InCorp Review 2021:- Are they Good to use? ( Pros, Cons)

Many people out there are willing to start their own business and establish their reputation in the market.

But for this, you need to start a business by registering it with the state government.

Without the formation or registration, your business won't be legitimate, and customers won't trust you.

Several LLC formation companies in the market offer excellent LLC formation packages at affordable prices and many features.

And in this InCorp review article, we will discuss one of those companies, InCorp, which has been providing LLC formation services for the past few years and are offering various services since they have entered the market.

About InCorp

Founded 20 years ago, InCorp has been a part of this LLC industry, offering various services to many customers. It offers best registered agent services in all 50 states, including PR, DC, and the USVI.

They boast about having the capabilities of beating other companies in terms of the price by offering similar packages and services.

Let's study a little more about how much and what InCorp has to offer to its customers.


So many competitors are offering different packages for different price ranges.

But InCorp doesn't have faith in rendering different kinds of packages as per different rates.

They have a basic package with the price of $117 ($99 for services + $18 for shipping) across the nation for every LLC formation.

LLC Formation Service = $117 ($99 + Shipping)

It is the basic LLC formation package offered by InCorp, which includes a variety of features such as,

Preparing & Filing your Articles of Organisation:

The Articles of Organization are the most important documents for every LLC because they need to be filed with the state to officially register your new company.

InCorp drafts this document for you and files the same with the state government to complete the formation procedure and legally register your organization.

Name Availability Search:

When you are going to form a new LLC, you might have some name of a choice to give it.

But it's not compulsory that your desired name is available and not yet registered with the state government by anybody else.

So InCorp does some search in the state's official business databases to ensure that the name you are looking for is available or not for you to claim it.

Domestic 2-day shipping:

In case you are looking forward to your package to receive earlier, you can upgrade to their overnight shipping service by paying an extra $6.

Pros and Cons

  • Great Customer Support:

    Happy clients can be created by also clearing all their doubts and answering all their questions.

    InCorp's customer care service center has very qualified and supportive agents that work long hours to attend to many clients as much as possible in a day.

    The plus point is they have bilingual representatives if you want to speak in any other language except English.
  • Reasonable Rates:

    Prices offered by InCorp are very competitive in terms of pocket-friendly rates among the best LLC formation companies in the industry as they are offering both the LLC formation services and the services of the registered agent at a very reasonable price.
  • Experienced Registered Agent Service:

    Currently, InCorp has served about 2.5 million+ clients and are strongly willing to serve a lot more.

    This quantity justifies how experienced they are in availing good quality services of clients coming from different industries.
  • Reliable Security Measures:

    When a company gives you the document to complete the legal formalities, you must keep it safe and secure.

    InCorp has a high data security system to keep the data given by any LLC formed through them.

    The registered agent keeps your legal documents safe through encryption, malware scan, and website identities verification.

    Also, they have another exclusive feature in which a monitor identifies the possibility of threat or any theft of documents or information.
  • Inefficient Website:

    After researching a lot, we figured out that the company's official website's information is outdated.

    Many frequently asked questions are not convincing and might confuse the audience and leave them unanswered.
  • Mixed Customer Reviews:

    InCorp has customer reviews in mixed proportions. They have received both positive and negative reviews from their clients.

    The negative ones are mostly for the difficulties they faced in canceling the ordered package from the company.

Features and Services

Name Availability Searches

Before you start your business, you must have a name for it with which your company gets an identity in the market.

InCorp does the whole research work and ensures that the name you wish to keep is available or used by someone else by going thoroughly into the state's business databases.

Preparation and filing articles for your business

A business's articles are the mandatory documents to be drafted and submitted to the state government.

InCorp helps you with the drafting and filing of these articles of organization in your respective state to complete your company's registration process.

Domestic two-day shipping

Sometimes there comes a situation when you urgently need your package and complete the registration process and start your LLC.

For that situation, InCorp offers you 2-day shipping through which you can easily upgrade your shipping by paying an extra $6.

Registered Agent Service

A Registered Agent is a person who collects the document after the state completes all the formalities and forwards them to you.

And for the state government, a registered agent is the most reliable person they can trust when they wish to know something about your business.

InCorp offers this service at a low price compared to the other companies charging a high rate.

Every year, you have to pay the fee for a registered agent in advance to get a more discounted rate. Let's see how the volume discounts rendered by the company affects your bottom line:

1 Year: $99/year
2 Years: $89.10/year
3 Years: $80.52/year
4 Years: $73.06/year
5+ Years: $66.56/year

LLC Kit and Seal

The kit has a decorative seal and a customized binder for finding all your documents and some stock certificates to mark your LLC business ownership.

Certificates for Good Standing

This certificate states that your LLC business is on good terms with the state. It becomes beneficial for several institutions for obtaining information like loan requests, Bank transactions, partnership deals, etc.

"LLC for Dummies" Book

It is excellent to mention it as an asset rather than a service.

InCorp also attaches a very great book for a business and an Ultimate guide to understand the ideal structure and various other aspects like tips to get success, how your LLC cycle should go, and the best way to form and run a company.

Federal Tax ID

This ID acts as a security number for your business. It helps you in hiring employees, opening business bank accounts, filing your taxes, etc.

Prepare IRS Form

The Federal Tax ID is vital for many businesses that are newly registering with the state.

To obtain that, you have to file an IRS form SS-4. InCorp can help you with this by charging a minimal fee and saves your time and effort.

Mail Forwarding

Here comes one of the most functional features or activities that a company usually does every day. Many registered agents only receive and forward government-related documents.

Still, InCorp offers a service where they receive all kinds of documents and emails on your company's behalf and forwards the same to you.

Manage Annual Report Service

An Annual report is mandatory to file by every LLC in the state, and it is hard to keep track of every document and its filing and submission dates.

InCorp continually keeps track of all the documents filed with the state government and submitted them on the date scheduled.

It is a must-have service as it keeps you away from the hassle of remembering dates and completing all the compliance with the state government without any errors and mistakes.

License Research Service

In this service, all the registration forms necessary to obtain a license for your business are combined, filled, and submitted for your business and at an additional fee.

Customer Reviews

Review sources and their rating

  • Google (88 reviews) 4.1/5 stars
  • Facebook (35 reviews) 2.9/5 stars

  • Better Business Bureau (43 reviews) 3.3/5 stars

We have found 166 reviews for InCorp on the internet. The central part of these reviews is positive, making it clear that InCorp is famous in America.

In the incorp reviews, the clients discuss the pleasant services provided by InCorp and the support they received from the customer care representative whenever they feel stuck, get confused regarding some compliance, or anything else related to their business.

Customer feedback signifies that the company is top-rated and preferable when it comes to your LLC formation.

But some customers aren't delighted with the quality of the service, so they have given a mid-ranking score, which is acceptable at some point as it is not possible to satisfy all the customers till the date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does InCorp offer any discounts?

Yes. InCorp offers many commendable discounts if you have purchased their registered agent service and are willing to pay in advance for upcoming years.

Does InCorp have good Customer Support?

Absolutely yes. InCorp has an excellent customer support system. They don't outsource their customers to a mostly occupied call center.

Instead of this, you can directly call their Las Vegas Office and get your questions answered by an expert and a professional agent from 9 am to 9 pm on weekdays.

Do They Have a Refund Policy?

Yes. InCorp has a money-back policy where you have to request your refund within 60 days of your purchase, and they will initiate it after deducting $29 as cancellation fees.

Does InCorp Handle State-Specific Requirements Like New York Publication and Alabama Name Reservation?

We didn't find the answer to this particular question, so we contacted their customer support center and found that they offer assistance with some state-specific compliance for LLC formation, including publication requirements, name reservation, and more.

They face a lot of competition in the market, but they hold the advantage of offering the New York publication requirements, which is useful for every new LLC.

Does InCorp share my information with third parties?

There are many competitors of InCorp that share your private information with other institutions, generally in the form of "Free Extras" or "Bonus Features."

But InCorp doesn't do any such thing. They keep all your data safe and handle the complete process in-house and never trick you into sharing your info with third-party partners. 


InCorp is an ecstatic LLC Provider Company that has served a customer base of more than two million.

They have been in this industry for 20 years and have received stable and positive customer responses for their services at very impressive price packages.

It is a company that balances between competitive price range, quality of services, registered agent service, and satisfied customer reviews.

If you still have any doubts, you can always look up alternatives available in the market and compete with InCorp.

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