NorthWest Registered Agent Review 2021:- ( Pros, Cons) + Coupon

Northwest registered agent is an online legal business service provider. It provides much more than what the name suggests.

It provides best Registered agent services and many more services like LLC formation, incorporation, legal documents, etc. Northwest registered agent being one of the best LLC formation service providers is pretty evident.

This Northwest registered agent review can help you in identifying the reasons for which you might or might not want.

It is undoubtedly one of the best quality services and has set a right name for itself.

Northwest Registered Agent was the first national registered agent service to locally scan 100% of documents received and provide digital copies online.

About Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest registered agent has been operating since 1998. Northwest registered agent providing service to all 50 states, including Washington D.C. based them out of Spokane, Washington.

Their services are centred on corporate guides and privacy by default. They also offer outstanding customer support. They guarantee you that your data is safe and that they don't sell your data to anybody ever.

Support and privacy is the base of everything that Northwest offers. It is a medium-sized business that's trying to be as transparent as possible. They've even trademarked their slogan, 'We're Just Not Annoying'.

You can hire them as your Registered Agent for instant service, form your LLC or corporation for same-day filings and also download their legal forms.

Their main focus is on,

  • For you to always be able to talk to them.
  • Money to never get in the way of the business relationship you have with them.
  • For you to always get what you want as fast as possible.
  • Never to sell your data.
  • To only charge the same price every year.

They also have,
Privacy by default where,

  • The business address included.
  • Free mail forwarding service provided.
  • Never sell any of your data.

Corporate guides where,

  • Their business experts guide you through starting & maintaining a business.
  • They provide lifetime guide service for whenever you need help. Their website has various article guides for you if you ever need any information for your business. 

Their website has various article guides for you if you ever need any information for your business.

Business owners looking for online incorporation can go with Northwest Registered Agent as it is one of the genuine service providers that can give you what you want with no extra stress and confusion.

Their customer service provides clarity to start a new business. It can help you get through any setbacks that can happen in the middle of your business journey so you can move forward smoothly.


northwest registered agent services

They offer a wide range of services, and the prices are pretty straightforward.

They provide annual report reminders, and they receive all the documents for you, the company management system, they notify you in real-time, all at no additional charges with any service package.

1. Registered Agent service

Registered agent servers Registered Agent service starts at $125 per year. If you choose to get a Registered agent in all 52 jurisdictions, it costs $5200—compliance failing in some jurisdictions offered at no cost.

Any business will need a Registered Agent to receive business notices, government notifications and correspondence from the Secretary of State.

2. Forming a new company

The price depends on the type of business that you would like to start.

  1. 1
    For LLC formation, the filing service fee costs $100, and compliance filing provided at no cost and Registered Agent service at $125, which is a total of $225. This is excluding the state fee.

    LLC formation package includes full address use; Northwest dedicated corporate guides for customer service, Same Day business filing, membership or stock certificates, Initial resolutions, Custom drafted articles, online access to Formation Documents, annual reporting compliance, LLC Operating Agreement, mail scan, state resources and customer service.
  2. 2
    For incorporation, the filing service fee costs $100; compliance filing provided at no cost and Registered Agent service at $125, which is a total of $225. This is excluding the state fee.
  3. 3
    For non-profit, the filing service fee costs $100. Compliance filing is provided at no cost and Registered Agent service at $125, which is a total of $225. This is excluding the state fee.

3. Other services

  1. 1
    Annual Report filing service cost $100 per year, excluding state fee.
  2. 2
    EIN registration offered for $50.
  3. 3
    They offer annual report filing services for $100 plus state fees.

4. Mail forwarding services offered at $50 monthly.

Northwest provides a unique suite number assigned for your business instead of private mailbox number.

Hence, making it possible for your business to have a real business address in the U.S. and northwest stores the mail that you receive in your secure online account.

5. Virtual Office service offered at $49 per month.

They make it possible to add a virtual office in your choice of locations.

6. VOIP business phone number service.

VOIP is a voice-over I.P. number, which is a telephone number that's assigned to you. You can call over the internet instead of being routed to a local telephone company. Can avail this at $9 per month.

7. Corporate book and seal.

Can attain Corporate books and embossing at $80. The corporate books are made from synthetic black leather. The corporate seal is a laser engraved seal with your company name for stamping and embossing documents.

8. S-corp election with IRS for $50.

If you want an S-corp business, Northwest helps you file your Form 2553 to the IRS if you meet the eligibility requirement. Being an S-corp could boost your credibility and get tax-favourable benefits.

9. Certificate of Good Standing.

Certificate of Good Standing is a huge advantage if you want to expand your business to another state.

This certificate indicates that you have no outstanding penalties and that you are in a good stand with the State and the laws meeting the requirements. Can attain a certification for good standing at $50.

10. Certified copy.

A certified copy of documents that have been filed in different agencies will be provided to you at $50 with Northwest. It does the mediator job in order to make it easy to get your certified copies.

11. Apostille.

An apostille verifies that the seal and the signature on a document are authentic. If you are a non-American looking to take an American company to another country and hire employees for business, this can come in handy at $400.

12. FMCSA BOC-3 Filing.

FMCSA BOC-3 Filing costs $125 per year. Northwest doesn't hire a third person in scanning, uploading and delivering your service process.

They offer blanket agent coverage for all the states and can file your form BOC-3 with the FMCSA.

Pros and Cons

Rocketlawyer has several advantages as well as disadvantages.

  • Northwest Registered Agent does not sell any information or personal data to any other companies.
  • The security and privacy policies of Northwest Registered Agent makes it a reliable service provider as they provide their services and do not have any outsource.
  • They make it simple to form a business in any state, providing excellent Registered Agent service. The main hype is that they're one of the few LLC service providers that offer a full year service for Registered Agent.
  • Most of the reviews that are found online are positive.
  • They not only offer Registered Agent service but also, LLC formation, corporation or non-profit business formation.
  • Their fee structure is very simple, and transparent with no Up-sells during the process of payment.
  • They pair you one on one with a local corporate guide.
  • They follow and have extraordinary security measures that ensure safety for their clients because of their superior security and privacy regulations.
  • The customer service support is top notch providing support in the most straightforward ways possible with no automated recordings.
  • As far as what can be seen in Northwest's site, it doesn't officially include any refund policy for a client. But they do refund in case of any mistakes on the company's part.
  • The package prices could be a little expensive for some people since there are more affordable services provided by many other online service providers.
  • Add-on services are lesser than some of the other service provider's offerings.

Features and Services

Northwest Registered Agent provide a lot of features and services that a business owner can utilize. They include,

Customer Service.

1. You will never receive a no-reply email from them.

2. They have no partnerships like a lot of their other competitors.

3. Cell phone number is at the bottom of every page on their site.

4. They have no phone trees. The people answering the phone can help you without transferring you to another person.

5. In the case of a few unfortunate situations when a call gets transferred to voicemail, you will get a return call within 2 hours.

6. All support and operations are US-based.

7. All emails are answered the same day.

8. Every email from their staffs will include a valid signature with contact information showing complete transparency.

9. You will never be forced to logging in to a system for customer service.

10. You can see their email, phone number, mailing address or start a real-time chat with customer service in just one click.

11. You can reply and get a response from your corporate guide before the end of business hours for every single email that they send.

12. They don't charge any late fee.

They provide free tools and guides for

  • Legal forms
  • Lawsuit help
  • Do a business name search
  • File an annual report.
  • How do state taxes work
  • Get a DBA.
  • Nominee services.
  • Questions and Answers.
  • Revive a business.
  • Dissolve a Business.
  • Withdraw a Registration.
  • Amend Articles.
  • State LLC & Corporation Laws

They also provide information on how to order business records such as,

  • Apostille
  • Certified copy.
  • Certificate of Good Standing.

Other features

1. Name availability search.

Northwest Registered Agent's basic feature is the name availability search, which is included in any package.

Northwest registered agent service searches the database of the State and reviews if the LLC name you want is available to make sure that it is an existing LLC name.

2. Operation agreement. 

Even though LLC formation doesn't need an operating agreement, it's always a helpful feature. The operating agreement describes the operations of your LLC and the ownership structure of your business.

Northwest Registered Agent forms this agreement in your order and offers written files that outline your business.

3. Federal tax number registration, also called EIN registration, is also offered by Northwest registered agent service. 

It is a social security number for your business. Can use this nine-digit EIN code. To enable Northwest Registered Agent LLC to complete tasks for you.

Through the EIN, you can hire employees, create business bank accounts and file business taxes in your State.

4. Online document access. 

You can monitor your LLC business via Northwest's website. You can also create state filing reports or amend them without providing your company's information every time.

5. Annual report reminders.

Northwest registered agent will send you free email reminders right before the due date for your company report. This can be a beneficial feature so that it won't go unnoticed. You can avoid late penalties and other downfalls with this feature.

Privacy policy

Northwest Registered Agent priority is your privacy. Major highlight about their company and the website are,

  • They do not and will not sell your information to third parties.
  • They try their maximum to collect only the minimum amount of information about you whichever is the most necessary to provide excellent service and user experiences.
  • If you hire them for any service they will try to list their address wherever possible, so you don't have to list your address on public documents.
  • Their staff are continuously working on the website and client account security to protect any information that is shared with them to avoid any data leakage while transmitting data on the internet.
  • They try to provide all the services internally, to avoid sharing your information with third parties for third party services.
  • Although the use of services like credit card processes is currently unavoidable. But they do not and will not allow the information shared with these parties to be used independently to market to you.

Customers Reviews

Most reviews were positive reviews in BBB (Better Business Bureau) for Northwest Registered Agent services. Customer Review rating is 4.47 out of 5 stars from an average of 53 customer reviews in BBB.

The following are the few reviews and complaints from the customers that I found in the review section of the BBB website.

northwest registered agent customer review
northwest registered agent customer review
northwest registered agent customer review

Even though Northwest Registered Agent had few complaints, they also had many positive reviews for their services. 

Even in the case of complaints, they tried to do their best to resolve the issues then and there to avoid any further dissatisfaction.

Northwest Registered Agent Deals & Coupons

Northwest Registered Agent service offers registered agent service for $125 for the whole year.

Having Northwest Registered Agent on your side lets you keep your personal information hidden from the public eyes as Northwest provides its address to receive all the essential documents for you.

They scan every document that they receive locally on your behalf.

In their business formation package, Northwest also provides corporate bylaws, initial resolutions, and corporate stock certificates.

They also offer free Annual report reminders so you won't have any dues leading to penalties.

Northwest Registered Agent provides a free account which includes annual report reminders, receiving all documents for you, company management system and real-time notification at no additional charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is privacy by default?

Privacy by default by Northwest is providing you with a service to avoid personal data vulnerability. You don't need to pay extra for it. Privacy by default is the centre of how Northwest Registered Agents do business the right way.

2. What is Northwest agent's corporate guide?

Northwest Registered Agent's corporate guide is a team of people providing service support on the phone or by email to offer solutions to your questions regarding your business and everything around it. They work to give clarity to your difficulties.

3. How do corporate guides support me?

Northwest's corporate guides are business experts and are real people that are accessible easily and are not salespeople.

4. What is Northwest Registered Agent refund policy?

Northwest doesn't have the most transparent refund policy. They provide a refund for mistakes from their side. Most refunds are fulfilled if the refund request placed within 60 days of your initial purchase date. They do have a $25 processing fee for most refunds.

5. What are our Northwest in house services?

Northwest doesn't outsource any of its formation services. The site maintains its own offices in all 50 states. Government notifications, tax notices, lawsuits and other notices are all accepted by Northwest on your behalf. They keep everything in-house, i.e., inside Northwest company to ensure data safety of the customers.

6. Does Northwest Registered Agent have upsells?

No, there are no upsells in northwest services. Everything is straightforward and mentioned right away.

7. Does Northwest offer same-day processing?

Northwest used to offer separate LLC service packages for business but has now combined them all into a single formation package. This is to make sure every customer gets the same-day processing. So yes, it does offer same-day processing.


Northwest Registered Agent provides more than just registered agent service. They offer business entity formation, and much more. They give very good customer support that understands the customer requirements and fulfils the need now and then.

If your need emphasizes data security, privacy and excellent customer support, Northwest Registered Agent could be the one for you.

Their offerings are worth paying for. You can get maximum benefits from whatever is provided by Northwest Agents as they continue to better their services every time.

This Northwest Registered Agent review might help you finalize your preferences and priorities to move forward with the service provider of your liking. Every service provider has its advantages and disadvantages. Still, it is mostly defined by what you think is the most critical feature for you.

For instance, if you don't mind paying extra for additional services, that would be an advantage of the service provider but.

If you are on a budget and are looking to get the most services possible under your account, the same would become a disadvantage of the provider. So it's your personal preference that matters here.

Northwest registered agents are very reliable as they keep most of their services in-house to avoid sharing the customer information.

They are available on multiple platforms and respond quickly if at all, you face any issues with the service.

You can trust them for their services as they always resolve any mishaps in your business that might happen along the way. Or even provide solutions if something goes wrong in the service.

So, it is safe to say that Northwest Registered agent is a committed service provider if it meets your unique requirements and goal:)

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