated period, and the company will generate your refund without asking any questions.

Additional Services

Offering just LLC Formation Services doesn't help you in getting a vast customer base. It would help if you had something extra that others don't have.

MyCorporation & LegalZoom both offer you various additional services other than LLC Formation Service.

Whether it is about getting a Registered Agent, or anything regarding Foreign Qualification, or anything else, both have multiple sources to assist you every time you need help. 


Online Learning or Knowledge Centers plays a crucial role in educating the customers about lots of things they don't know.

These Centers have plenty of information under multiple categories for the ease of finding for the customers.

LegalZoom & MyCorporation both have a Knowledge Center, fully loaded with info like business formation, payroll services, ongoing compliance issues, and much more.

Side by Side Comparisons

For side-by-side comparison between MyCorporation and LegalZoom, the topics we are going to look into are:

1. Pricing.


Here in this category, MyCorporation has mid-ranged pricing for the LLC Formation services. Their basic packages cost you around $133, which is kind of overpriced.

And their Standard Package has a price tag of $158, which includes an Annual report service for one year, one of the essential services in the formation process.

Moreover, they also charge an extra $34 for handling and shipping. You can only spot a Registered Agent's service in their Deluxe and Premium package, which have the price of $258 & $358, respectively.

And if you still want a Registered Agent with any other package, it will cost you $120 per year. 


One of the popular LLC & Incorporation service providers, LegalZoom, also offers a great package to their customers. They offer their basic package is $149 for the completion of the LLC Formation.

This package doesn't include the services of the Registered Agent. And not only this package but any package offered by LegalZoom don't have the availability of Registered Agent's services.

If you want this facility, then you have to pay some additional charges for it.

Final Winner Verdict

MyCorporation & LegalZoom both had a very close competition in this category, but with the difference of a few dollars, MyCorporation scored a point for itself.

Another thing that made MyCorporation the winner is the fees charged for a Registered Agent's services are quite affordable than the one which is variable in LegalZoom every year.

2. Features


Swyft Filings brings in some welcome features like a 30-minute Consultation about Business Tax, a free domain name for a year, and access to their ComplianceGuard Company Alert system that helps you maintain track of filing deadlines.


At the cost of $99, LegalZoom offers you limited features compared to the package of $133 for MyCorporation.

But the real big difference can be traced when LegalZoom provides you the Banking Resolution services to assist you in opening business checks and savings accounts, which is a great help.

Still, if you are looking for a Registered Agent, then you have to spend $299 extra with the Basic package of $99 for one year. 

Final Winner Verdict

Here it could be a tie, but what added a heavy weightage value to MyCorporation is the company's fees for availing a Registered Agent's services.

MyCorporation is charging $179 less than LegalZoom. As this service is compulsory and getting it in less amount, why not take it?

3. Customer Services


Keeping your customers informed and updated will make them feel important. And when you listen to their queries and doubt and answer them, it is more good for your business.

MyCorporation has a unique team for this specific task. They're always there to take all the doubts from clients and provide them with convincing answers.

Their Customer Care Representatives are online from 10:30 am to 7:30 pm on weekdays. Share your problem with them, and they will clear all your doubts regarding your LLC formation procedure.


Customers are essential to every type of business, and always being there for them makes them feel great about themselves and the company. LegalZoom has the most unbeatable customer care services.

Customers can easily set up contact with them via mail and phone call. Their representative will answer your every question regarding your LLC Formation process and any other services availed by the company.

You can contact them from 10 am to 8 pm on weekdays, and 10 am to 7 pm on weekends. 

Final Winner Verdict

So in this head, LegalZoom has scored one point by offering fast and extended services for their client's queries. Not only in the whole week, but their representatives are there on weekends also.

4. Turnaround Times


From the company's perspective, it's not pretty much clear how long the turnaround time can go to form a corporation. It all depends on your state, and it can take from a couple of days to six to eight weeks.

And rest is on the state formalities. For the State submission's efficient completion, they charge you an additional $100 as a state fee to expedite the process up to 85 percent. 


Simultaneously, LegalZoom also calculates their Turnaround time by the location of your establishment.

LegalZoom offers three different LLC Formation packages with different Turnaround times: The Economy Package takes the longest time, bringing you the package in 30 days, Standard Package brings it in 15 days, and if you want it more early, then go for Top Tier Express as it delivers you the package in just 7 to 10 days only.

Final Winner Verdict

In this category, LegalZoom is the clear winner by beating the turnaround time of MyCorporation by offering three different packages delivering your package with different time limits.

Plus, LegalZoom isn't charging any in-house fees for expediting the turnaround time.

5. Order Tracking

Every client wants to know the changing location of their package from the company to their doorstep.

Both MyCorporation & LegalZoom offer a Tracking tool that lets you keep track of your order from time to time wherever you want.

This order tracking tool might not be fancy but is very useful enough to give you your package's live location.

6. Registered Agent Service

In LLC formation, you must be needing a Registered Agent for handling so many jobs on behalf of your company. He is the person on whom the state government relies and checks on regarding your company.

He collects all the necessary paperwork from the State Government and delivers it to you. And for this, the state needs someone trustworthy to complete all the formalities related to your company.


A Registered Agent is a crucial person in the process of formation of your company. And MyCorporation knows that well, so they offer you a Registered Agent's services after the payment of $120 for a year.

Also, their Deluxe Package ($258) and Premium Package ($358) do have the full year service of a Registered Agent, and if you get these packages, you don't have to pay for it besides.


There is no such package with the LegalZoom for availing the services of a Registered Agent. As we all know, it is crucial to have a registered agent, and if you want this service, you have to spend $299 for it every year.

And after that, if you want to continue it next year, you must pay the renewal amount and keep your Registered Agent services going on. 

Final Winner Verdict

Under this Head, Both MyCorporation & LegalZoom provide you with a Registered Agent's essential services, but you have to spend some extra amount for it.

But still, MyCorporation is the winner because it offers it at just $120, not like charging $299 for one year.

7. Company Stats & Track Record Customer Reviews


Founded back in 1998, MyCorporation has done great back there and then. They have served millions of customers in the formation and management of their business.

They have impressive experience and expertise in this industry and beholds happy customer review all over the internet. All those clients seem happy and cherish after receiving services from MyCorporation.


One of the most famous LLC Service provider companies, LegalZoom, was founded in 1999 and has earned loads of experience, reputation, and customers' faith in this industry.

They have also served and helped around 3.9 million businesses in their formation and smooth running by offering them various excellent quality services.

Final Winner Verdict
🏆It's a Tie🏆

In this category, it's a tie between MyCorporation & LegalZoom. Both companies established in the 90s and have served an enormous customer base to date.

Both are offering similar sorts of services with excellent quality work.

8. Customer Reviews


Positive reviews are the signs that your customers are happy and glad about your services. MyCorporation has also worked for the last three decades and earned positive feedback and superstar ratings from clients.

In many of their reviews, clients also mentioned the Support Agent's cooperative and calm nature, who helped them.


The same theory is happening in & around LegalZoom. They are also rendering top-class services to their clients.

And when it comes to the Customer reviews, then LegalZoom does have reviews in mixed proportions.

About 2000+ reviews and mid-star ratings are there on the internet, where some find LegalZoom the best, and some say it's moderate overall. 

Final Winner Verdict
🏆It's a Tie🏆

Again it's a Tie between both LegalZoom & MyCorporation as both have all kinds of reviews for their company.

Both the LLC service providers offer excellent services and are looking ahead for growth and success by keeping their clients satisfied and working for them efficiently and effectively.

9. Additional Services


No matter what we buy or what we receive, we always look up something besides making the deal more desirable. For that, MyCorporation offers several additional services that can help an Entrepreneur in different ways.

Additional services include Registered Agent Service, EIN Acquisition, Foreign Qualification, Annual Reports, etc.

Moreover, They also provide branding services such as Retail packaging, Promotion of products and apparel, print marketing, and much more.


Similarly, LegalZoom hasn't stayed back in this race. They also provide many additional services other than the formation of an LLC.

Other than the formation and registration of your LLC, LegalZoom offers various services like Last Will, Living trust, Power of Attorney, Divorce Paperwork, Testament, Property Deeds, Trademark registration and Copyright protection, and so much more in the list. 

Final Winner Verdict
🏆It's a Tie🏆

So, in this final category, LegalZoom & MyCorporation both have a tie.

They both offer a variety of additional services that can attract new customers and the current one as they're getting multiple services from one spot, and for that, they don't have to wander here and there.

Overall Winner

MyCorporation & LegalZoom are competent, expert, experienced, and legitimate LLC Service companies in the market.

Swyft Filings VS LegalZoom

  • MyCorporation Score: 7/10
  • MyCorporation Starting price: $133
  • MyCorporation Value: Great
  • MyCorporation Recommendation: Sometimes
  • LegalZoom Score: 7/10
  • LegalZoom Starting price: $99
  • LegalZoom Value: Fair
  • LegalZoom Recommendation: Sometimes

And in this face-off, you all have got the complete guide of what they are, how they work, what they have for you, and many other questions like this might have answered.

So, whichever you choose might cost you more or less without bridging the prices and features. Both of them are very good in the bigger picture, and we all know the final choice will be yours only.

Common FAQs

Which LLC Formation website provides faster services?

Every LLC formation company has a similar method of calculating the delivery time and accomplishing all the compliances as fast as they can.

MyCorporation evaluates the processing time on each state's formality speed, which signifies that it will only take a couple of days, and in some states, it might consume several weeks.

Everything's on the state formality speed.

On the other side, LegalZoom does calculations based on the package selected by you: The fastest one, the Express Gold package, takes just 7 to 10 days and the slowest economy one takes 30 days, and mid one delivers the package in just 15 days.

Which service has fewer upsells?

MyCorporation has almost zero upsells to showcase as they have a list of optional services in their order form, but doesn't represent assertively.

LegalZoom has a whole another concept in this case. They pretty much fantasize about their upsells.

When you fill their order form for getting the LLC Formation services, they attempt $1,080 worth of upsells before you think of proceeding to the package screen.

Does LegalZoom or MyCorporation handle New York Publication Requirements?

After connecting with both the company's support agents, we get to know that neither of them offers New York Publication requirements for you.

But in place of that, they both do avail some state-specific requirements for you. And they will only educate you about how to do that thing on your own if you incline towards this.

And if you need any help or assistance with New York Publication Requirements, then ZenBusiness is the perfect choice for you.

Which Company Offers More Help With Ongoing Compliance Requirements?

Both of the companies are offering ongoing compliance assistance with variation in their prices.

LegalZoom charges $55 (and state fees) for giving annual report service, but you have to pay the price ranging between $159 to $199 per year for a Registered Agent.

MyCorporation avails the facility annual report costing you $99, but it is entirely taken care of and reliable. And as for a registered agent, they have a flat annual fee of $120.

Does MyCorporation or LegalZoom have any refund policy?

Both MyCorporation & LegalZoom are well known for having a reasonable refund policy. You can ask for a refund anytime within 60 days of your initial purchase from the company without any questions asked.

But there is a difference in this case that MyCorporation might charge you $25 as a processing fee, but it is only applicable in some situations only. So it would be best if you cross-check with them regarding this.

And otherwise, LegalZoom doesn't ask for any processing or cancellation fees.

MyCorporation vs LegalZoom Conclusion

The Bottom Line

This face-off has given you the conclusion that both MyCorporation and LegalZoom are significant enough in this industry, and though it's a tie, both are winners.

In certain areas, MyCorporation has a lot more to offer, and in some cases, LegalZoom is much better than MyCorporation. So if you want to know more, visit their websites, and clarify.

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