IncFile vs LegalZoom:- Which is Right to Choose in 2021

Are you searching for an LLC Formation company that helps you in your new company's formation and registration?

But is it possible to differentiate between the two best LLC Service, which offer great packages and quality services to you?

Yes, it is possible. We are going to discuss top-rated LLC Formation companies in America, IncFile and LegalZoom.

So, our IncFile VS LegalZoom is a comparison guide where these companies will have a face-off, and at the end, you have the takeaway of knowing more in-depth about these two.

And, finally, you will be able to choose the right company for your LLC formation.

Here you will find more about IncFile & LegalZoom in-depth to help you choose the right one as your LLC service company. 

Common Comparison

When we search out for some factors which remains common while comparing both IncFile & LegalZoom with each other, then we got 6 points, and they are:


When you are looking for a service that helps you in your company's formation process, both IncFile & LegalZoom offer accelerated service to their customers.

Both the companies are efficient in their processing, offering various features with attached additional costs, and in the end, it'll be worth it.


IncFile & LegalZoom carries a vast track record and has served a vast customer base to date.

Moreover, both the companies have ample experience in managing the formation process, handling all the essential compliance, and offering post-formation services.


When it comes to how affordable packages both the company's offering, you don't have to stress about it.

Both companies help you save an unusual amount of money by providing you an option to hire a Business Attorney for the draft and filing of the formation papers. 

Customer Support

There are times when you feel stuck, or have some queries, or know more about something related to your formation process.

Both LegalZoom & IncFile have an excellent platform for supporting their customers with expert professional representatives. They'll resolve all the queries regarding the formation of the company. 

Additional Services

Each of them offers various business solutions other than LLC formation. Most basic services are available in the package, but then both IncFile and LegalZoom have so much to offer to you if you still need more than that.

Educational sources

LegalZoom's Knowledge Center provides you with plenty of information divided under various heads for all the Entrepreneurs searching for business's legalities.

Simultaneously, IncFile also has a learning center where you can find many articles about various ongoing compliance issues, business structures, and beneficial blogs. 

Side by Side Comparisons

For side-by-side comparison between IncFile and LegalZoom, the topics we are going to look into are:

1. Pricing.


Here in the does category, Incfile has grabbed all the customers' attention by offering an excellent LLC Formation package for $0 without any state fees at all.

Another notable thing in IncFile is they offer more valuable features in their formation packages compared to LegalZoom.


LegalZoom has offered the LLC formation services with lots of features after the payment of $99. But it still can't match the level of IncFile.

Final Winner Verdict

In this comparison category, IncFile is the only absolute winner by rendering the LLC formation services completely free of cost without charging any state fees.

Why would anyone go for paying straight $99 when you get the same services without paying anything.

2. Features


Overall, when talking about the variety of features offered by IncFile, it again scored a goal against LegalZoom by offering more than LegalZoom is offering without charging any additional fees.

Plus, you will get Registered Agent Service for one year & a 30-minute Business Tax consultation along with all the packages.


After charging $99, LegalZoom is providing fewer features in its basic package than IncFile. To get the essential service of a Registered Agent, you are required to pay $299 in the Basic package with $99.

Final Winner Verdict

The matter of concern is whether you would like to spend $378 for getting the LLC formation services from the Basic package by LegalZoom, or you would go for spending $0 and get more services than LegalZoom.

3. Customer Services


IncFile has got a pretty commendable support system for their customers to address their queries and problems. You can contact their representative for the same.

Their support services are available from morning to evening from 10 am to 7 pm on weekdays, and they are not available on weekends.


Coming to LegalZoom's Customer Care Services, then it is exclusively invincible from any of those services out there.

They offer the contact lines through mail and phone call, and you can choose which is most feasible for you.

You can contact the customer service center and ask the representative about your query, and they will resolve it in no time.

Their customer care representatives are available on a phone call from Monday to Friday 8 am to 10 pm, and 10 am to 7 pm on Saturdays.

But the email support is a bit sluggish, and you get responses at least after a week.

Final Winner Verdict

In this Category, LegalZoom has won the race and the attention of Customers by reverting to them in minimal time and solving all the problems they are having in the formation process.

4. Turnaround Times


Turnaround Time concept depends on the package you choose and the Location (State) where you want to establish your company.

IncFile's Turnaround Time is entirely on the location of the customer. And for reference, it can take a minimum time of 1-2 days, and the maximum time could be up to 8 weeks.


Similarly, in LegalZoom, the Turnaround Time is based on the level of service that you choose.

You can choose from three different packages:
1. Economy one delivers the package in 30 days.
2. Standard will deliver it in 15 days.
3. Top Tier Express Gold will bring you the package in 7 to 10 days only.

Final Winner Verdict

LegalZoom is the clear cut winner in this category and defeated the turnaround time range of IncFile by offering three different packages as per the customers' needs.

5. Order Tracking

The current status of the order is the one thing that customers look for after placing the order.

Both the Companies, LegalZoom & IncFile, have a platform where you can keep an eye on your package's exact location.

They have first log in with their account allotted to them by the company, go to the Order option and select Track the order option there, and they can check it anytime they want.

6. Registered Agent Service

A registered agent is the first person you will need right after applying for an LLC formation with any service provider. This person takes care of various jobs and gets them done efficiently on behalf of your organization.

Their job is to receive all the essential documents from the State Government, informing you about them, and at last delivering those documents to you.

Moreover, the State Government always relies on a Registered Agent when they want to know about your business.


With its free package, IncFile offers you the service of a Registered Agent for free in the first year of your contract with them. And after that, you have to pay $119 per year, which is quite reasonable.


As there is no such privilege, you get with LegalZoom of getting the free service of a Registered Agent with the package.

Instead of offering this essential service in their package, they are charging an extra $249 annually for availing the facility of a Registered Agent.

If you wish to carry on with this service, you will have to pay the same amount every year.

Final Winner Verdict

Under this Head, Both IncFile and LegalZoom offer you best Registered Agent service who is one of the most influential people in and after the process of your company's formation and performs a variety of tasks on behalf of you.

IncFile offers this service for free for one year and then starts charging for it. LegalZoom charges an additional $249 with the package that you've selected for the formation of your LLC.

Almost everyone wants to save their $130 and go with IncFile making it the winner of this category.

7. Company Stats & Track Record Customer Reviews


Formed in the year 2004, IncFile has served 250,000+ businesses and is looking forward to assisting a massive number of clients from all around the world.

Though it has a stat like LegalZoom, they are still giving their best with every project they undertake and finish it efficiently with satisfied clients.


Founded in 1999, LegalZoom has the advantage of being the oldest, an experienced company in the industry.

Secondly, they have helped around 3.6 million clients (half are Business Clients) and helped 1 Million+ companies by providing them excellent services.

Final Winner Verdict

Under this head, LegalZoom is the winner. It has the advantage of holding loads of experience and connectivity worldwide.

Being the oldest company, it is popular, reliable, and expert in its services, making customers opt for it.

Though IncFile is also going well in their stream, it still requires a pace to match LegalZoom's level.

8. Customer Reviews


Keep your customers happy, and they will give the best ratings on the Internet. It has received universally positive feedback from its content customers.

Around 15,000+ reviews are there on the Internet, and all of them are positive. 


Talking about the Customer's Review for LegalZoom, it doesn't go well compared to IncFile. LegalZoom has mixed responses from their customers.

There are 2,000+ reviews and mid ranging ratings with the help of third-party review websites. It's not that bad, but ratings are still factors that people consider before contacting the company.

Final Winner Verdict

When you offer the best services to your clients, then the ratings will undoubtedly be complementary. IncFile does this job better and has more positive reviews than LegalZoom.

9. Additional Services


IncFile offers almost every essential service in their LLC Formation package, but it isn't good enough for everyone.

Some people look out for additional services rather than formation services, which can add up after looking at their business.

IncFile offers Registered Agent service, foreign qualifications, doing business as (DBA) names, Annual Reports, EIN acquisitions, and a lot more with their packages.


LegalZoom is rendering nearly all the essential services, making the formation process more effortless and efficient.

Adding more value to their packages and quality of service offers many other services that IncFile doesn't.

LegalZoom's additional services include Power of Attorney, Last Will, Living Trust, Testament, Divorce Paperwork, Property Deeds, Copyright Protection, Trademark Registration, and many others in the list.

Final Winner Verdict

In this final category, LegalZoom proves itself better in providing additional services to its customers. And this helps customers save their valuable time and go for the same company for many other purposes.

Overall Winner

There are many similarities between IncFile and LegalZoom, and on the other hand, they have lots of differences, which creates a face-off situation.

Sometimes, the face-off is good as it gives you a clear picture of all the essential points or parameters you would consider before selecting them.

IncFile VS LegalZoom

  • IncFile Score: 4.8/5
  • IncFile Starting price: $0
  • IncFile Value: Excellent
  • IncFile Recommendation: Absolutely
  • LegalZoom Score: 3.7/5
  • LegalZoom Starting price: $99
  • LegalZoom Value: Fair
  • LegalZoom Recommendation: Sometimes

In our view, in this comparison face-off, IncFile is a wholesome Winner by rendering the formation process without fees and letting you save loads of money.

Though LegalZoom is also good and offers the same and additional set of services to all their clients.

It's just a matter of fact that usually, people will give a second thought before coming here when they're getting the same by paying $0.

Common FAQs

Which LLC Formation website provides faster services?

The packaging choice is directly related to the speed of delivery of services and location where the customer wants to establish their business.

IncFile calculates their processing time after knowing all the requirements of the customer. It can vary from a couple of days to several weeks. Plus, you have to pay an additional fee if you want expedited service.

And LegalZoom counts their turnaround time based on your choice of package. They have three kinds of packages in which Top Tier Express Gold takes only 7 to 10 days, the Basic package takes at least 30 days, and Standard one takes 15 days.

Is IncFile offering free LLC Formation Service?

Well, absolutely yes. IncFile is offering a free LLC Formation Service to all its clients.

Initially, they charged $49 for their Basic Package, but now when they have come up with their advanced systems, from the last 15 years, they are offering formation services free of cost.

You have to pay the state filing fee. In this package, you get all the best features, including registered agent service, business processing schedules, and lifetime company alerts.

Which service has fewer upsells?

In this situation, IncFile has much fewer upsells than LegalZoom, and most importantly, it's not even a bit closer to LegalZoom's score.

They prefer to keep it minimal, whereas LegalZoom goes for piling them to a ridiculous degree.

By the time you reach their Payment screen after checking out and selecting your ideal package, you can see that LegalZoom attempts six upsells of the total of $1,080 for your LLC's first year. 

Does LegalZoom or IncFile handle New York Publication Requirements?

After contacting both the companies' representatives, we learned that they don't handle any publication requirements.

But they handle some state-specific requirements, but you'll only get information or instructions for how to do that on your own.

If you need guidance with New York Publication Requirements, then ZenBusiness is the best option for you. 

Does IncFile or LegalZoom have any refund policy?

IncFile is strict when in case of refund. They only offer refunds if you request before they initiate your payment to the state (within 24 hours).

You also have to pay $30 as cancellation fees for it. When it comes to LegalZoom, they are fair in the case of refunds.

Their Satisfaction guarantee lets you request a refund anytime within 60 days of your first purchase. 

IncFile vs LegalZoom Conclusion

The Bottom Line

So we are here at the end of our IncFile VS LegalZoom comparison article.

By now, we expect you that you might have got enough idea about the similarities and differences they have.

This face-off has given us the conclusion where we get IncFile as our Ultimate Winner.

IncFile has beaten LegalZoom with its services and the very highlighted Free of Cost package.

Plus, Customers get to enjoy all the advanced features with the $0 package.

LegalZoom is also doing well and sound since 1999.

But due to high price packages and limited features, it makes customers think about it twice before applying for any registration with it.

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