ZenBusiness Review 2021:- Is It Really #1 LLC Service?

Zenbusiness deserves the most attention for their quality work and wide range of LLC services.

Finding an LLC service can be tiring and a lot of work. in this Zenbusiness review, you’ll learn everything about Zenbusiness, its pros and cons and everything else around it.

The attention to details and an extensive amount of service provision at affordable, fair pricing are the main features you need to know to choose Zenbusiness as your LLC service provider. 

Customer satisfaction is relatively high and is evident in the reviews that you can find on the internet.

About Zenbusiness

The Texas-based company, which was founded in 2015, had formed thousands of businesses and won hundreds of positive reviews. 

Zenbusiness has proven to be the best LLC service available. 

They have helped thousands of entrepreneurs in building their LLC companies, starting from zero.

Whatever you need to begin your business can all be attained with the help of Zen business. 

They provide the best Registered Agent service, EIN acquisition, compliance guide guarantee, website building services, and many more.

Zenbusiness’ aim 

Zenbusiness creates the simplest way to start and run a successful business. 

The goal is to make the dream of starting a new business accessible to everyone across the country. 

They are more understanding and believe companies supporting small companies, and therefore, empowering them.

Zenbusiness’s goal is to make the dream of starting a new business accessible to anyone and everyone across the country to empower the next generation of small businesses to be successful. 

The Next-generation of entrepreneurs, small business owners and freelancers can easily approach Zen business’s LLC service. 

To make their own business more accessible and more understandable. To start and grow a successful business and to guide them through it.

When you don’t have any prior experience or knowledge about running your own company, as a result it could be challenging. It might need a lot of help and guidance through the experience. 

Zenbusiness can uphold you, by providing everything you’ll need one step at a time. 

They provide worry-free services, world-class support and all-inclusive platform with everything you need throughout your progress to be a successful business owner.

Zenbusiness’s culture

Meanwhile, they have an excellent company culture that might be the possible reason for having happy employees, and hence delighted customers. 

What could be the reason? 

Zenbusiness’s employees have been provided with health insurance, competitive salaries, equity and opportunities to handle and help solve interesting challenges to have a positive impact.

In a gist, they have amazing coworkers, happy community members, satisfied customers, competitive benefits, great perks and a mission that matters.

Zenbusiness’s core values

1. Transparency

Zenbusiness’s idea of openness is transparent in everything they do by operating with honesty and integrity to earn your trust.

And to ultimately make you as a customer to help you in your business progression.

2. Protection

Zenbusiness claim to be committed to protecting you from any downfall that might happen while running a business. 

By helping you stay on a good base with the government and avoid any liability issues.

3. Paying it forward

They have settled on to be a public benefit corporation. and also awarded grants and loans to various small businesses. 

They have awarded over $1 million in grants to small businesses in the year 2020 is the major highlight.

Zenbusiness presents a five-step formation process, which is

Step 1 :- Filing package and additional business services.

First, you choose the filing option and add-on services that fit your needs. 

Like expedited filing speed, employer identification number abbreviated as EIN registered agent and worry fee compliance.

Step 2. Filing your business documents to the state.

In this stage, Zenbusiness will collect and file all the necessary paperwork, with the state to form your business based on the plan and the timeframe that you choose to go with at the checkout. 

Step 3. The state will confirm your business after reviewing.

The state will confirm your business form in this step, where the process may take some days or it can even take few weeks, all depends on the filling speed which you select and the state’s internal procedure.

Step 4. Delivering all the personalized documents in your dashboard.

In the last before the stage, the documents that you attach to your business formation certificate and EIN will be updated to your dashboard.

Step 5. On-going services to keep your business compliant with the state’s requirements.

Final Zenbusiness process is where their registered agent and worry-free compliance service ensure that your company maintains a good status with the state.


zenbusness packages

Therefore zenbusiness’s plans are reasonably priced and can benefit you in various ways when compared to a lot of its competitors.

They offer three basic plans for you to choose from. It has no hidden price and is open about its package structure and add-ons.

Starter program

  • The starting price in the basic plan is $39.
  • The standard filing process takes ten to twenty business days.
  • Expedite filing speed can opt for $50 in the starter plan.
  • Rush filing speed can opt for $100 in the starter plan.
  • Banking resolution templates can be obtained at $30 in this plan.
  • Worry-free compliance costs $110 per year in addition to Zenbusiness’s starter plan.
  • For EIN registration it costs $70 in addition to Zenbusiness’s starter plan.
  • You can create a business website for $50.
  • You can get a business domain name at $25.
  • You can utilize the Domain name privacy service at $10.
  • You can create Business email addresses for $25.
  • Registered agent service, operating agreement template,  free accounting service all comes under the package.
  • Name availability search, phone and email support, online document access, special credit card offer and virtual business guide are also included in the package at no extra cost.

Pro Package

  • Zenbusiness’s pro plan starts at $149.
  • The average filing time for Zenbusiness’s pro plan is five to ten business days under the expedited filing process.
  • Rush filing speed can opt for $100 in the Pro plan.
  • The banking resolution template is covered under the Pro package.
  • Worry-free compliance is covered under the Pro package.
  • EIN registration comes in the Pro package for free.
  • You can create a business website for $50.
  • You can get a business domain name at $25.
  • You can utilise the Domain name privacy service at $10.
  • You can utilize the Domain name privacy service at $10.
  • You can create Business email addresses for $25.
  • Registered agent service, operating agreement template, free accounting service all comes under the package along with Preparing and filing of LLC.
  • Name availability search, phone and email support, online document access, special credit card offer and virtual business guide are also included in the package at no extra cost.

Premium package

  • Starting price for Zen business’s premium plan is $249.
  • Rush filing speed can be utilised with no extra payment under the Premium package.
  • Banking resolution template is covered under the premium plan.
  • Worry-free compliance is covered under Zenbusinesses premium package.
  • EIN registration is also covered under the pro plan as well.
  • You can create a business website for free.
  • You can get a business domain name for free.
  • Domain name privacy is free and covered in the package itself.
  • Business email addresses are also covered under the package.
  • Registered agent service, operating agreement template, free accounting service all comes under the package along with Preparing and filing of LLC.
  • Name availability search, phone and email support, online document access , special credit card offer and virtual business guide are also included in the package at no extra cost.

Pros and Cons

There are many advantages and a handful of disadvantages in the LLC service provision.


  • The significant advantage is that they are affordable LLC services available with the pricing that starts at just $39.
  • The process of forming an LLC is made more comfortable with the help of Zen business. They are trustworthy and approachable.
  • Zenbusiness offer optional features or services with no hidden persuasion.
  • The customer feedback is highly positive, which makes it all the more trustworthy.
  • Worry-free CPA assessment service also provided where they analyze your business finances and recommend the according to a licensed CPA for your needs at no charge.
  • They also offer worry-free compliance guarantee service for any busy entrepreneurs, which is a part of pro and premium LLC service bundles here. This includes,
  • Annual filing report alerts
  • Documents that are submitted on your behalf
  • Two time free changes to your filings per year
  • Covering the cost required to regain good and a stable position, if your company faces a missed deadline or a missed state requirement
  • You can also get a personalized operating agreement if you go with Zen business LLC service.
  • hey offer a 100% refundable option for any purchases minus a $25 fee, and any other third party charges paid by Zen business on your behalf.


  • If a refund is requested before the LLC has been filed with the state, but the payment has already been sent to the state, Zenbusiness will not refund those fees.
  • Sometimes they deliver after filing with and state earlier than mentioned which sometimes be positive but, they have to be definite with their services.

Features and Services

There are several additional services and features that can help you with your business. Some are as follows.

1. Registered Agent services, Operating agreement and worry-free CPA assessment.

All three packages include registered agent service, operating agreement and worry-free CPA assessment at no extra cost.

2. Filing speed option

You can accelerate your LLC formation process at $50 to $100 plus state fees getting it done in days instead of weeks.

3. Zenbusiness’s additional services

In case of Zenbusiness’ programs, additional services like business website at $100 per year, 

domain name at $25 per year, domain privacy at $10 a year.

And business email address at $25 per year obtained by its respective additional costs in starter and pro packages. 

At the same time, it is all covered under the Premium package.

They also offer free name search included in all the packages, business name reservation, 

business reservation, business bank account creation, banking resolution for free in the premium package, etc.

4.Domain name and site.

Zenbusiness has a dedicated domain name and website dashboard to set up. 

And customize your domain name and website at any time from a computer or a mobile device.

Five easy steps are:

  • Set up your domain name.
  • Select a website template.
  • Customize content and designs.
  • Generate new leads and customers.
  • Take payment from your website.

5. Zenbusiness’s Customer Support Service

Now let’s talk about their customer service. What are the essential aspects that pop into your head when you think about any customer support?

  • When you need something from the customer support service, you will want your issues resolved as soon as possible.
  • You will enjoy the customer service staff to be easily approachable and easy to understand.
  • It is also essential to be able to reach customer service with ease.

Zenbusiness, customer service can be reached through chat on their website during regular business hours.

They also offer customer service via phone call or email.

Even though Zenbusiness tries their best to resolve the issue, but sometimes it is not very timely.

But they continue to improve their services which is a good thing when you approach Zenbusiness for LLC services.

Their chat now feature in their website is available during their business hours, 

from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm central time,

Or on Sundays from 10 am to 7 pm Central time. 

They have provided a contact number to contact their customer service team during business hours, 

from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm Central time,

Or Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm Central Time. 

Their email ID is also provided along with it for you to send an email with your questions to the team.

And expect a reply from their representative within one business day. 

It has a team of dedicated service-oriented experts with over 70 years of combined experience forming and growing businesses.

They do not have automated messages or make you wait when you need answers. 

This can be a significant advantage because time is the most valuable source for you to run a successful business.

6. Partenered up with trustworthy companies

Zenbusiness has strict criteria and only has partners who are capable of providing fast and superior services at fair prices.

Currently, active partners of Zenbusiness are, Bank Novo for banking, 

or insurance, Bold Penguin for insurance, OpenSRS for Domain Services.

 Divvy for business credit cards, Radius bank for banking, Fundation

 for line of credit and funding, Registered Agent Inc for Registered Agent services.

New York LLC certificate of Publications.

Zenbusiness also provides an opportunity to get a new york LLC Certificate of publications. 

Zenbusiness ensures you meet the New York requirement in order to publish new LLC in two newspaper for six consecutive weeks along with the announcement.

Within a 120-day deadline. You can obtain your certificate for $200 excluding publication fee.

Why do you even need a certificate of publication? 

Suppose you form an LLC business company in New York. In that case, it is mandatory to publish a formation announcement in two newspapers for every consecutive week.

Newspaper Ads are the only way to ensure the public notified about any new LLC that’s been formed.

It remains a requirement and is mandatory to this day in New York.

According to the law, LLCs that fail to get this done within 120 days of formation can lose their ability to carry-on or run their business.

In simpler words, your business will be suspended.

The law also states that the contract and liability shield will remain unharmed. 

This law in New York is a mandated law so, in order to stay compliant to limit your risk, 

you should do this within 120 days of forming your LLC.

 Why should you get your publication certificate with Zenbusiness?

  1. 1Zenbusiness ensures compliance to satisfy your legal requirement to deliver a certificate to the county clerk. Still, you have to do it within 120 days of forming your LLC in New York. It makes sure that your job is done.
  2. 2Zenbusiness simplifies the process by coordinating across the county clerk, newspapers, attorneys and the state of publishing it on time and meeting all requirements.
  3. 3Zenbusiness can help you keep your costs low. Due to their relationships, they can work through the counties and newspapers that offer the lowest fees and expenses.

The procedure of obtaining the certificate of completion requires coordinating with the county clerk, 

newspapers, attorneys and the Department of the state. 

Zenbusiness offers their service where they will act as your mediator agent to manage all these procedures.

And secure the certificate on your behalf at the lowest cost possible.

Zenbusiness’s process of providing certificate of publication.

  • File your LLC with New York: Suppose if you haven’t formed your LLC yet. You will need to file your LLC, which can take up to two weeks by paying the state filing fee of $200.
  • Contact the New York County Clerk office just to meet the publication requirement: After the formation of your LLC. Zenbusiness will contact the county clerk to submit your company information and determine on which two newspapers the announcement will be published, on your behalf.
  • Publish in two newspapers to receive an affidavit of publication: Once everything required is done to run your ads in two newspapers for six consecutive weeks. Thus the newspapers will offer separate affidavits of publication.
  • Deliver a certificate of publication to the Department of State: Zenbusiness will now deliver the certificate of publication and along with the affidavits of publication. An additional filing fee to the Department of State and meet your legal requirement.
  • The Department of State processes and delivers your certificate of publication: The state receives the certificate. Where it usually takes them seven business days plus mail time to process your certificate and give it back.


ZenBusiness Customers Reviews

zenbusiness customer reviews

First, let’s see what they provide under the Customer Review column. Under the customer review category, 

they claim to have offered unbiased feedback from real customers.

They’ve mentioned that Zenbusiness features low-cost customer cost formation service, expert support, personalized services.

And a customizable dashboard, so they’re focused on helping small business owners start, run and grow a successful company.

They have mentioned that the unbiased Zenbusiness LL Service customer’s reviews that’ve been provided are proof of how they help their customers with their companies.

And welcome them into the business community. 

They’ve provided the study from the Trustpilot website. It was rated 4.7 out of five based on photos and 155 reviews on trust pilot. 

  1. One customer review said the process was quick, easy to understand for a first time user and very helpful. Those factors made the experience much more comfortable than expected.
  2. 2Another customer said ‘great company. I made an error and had to call them. They will answer the phone right away and fix my error.’
  3. 3One noticeable reviewer said ‘I will never use zoom again. Zen business was more efficient and less costly. My representative, Michelle, was informative and engaging. I recommend Zenbusiness to anyone wanting to start their business.’
  4. 4They did provide a couple of four-star reviews that have put up some suggestions to the company like one reviewer said, ‘it is a good service. Although listeners must customize some of the documents for the price, the service is unbeatable.’
  5. 5Another said ‘Overall, a great company, however, I wish they’d go into detail about certain questions to answer based on the business structure for first-time future business owners.’

Zenbusiness Deals & Coupons

  • They offer a free quote for business insurance.
  • You can get a business credit card for free provided by Divvy.
  • They offer a $150 Google Ads credit in partnership with google for you to redeem and spend the maximum of credit of $150 in 30 days.
  • They provide free accounting consultation and tax assessment from their Licensed CPAs.
  • They also offer 20% instant discount. it will be applied automatically on your final checkout

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of an LLC

It helps keep personal and professional private from business debts, lawsuits, etc.

What is the standard processing time to form an LLC?

It can take a maximum of two to three weeks after the state receives your documents.

Do I need an attorney to form LLC?

No, it is not necessary. You can form an LLC yourself without any help from a lawyer.

Is Zenbusiness better than LegalZoom?

Zenbusiness is way more affordable and provides way more features than LegalZoom hence making it a better choice.

How much it cost to get a certificate of publication in New York?

The whole process costs from $600 to $2,200 where New York county fees, newspaper advertising rates and certificate filing fees are all included.

Can I get the certificate of publication in New York myself?

You can do this by the publication process yourself, but it requires a lot of time and patience to coordinate with the clerk newspaper and the state. You might also have to consult an attorney depending on your business complications.

What other additional features do they provide and how much does it cost?

Their other additional services include annual report filing with the state at $75 plus state fee, filing amendment service at $100 plus state fee, certificate of good standing at $75 plus state fee, banking resolution template at $30, domain name registration at $25 yearly, domain name privacy at $10 yearly, business license report at $89, business document templates library at $50 and business bank account at $110 annually.


To conclude zenbusiness LLC Service Review it is different because of their technology.

And the automated process that they use to provide low-cost business formation services rapidly that meets your individual business needs. 

Zenbusiness claims that their technology keeps their costs down, 

which enables them to offer the most customized business formation experience on the internet.

A fast low cost, personalized service for everyone in the community, is what they have said on their website. 

And it certainly is true. finally deliver what they claim.

Even though Zenbusiness isn’t very much recognized when compared to its other competitors, 

hence it offers a lot of advantages that can help your LLC company. It is a bang for the buck. 

Zenbusiness has proven to be the best LLC service available. Zenbusiness can be the one for you if you want,

  1. Premium level LLC services with Registered Agent service and customers port on a budget.
  2. LLC service formation or any other corporate formation done fast, and without paying any extra premium.
  3. Continued service for alerts and reminders about upcoming filing deadlines
  4. Utilize the benefit of annual filing through worry-free compliance guarantee.

They believe in paying it forward. In a gist, Zenbusiness offers excellent customer service, affordable pricing and that LLC formation plans with no hidden charges.

Zenbusiness provides reasonable pricing and has excellent customer reviews. So on lane LLC service. 

And if you’re thinking about online LLC service, your best choice is Zen business. 

To put it all in one sentence, 

Zenbusiness offers way more features for the price that you pay making it the fairest priced LLC service providers,

sitting on top in almost all the best service provider lists that you can find on the internet. 

This easily is the one you are looking for, 

as it provides almost everything you need as a newbie business owner to start your business dream.

Give it a shot; it won’t disappoint you:)

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