Review 2021:- Is It Good LLC Service? ( Pros, Cons)

Starting a new company is one of the most significant decisions that a person makes.

And it is like a risky adventure where if the beginning goes well, then operations will automatically become a hassle-free process.

Commencement is the second step of running a Company.

First is the Formation & Registration, which everyone has to do.

Many companies in the market offer the best LLC Formation services in a multi-featured package of a reasonable price.

In this review, we're going to know more about one of the older companies,

It has served an enormous amount of clients for the past century.

About has been a part of this industry for over a century. Formerly known as The Company was founded in 1899 has helped around 750,000+ companies in their formation and efficient running.

They've got their unique way to survive this long in the market and still stand healthy competition with other companies.

This detailed review  will cover every aspect that a customer is looking for, and by the end, they'll carry away more than expected info about

Packages packages

The right value package attracts a lot of customers to your business. has three different packages for LLC Formation, and customers can choose whichever suits them the most.

The standard price of a right LLC Formation package is $99 in the market, which is certainly fair enough and quite a great deal as compared to the cost of hiring a lawyer or an attorney.

Let's have a look at the prices offered by

  • The Starters: $99
  • The Essentials: $249
  • The Works: $349

The Starters: $99 (plus State Fee)

This Starter package includes the Basic features of LLC Formation.

The graphics provided by recommend this package as it brings in access to their online compliance watch tool and their Corporate Veil Guarantee of worth $75,000.

If you also add their Registered Agent service for $235 per year.

Features included in this package are:

Preparing & Filing your Articles of Organisation: will file all your official documents with the state regarding your LLC registration. It does all the paperwork and then files the same with your state to complete the Formation process.

Online Access to Company Document:

After hiring them, you'll get full-time access to their online platform, where you can retrieve all your LLC formation documents and store them with complete security.

Name Availability Check:

A team from will research to get you the desirable name for your LLC. They will dig up the state's official Business database to check if your choice of name is available or taken by someone else.

The Essentials = $249 (plus State Fee)

The Essential package is the value-added package of the Starter one. In this package, customers receive every feature from the Starter plan, EIN, and an LLC seal/kit.

And it will be cherry on top if you purchase their Registered Agent Service, you will get their Annual Report preparation and Filing service feature besides.

Regardless of the features from The Starters package, have a look at what extra you will receive in this package: 

LLC Kit & Seal:

It is a binder with your company's name printed on it, a customized decorative seal, and some sample documents. Well, it's not a requirement that you need for the formation of your LLC.

Federal Tax ID Number (EIN):

An EIN is a Social Security Number for your LLC, which allows you to pay business taxes, open bank accounts, hire employees, and more. will attain your EIN from the IRS.

The Works = $349 (plus State Fee)

This plan is the last and most expensive package offered by for LLC formation services.

This package has almost every tool you'll need to effectively and efficiently complete your firm's formation and registration process.

Everything from the Starters & Essential package, let's see what extra you'll get in The Works Package: 

Operating Agreement:

It is the document that describes your company's ownership structure, and it's that paper where you can mention the way you want to operate your LLC. draft this document for you.

Business License Research Package:

In this service, identifies which license tax registrations permit your LLC requires to operate in a compliant fashion.

They will offer you all the critical applications essential to obtain all these items and give you instructions on filling them and later on file them.

Pros and Cons

Any service provider will have its advantages as well as disadvantages. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of

  • Depth of Experience: has formed over 7 million businesses since 1899. The experience level is unbeatable, and it has ample knowledge to deal with all your business-related queries in no time.
  • Online Portal:

    The online portal offered by helps you in tracking your order status. It is an innovative feature that many competitors don't have on their websites.
  • Customer Support Accessibility:

    Customers can contact the Customer Support Center representatives via phone, webchat, and email. You can rely on them for responding to your queries as they are always available for your convenience.
  • Corporate Compliance: offers a compliance guarantee in their LLC formation service package. In case your LLC gets sued with your liability, then will reimburse up to $75,000 for legal fees.
  • Comprehensive Guides:

    On their website, there are several comprehensive guides for your better understanding regarding how to form an LLC or state regulations, tax filing, industry-specific text, and so more.

    They also have a separate section known as 'Learning Center' to promote easy understanding of company incorporation.
  • Registered Agent services are not available: doesn't offer any registered agent service in any LLC formation package. They offer it as an additional service instead. It can be a more expensive service where the others are offering it for free.
  • Upselling:

    They don't have any features in their plans that lead you to their upselling process. As soon as you update a feature, It will direct you to purchase added ones like tax numbers, business research, reporting, etc.
  • Pricing:

    In their basic package, they don't offer many aspects than their competitors are providing. And the annual fee is $235 plus state fees for its registered agent, which is relatively higher than its rivals.

Features and Services

Drafting & Filing Articles for your Business offers various LLC Formation services that help you form a business in your state. Plus, they also offer you help for the submission of your LLC formation documents.

As they have already earned lots of experience, they are efficient in their work and complete the formation process efficiently and correctly.

Name Availability Check

Before proceeding with the formation process, every business has to check with the state before its company's claim and name.

With, you can quickly check through that state's database whether your name is already existing or available for you to get it registered for your company.

Online Access to Company's Documents

The next feature in the list is the online platform offered by, where businesses can keep and access their LLC formation documents and files for registered agent services.

Federal Tax ID Number (EIN)

An EIN is a social security number for your LLC. helps you get an EIN from the IRS for your business, which is essential in some activities like hiring employees for the company, opening bank accounts, filing other business activities, and paying taxes, etc.

Customer Support

The customer care representatives are very active and one of the best in our recommendations. They are available at any time through mail, phone calls, and webchat. Their team responds to you within 24 hours you have raised your query.

While many other LLC formation companies are relatively unresponsive in email services, we figure out that is quite fast helping their customers and giving the solutions.

Comprehensive Guides

On the company's website, you can find various guides that let you know about different types of business structure, tax elections, business names, and corporate licenses to enhance your knowledge as and when you have time and feel so.

LLC Seal & Kit

With your LLC formation package, you will receive one binder with your company's name on it, a decorative seal, stock certificates, and sample documents. This seal has the name of your company and the date of incorporation customized on it.

Business License Research Package

This feature helps you identify permits, licenses, and tax registration compulsory in an LLC company's functioning.

It also includes assistance, which helps in filing the applications required for these licenses and permits. offers excellent business license research service, which most of the companies don't think of offering.

Operating Agreement

The operating agreement is an agreement that defines the ownership structure of your company. You can always make changes in the document to upgrade LLC operations according to your preferences.

Annual Report

In this service, customers can keep track of their business wire annual reports, and also completes the document filing procedure every year on your behalf so that you can always be on time and never miss a deadline.

Every business must submit an annual report, and if you fail to do so, then the license for your business might get revoked. So these annual reports help you in keeping your business on good grades with the state.

Customer Reviews

zenbusiness customer reviews

Review sources and their rating

  • Yelp (31 reviews) 2.0 out of 5 stars
  • FitSmallBusiness (14 reviews) 1.5 out of 5 stars

  • Better Business Bureau (7 reviews) 1.0 out of 5 stars

Even though they are serving for the last century, they don't have many customer reviews online for their company.

We have only tracked down the positive reviews from Yelp for three weeks, from 21/4/2014 to 13/5/2014. Regardless of these three weeks, there is no positive review available for

We are looking for more feedback in general, and it is a kind of odd thing that they had positive reviews only in 2014.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Legit? was founded back in 1899 as a corporation service company. They have changed their name twice over the years.

At the very beginning, The Company Corporation was their last name and later changed to

But after this long time, one thing that hasn't changed is the services provided by them.

They are indulged only in LLC formation services and to help them in their smooth running. It's been a century, but there are only a few bunches of reviews available for the company, and most of them are not so positive.

The customers are unhappy with their pricing system and their wild nature about pushing upsells hardly on them.

Does avail any discounts?

Occasionally provides money-saving coupons or discount offers for their services.

This kind of Perks is available only in times of holidays or some particular festival time.

And in general, they don't have any discount or general promo codes available.

What other services do render?

Other than LLC formation services, provides various services that help you in maintaining your compliant business, inclusive of features such as annual reports, business licenses and permits, registered agent services, stock, and membership certificate.

It also provides a written consent form, good standing, certificate copies, bye-laws, and operating agreements, etc.

They also assist with IRS filings, including LLC tax status election, EIN acquisition, nonprofit status, mail forwarding, DBA registrations, amendments, dissolution, entry conversions, foreign qualifications, and reinstatement.

Does Share My Information With Third Parties?

No, does not share the client's personal information with third-party partnerships to try for 'special offers.' they will only share the information of the customers with their parent company, CSC.

The privacy and security of data and information are taken care of very well, so you can trust them with your data. 

Does have Good Customer Support?'s customer support provided by is pretty commendable compared to the other companies in this LLC formation industry.

They have three kinds of customer support, which includes phone calls, email, and webchat.

You can opt for either of the options that suit you best, and they will guarantee you for offering the best services but still depends on representative to representative and the kind of problem you are having.

Do They Have a Refund Policy?

Let's provide you what the company has to say about this in their own words,

"If you cancel your order before we have submitted it to a federal, state, or local office, will refund the total amount paid for such order less a service fee.

If you cancel your order after we have already submitted it, we will use our discretion to determine what portion, if any, we will refund."

Do they handle requirements like New York Publication and Alabama Name Reservation?

After contacting their customer support center, we found out that they don't offer any assistance regarding the publication requirements. They said that publication is part of their business structure.

But, they take care of the album on name reservation as it is a critical step to form your business.

How much faster services does offer in processing the LLC Formation?

The turnaround time offered by entirely depends on the state or the location where you want to start your business. But when observed in general, they are quite fast with their services.

And in case you want your package or the completion of the formation process fast, you can choose their expected service, which lessens your processing time from several weeks to a couple of days in some states.

Conclusion is one of the oldest and experienced companies in this LLC formation industry.

They are highly qualified for forming your business entity.

It is quite difficult for us to recommend it as it has some disadvantages.

So, in the end, it will be your choice whether you want to use their services or go for something that offers you more advantages than

Of course, there are better options available in the market which offer high value in terms of services, turnaround times, and advanced features.

Plus, their competitors also got a delighted customer base and lots of positive feedback for their services.

This review hopefully helped you to determine if this is the one for you or not.

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