Top 5 Best Registered Agent Services in 2021 {Updated}

When you form an LLC by any of the modes, you will need help from a designated registered agent required in all US states.

Many states allow you to designate a registered agent on your own. 

Still, the problem is that your details like name, address, and other information are accessible from the public record, which brings in the possibility of getting lots of junk mail regarding this.

And if you like to protect your privacy and get the services of a registered agent, then in this article, we have got you the five best Registered agent services in the USA, which are also great for serving customers.

It would help if you kept in mind so many things while choosing the right registered agent for your business incorporation process. 

In this ultimate guide, you will get to know what precisely a registered agent is and what you look for in the services of a registered agent. 

And obviously, the best services recommended by us.

What Is a Registered Agent?

A Registered Agent AKA a Statutory Agent is a natural person or a business entity who collects the important document deliveries from the state on your behalf regarding your business’s formation. 

He also informs you then they receive documents for your business and also forward them back to you.

Well, this is the primary job or task done by a registered agent, which might sound unnecessary or irrelevant to you at first. 

Still, you need to know that the government needs a more reliable and trustworthy person to whom they can contact regarding your business-related information and also so who can represent your business responsibly.

What to look for in a registered agent service 

given below are some of the essential factors that you must consider while evaluating the services of a registered agent:


Price is the foremost thing that a person looks for while getting anything. You need to check the fees each service is providing for a registered agent. 

Some services have tiered fees that means the annual fees will reduce each year as you use their services. 

It might look alluring in the first look, but don’t forget to consider the features offered in their package. 

For instance, you can find fewer features in some pocket-friendly options, but you can get both advanced and basic features in a higher-priced option. 

So try not to get tempted with the lower price, go for the quality of service.

State availability:

Some registered agent services provide their services in individual states only. 

On the other side, many national service providers can allow you a registered agent anywhere in the nation and reduce the unnecessary headaches and paperwork for you.

Types of services:

Some registered agent Services offer many other services other than their basic one. 

For example, LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer offers an option to consult with attorneys, create many legal documents like a will, power of attorney, trust deeds, and other personal legal forms.

So, before opting for a service, you should consider whether you need other services or not.

Customer Service:

Customer service is the most crucial point as it can give you a great experience or can ultimately give you a drastic experience. 

Many registered agent services have an outstanding customer support team, consisting of prompt and knowledgeable agents and available for 10 to 12 hours a day. 

You can contact them whenever you have a query to get answers to your question to go with the formation process and post-formation process quickly without having any second thoughts in your mind.

Top 5 Registered Agent Services 2021 

These are the top 5 registered agent service in America, and you should know some things about them which I will help you in your R&D before you go for hiring one of them:

  1. Northwest Registered Agent 
  2. Incfile
  3. ZenBusiness 
  4. Rocket Lawyer
  5. CorpNet

#1 Northwest Registered Agent: $125/year

Northwest Registered Agent

The first registered agent service we would like to keep on our priority list is Northwest Registered Agent.

The company was founded back in the year 1998 and became so popular in the service providing industry.

They’ve got plenty of advantages which make them top our list, why don’t you read it on your own.

  1. With a price of $125/year for a registered agent’s services, Northwest isn’t the cheapest service provider.

However, this price is still less than other service providers who charge hundreds of dollars like National registered agents, CSC, Inc, and more. 

Plus, Northwest offers pretty good volume discounts that make their packages better if you want the service in multiple states.

  1. Northwest registered agent is the only e-service that locally scans every document on your behalf that they receive. 

Generally, other companies only scan the official documents, which you should submit to the state.

  1. When it comes to providing support to their customers, Northwest again tops the chart. 

When contacted at their customer support center, every client has a direct one-on-one conversation with a trained corporate guide who will personally guide them when they have some query. 

  1. Instead of contacting a massive support cell, Northwest provides you with a corporate guide with the phone numbers of respective professionals so that whenever you have some query related to a particular thing, you can directly contact them and get it resolved.

If you are looking for outstanding services at a great price, then Northwest Registered Agent is the best choice for you.

For more Detailed review check Northwest registered agent review

#2 IncFile: $119/year


In the second place, we have got IncFile for you. A Registered agent service will help you save a few bucks than the Northwest without cutting down too many features.

Established back in 2004, IncFile has also proven itself the most popular online business and best LLC formation services by serving 2.5 million-plus business clients to date.

  1. The introductory rate offered by them is $119 for registered agent service, which is pretty impressive. 

One Of the most noticeable things about IncFile is that when you buy any of their LLC formation packages, they will offer you a registered agent-free service for the first year of your purchase.

  1. Talking about their customer feedback, they’ve got thousands of positive customer feedbacks all over the internet.
  1. IncFile can’t beat Northwest Registered Agent regarding customer support, though their service department is quite right when comparing it with other registered agent services. 

The very knowledgeable and helpful representatives help you in answering the vast majority of questions.

Though they’re not the topmost registered agent service, prices offered by them are affordable, reliable, and carry extraordinary value.

For more indepth details about incfile read incfile review

#3 ZenBusiness: $99/year

Zenbusiness registered agent service

ZenBusiness is also one of the outstanding Registered Agent services, founded in 2015 has a different way of offering services. 

  1. ZenBusiness offers a reasonable price of $99/year for a registered agent’s services as a standalone feature. 

And they also offer a full year of registered agent service with any of their LLC service packages without any additional cost.

  1. When we take a look at customer feedback on ZenBusiness, it is unbelievable. They have 3,700+ reviews available online for their services, and almost 97% of them are positive.
  1. No matter how you contact them, either by phone or chat, or email, you will receive the professional right and timely response from their support team.

In a nutshell, if you like ZenBusiness’s quality of service or a newbie to them, then don’t wait here. Go for it because, in the end, it is worth it.

For more details about zenbusiness checkout zenbusiness review

Rocket Lawyer: $149/year


Heading on the #4, Rocket Lawyer is one of the most famous names in the online business formation services industry. 

As per the data provided on their website, they claim to serve 20 million+ clients, which is a very significant number and, consequently, makes them the industry’s highest-volume service provider.

  1. Rocket Lawyer offers registered agent service for $149.99 per year. 

But, if you buy their Premium legal services plan, which costs $39.99/month, then you’ll get 25% off that price with many other benefits.

  1. Although Rocket Lawyer isn’t the “best” choice for registered agent services, they have some features to offer, like reliable customer feedback. 

Also, an unbeatable customer support staff and a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all their clients, ensuring their smooth work process.

If you find something valuable in their legal services plan, you can undoubtedly opt for Rocket Lawyer Registered Agent Service.

For more details about rocket lawyer checkout rocket lawyer review

#5 CorpNet: $149/year

CorpNet is another commendable LLC service that offers the services of a registered agent. Plus, They have boatloads of experience and still maintain a personal touch, which other competitors lack.

The company helped over 100,000+ LLCs and corporations across the country in their formation, and their registered agent also provides high-quality services to their customers.

  1. CorpNet has one of the most significant advantages of excellent customer reviews. They have hundreds of positive reviews all over the internet. 

We couldn’t find any negative feedback from their clients, which indicates the only thing they have an excellent reputation among their customers.

  1. CorpNet also ensures their customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

And in case, If you’re not completely satisfied with their services, they’ll refund your fees within 30 days of your initial purchase without asking any questions.

  1. Talking about the prices offered by CorpNet, they are quite expensive compared to Northwest registered agents and ZenBusiness. 

The yearly charge for their registered agent services is $149, slightly less than LegalZoom offers.

CorpNet doesn’t stand out in any specific way, but they are also offering good formation packages and a strong customer service department, which is a great combination to opt for.

For more details about CorpNet Checkout corpnet review

Why We Recommend Registered Agent Services

When you go for a DIY route, it can become exhausting as you already have so many other responsibilities and work to do while incorporating a new business.

Hiring a registered agent for this task will give you a sigh of relief, and you can stay relaxed regarding the legal paperwork with the state as this is the prime job of a registered agent. 

You can easily focus on other essential things. Hiring a registered agent always brings in the following three benefits, which are worth it:


  1. You’ll be cohering to state laws, which require a registered agent on file.

2. Your service will immediately get scanned and notify you of any correspondence related to your LLC by keeping it compliant and protected


  1. Your address will be safe and private as you can use their address.
  1. Any vital document or Service of Process for your LLC or Corporation will be delivered to the registered agent only, instead of your home or office.

Peace of Mind

  1. You don’t have to limit your meetings with your registered agent between 9 to 5 as they are available in other hours and your availability and flexibility.

2. All the notifications and documents that you receive will be in a safe and encrypted online dashboard like a backup.

ZenBusiness VS Northwest Registered Agent 

ZenBusinessNorthwest Registered Agent 
For Best PricesFor Best Customer Support


  1. Is a Registered Agent Required When Creating an LLC?

Yes. It would help if you designated a registered agent while forming an LLC or Corporation.

  1. Is It Better to Serve as My Agent?

Well, it is possible to serve as your registered agent in some states, but in our recommendation, don’t go for it.

Though it saves you some couple of dollars, your address and phone number will come at stake as they become public, invading your privacy.

Plus, if you serve as your registered agent, then you’ve to be available every weekday from 9 AM to 5 PM because if someone wants to serve you for a lawsuit, then things will keep on going without your knowledge.

  1. Will a Registered Agent Help With Ongoing LLC Compliance Requirements?

Absolutely yes. Many professional and experienced registered agent services offer some compliance monitoring tools that allow you to record your essential deadlines for filing documents with the state, annual report services, and more.

  1. Can My Accountant Be My Registered Agent?

Some entrepreneurs choose their accountant or their lawyer as their registered agent. 

Well, This is comparatively a great idea than doing it on your own, as most accountants keep their standard business hours at their offices and hence available as registered agents. 

You should have a trust relationship with them, so it becomes easy for you to designate them as your registered agent.

On the contrary, some accountants charge high rates for availing this service and might not have plenty of experience working as a registered agent. 

  1. Can I Change My Registered Agent After I Form My Company?

Yes. You can change your agent at any time. The process is somehow different in every state, but you have to fill the “Change of Registered Agent” form in most states. 

Some states let you change your registered agent in the annual report filing.


And there go with the detailed review of the five best-registered agent services providers in the United States.  

All these options are relatively better than traditional law firms to form your business entity. I have tried to sum up all the best possible options to offer the best prices and excellent customer support to all their customers.

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