RocketLawyer Review 2021:- Is it Really Worth? (Pros/Cons)

Rocketlawyer is one of the topmost online legal service providers that offer affordable, simple and available to a broader range of people.

Rocket Lawyer is a simple way to satisfy any legal needs of your family and business.

They provide top quality service mostly known for providing services for any start-up company with extensive legal advice requirements.

From providing a quick and straightforward legal document for free to complex legal situations requiring the advice of an attorney, Rocket Lawyer has got it covered.

Rocketlawyer makes it affordable and simple to consult with a lawyer and provides a fast and easy way to incorporate your business.

In this Rocketlawyer review let's discuss detail about their packages, features, advantages and disadvantages etc

About Rocketlawyer

Rocket Lawyer was found by Charley Moore, based in San Francisco, California. It has been providing services since 2008, guiding clients every step of the way.

Rocketlawyer has helped around 20 million businesses, families, individuals to make legal documents and get attorney advice to protect their futures confidently.

It has created about 50,000,000+ documents to 240,000+ legal questions answered and 200,000 business served.

In 2012, launched rocket lawyer UK, and introduced it in the European market in2016.

Rocketlawyer focused on providing affordable legal services that can make it easier for any individual to find a solution for their needs.

Their tagline is 'legal made simply' which projects their drive in the industry.


rocket lawyer packages

Rocketlawyer provides services in two different categories. One is with a premium membership, and the other is without a membership.

With a premium membership, you'll have access to several services at $39.99 a month while you will have to pay for every service individually without membership.


  1. 1
    You can create custom legal forms at $39.99 per document.
    You can easily create reliable documents for numerous purposes by signing in online in seconds, which gives access to share, download and print anytime.
  2. 2
    A 30-minute discussion on the phone with a lawyer is made available at $59.99.
    In the case of attorney services, you can use the 30-minute consultation on every new legal matter.
  3. 3
    You can utilize an online Q&A service with a lawyer at $49.99 per question.
    To ask a lawyer any legal questions that you might have.
  4. 4
    Get a documented defence for Rocketlawyer documents at $9.99 per copy.
    A Rocket Lawyer On Call attorney will personally review your situation and help you implement your contract to clear your way. 
  5. 5
    For instance, if a buyer didn't pay the bill amount, breach of contract, etc.
  6. 6
    You can obtain LLC, corp or non-profit formation service at $99.99 plus government filings fees.
  7. 7
    For Business Services you're provided with affordable incorporation filing.
  8. 8
    Registered Agent service at $149.99 per year.
    Having a registered agent is highly recommended by most platforms for business formations.

Premium Member

  1. 1
    Creating custom forms included with $39.99 per month membership.
  2. 2
    A 30-minute phone session with the lawyer included with the premium membership.
  3. 3
    Online Q&A with a lawyer is included with the membership.
  4. 4
    Discount of up to 40% if you hire an On Call attorney, which is not available for non-members.
  5. 5
    Document defence for Rocket Lawyer documents included with the premium membership.
  6. 6
    Business formation is offered free of cost for the first service, excluding the filing fees.
  7. 7
    Rocketlawyer offers a 25% off for Registered Agent services

If you need a continued legal service from Rocket Lawyer, it is only right to go with the premium membership plan.

Suppose it's a one time help from Rocketlawyer. In that case, it is better to jump the premium membership plan and only pay for what you need depending on your unique requirement.

If you need constant access to attorneys, go with the premium membership.

Pros and Cons

Rocketlawyer has several advantages as well as disadvantages.

  • Online legal service.
    Rocketlawyer can be useful for you to ask any legal questions online and get a response from an experienced attorney in a simpler way.

    Their on-call attorneys answer the questions posted by customers. They are available in different specialties that include business law, contracts and intellectual property.

    The attorneys will clear solutions for any detailed legal question that you might have. You get an answer from a lawyer that specializes in your issue. In the end, they help you resolve your issue.

    Online legal advisers are simple, on-demand and trusted. They have several lawyers who have been in practice since 1995, 1997, 2001, 1999, etc.

    Their popular legal topics include Family Law, wills and trusts, criminal law, personal injuries, starting a business, business contract, employment law and real estate law. According to your legal need, a specialist from your unique requirement will be answering the question that you have.
  • Rocketsign by Rocket lawyer.
    Rocket sign is offering to sign documents online to everyone for free for a limited period in the year 2021, which is offered as a reminder to ESIGN act. This year is its 20th anniversary.
  • Rocketlawyer's form facility.
    Rocketlawyer has a unique capability while creating custom legal documents and contracts. When you answer a series of questions about your business, several pop-up windows appear that explains the law in your state. This is an added advantage because it will help you fill your forms in according to the state of law.
  • Document defence.
    Document defence is a major feature. Whenever you create a custom contract on Rocketlawyer, and the third party doesn't abide by it, an attorney comes to your assistance.

    The lawyer will frame a demand letter for you, which can lead to the third part obeying whatever is in the contract.
  • Customer service.
    Rocketlawyer offers customer support via phone, email, and live chat. They have a lot of positive reviews, indicating that their service is indeed excellent. Rocketlawyer's phone support is available Monday to Friday from 6 am to 6 pm.
  • Google's trust in Rocketlawyer.
    Google is kind of a big deal in the internet world. It had publicly communicated its trust on Rocketlawyer. On top of it, it had also publicly funded them.
  • Membership price.
    The Premium membership price is high when compared to other competitors. Similar services are provided for much lesser price in some of the other service providers when compared to Rocket lawyer.

Features and Services

Rocketlawyer provide a lot of features and services that a business owner can utilize. They include,

1. Unlimited document reviews and copies, access to lower lawyer fees per hour, 30-minute monthly legal consultation for no extra charge with prime membership.

2. 7 days free trial with premium membership after which you can cancel.

3. Extensive legal support with attorneys.

4. Rocketlawyer provides help with our business formation, trademarks and patterns, contracts and legal advice.

5. Affordable legal advisers from the attorneys.

6. Quick answers from real lawyers quickly.

7. Get instant access to Rocketlawyer's entire library of legal documents with a premium membership.

8. Document defence for your documents.

9. Review of any document by an On-Call attorney.

10. Make legal documents for business and contracts, real estate and family and personal.

11. Online signing with Rocketlawyer's Rocketsign service.

12. Business services for starting a business, business operation and business properties.

13. Fast legal advice from attorneys for business and contracts, finance and real estate and family and personal.

Rocketlawyer is legally made simple.

1. Create legal documents by answering a few quick questions and creating the form.

2. You can get advice from an on-call attorney and get answers fast.

3. Stay protected with document defence which will connect you with a lawyer to help impose your document.

4. Documents are researched and written by legal staff.

5. It has an easy to create and customize sign online and invites others to sign.

6. It is easily accessible from any device at any time.

7. Get legal advice from a lawyer and have your documents reviewed by a lawyer.

8. Get deep discounts on representation fees.

9. Incorporate your business in minutes.

10. Rocket Lawyer will make sure your business name is available and will file, all the required paperwork with the state.

11. Business specialists will guide you through the entire process
of business.

12. Find all the documents and forms you need to run your business.

13. They'll keep you notified and help you take care of additional requirements on time, so your business holds a good stand with the state.

RocketLawyer Customers Reviews

Rocketlawyer has rated 4.6 stars out of 5 in Trustpilot. It has 2296 reviews where 81% percentage has rated it five stars. Few of the noticeable Rocket Lawyer review have been mentioned below.

rocket lawyer customer review
rocket lawyer customer reviews
rocket lawyer customer review

for more reviews check out trustpilot reviews

Rocketlawyer Deals & Coupons

You'll get several deals and discounts in Rocketlawyer but, only with a premium member. A non-member can't enjoy all the values.

  1. 1
    7-day free trial after which you can pay $39.99 monthly, for a premium membership. You can cancel anytime.
  2. 2
    Up to 40% off if you hire an On Call attorney for premium members
  3. 3
    Free incorporation filing for new premium members, excluding state fees.
  4. 4
    25% off from second incorporation filing service excluding state fees.
  5. 5
    25% off for Registered Agent Service for premium members.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are digital signatures legit?

Yes, digital signatures are legit. Digital signatures are just like any signatures on a paper and are legal and are susceptible to the same kind of rules & regulations that would follow with a signed hardcopy of contracts and other documents.

2. Can I cancel my premium membership anytime?

Yes, cancelling your membership is allowed during your seven-day free trial or at any time after you're done with the premium member service access.

3. What is the time taken to file and receive my document?

All the documents created on Rocketlawyer are immediately available online for your access to view, print or download.

4. What is Rocket Wallet?

Rocket Wallet is a secure payment processing that keeps your billing information safe.

5. Are my documents secure on the site?

Rocketlawyer uses secure socket layers to protect your data for data transfers, creating a secure tunnel protected by 128-bit or a higher AES encryption.

Rocketlawyer has designed policies and controls to safeguard the collection, use and disclosure of your information ultimately to protect your private information from unauthorized access.

6. Are the documents created on Rocket Lawyer legal and applicable?

Yes, when you complete a document questionnaire, the software will build a document that is tailored to your state and requirement.

The next steps are outlined in the legal checklist to get additional information about how to make it legally binding in your state. This may include instructions for signing, finding witnesses, filing and notarization.

7. What is an executive summary in business and contracts?

An executive summary is your 'pitch' that quickly describes your business. You can change it if needed.

Your team should fully understand what executive summary is and be able to communicate it to others like, investors or customers, quickly.

8. Do I need a business plan?

A clear business plan can help you have a strategic vision for your company's growth and success. A good business plan includes

1. A clear cut gist of your business product or service.
2. The stakeholders and their roles.
3. Research marketing plan.
4. financial plan.

9. Is having an operating agreement necessary?

It is advisable to have an operating agreement because it can help you prepare for difficult situations. An operating agreement contains details about
1. Member contribution.
2. Accounting.
3. Dissolution.

10. What are some actions to consider when starting a business?

1. Separate your business and personal checking and savings account
2. Improve your credit score.
3. Make sure you have no issues with the IRS. If you do, resolve it.
4. Avoid additional debt, if possible.
5. Separate your personal and business properties.
6. Confer with an accountant about how to go with business tax filing.

11. Is it possible to sell my home without a real estate agent?

Yes, selling a home yourself without any help from a real agent is indeed possible, but there's a lot of time and effort that goes into it to make it possible. You should think about the value of your home and plan accordingly.

12. What should I do to sell my home?

1. Research the market to discover the market value.
2. Learn the local Real Estate laws.
3. Market and advertise.
4. Pay for multiple listing services.
5. Screened buyers.

13. What is a beneficial debt?

Beneficial debt also called good debt, is a debt that helps you build your credit or earn equity. Buying a home is considered a good debt because the house will gain equity and make money for you.

Other examples for good depth are student loans and small business loans as long as they are low interest and you have the means to pay them off.

14. Do I have my parental rights to my 18-year-old child?

Most of your rights as a parent cease when your child turns 18. You are not legally eligible to make any decisions for them anymore. They should only make any kind of choices. 

15. What are the legal documents that I should consider having my 18-year-old sign?

1. Healthcare power of attorney.

It allows your child to assign someone to make medical choices for them, should they become incapacitated. This will become an essential document if they become injured, suffer a significant illness or if they require major surgery.

2. A Living will.

It is a document that outlines what life-saving they want to be performed in an attempt to keep them alive during near-death situations or something of that sort. This is also called an Advanced Health Care Directive.

3. Power of Attorney.

This allows your child to appoint someone to manage their finances, should they become unable to do it or simply don't want to do it.

16. How do I start my estate planning?

The first step is to collect a complete list of your assets and debts. Then you need to think about how you might want your estate distributed after you die and who might be the one to manage your estate.

Once you have all of the above covered, you can now contact your lawyer to start your estate planning. You can also do it yourself. Your Rocketlawyer account can help you write your will and other documents yourself. 

17. What should I do if I'm not able to pay my tax dues when I file?

If you are unable to pay your full due amount, you can opt to go for an IRS payment plan because you need to clear your debt before your filing deadline.

18. What are the available payment options for IRS payment plans?

IRS payment plans have three different plans which are termed as full payment, long term payment and short term payment plans. You are also subject to setup fees, penalties and interest payment with these plans.

19. What are the requirements to apply for an IRS plan payment plan?

1. Your name as in your Social Security administration.
2. Your email address.
3. Date of birth.
4. Filing status.
5. Your tax ID number Or social Security number.
6. Your identity protection, pin, if you have applied before.

20. How do I fight previous years tax returns?

If filing your old tax returns are due you have to do it as soon as possible to avoid tax penalties, loss of refunds due to tax liens, interest changes, and more. If you cannot pay in full, you still have to file your back taxes.

21. How to file back taxes?

  1. You can file via the IRS by calling the IRS for assistance. 

  2. You can request past wage and income information to complete your return if needed. 

  3. You can do it using a tax filing service. The best tax filing services offer services to help you file taxes for the previous year. You may even be able to E-file path returns.

  4. You can hire a tax professional. Hiring a tax professional can help you deal with your taxes by preparing your tax returns for you and also acts as a mediator between you and the IRS.

22. Why is E-filing, the preferred filing method?

E-filing method is preferred over paper filing because it is faster and more comfortable for all parties. It is possible to file by paper, but, you still need to have internet access to request forms and publications directly from the IRS. This usually takes longer to process your returns if you submit them by mail.


If you are looking forward to getting legal advice from attorneys for an extensive-time period, Rocketlawyer could benefit you as it provides attorney services at an affordable price.

Rocketlawyer is one of the fastest-growing companies for specializing in legal services.

It provides affordable legal support like online legal advice, document formation, forms and many more. You can find many document needs and get advice from an attorney that specializes in your field of requirement.

They have a widely satisfied customer base that goes for Rocketlawyer's quality services. Their seven-day free trial can help you determine if Rocketlawyer is the one for you. You can cancel it after the trial if you're not satisfied with it.

It has a simple, user-friendly platform. Not only can you utilize legal advice but also form a business according to your need.

Rocketlawyer proves to provide several beneficial services, including attorney advice, document formation, E-signing, etc.

This RocketLawyer review hopefully, helped you determine if it might benefit you:) 

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