IncFile Review 2021:- is it Really a Good Service? ( Pros, Cons)

When you are new to a market, you might get distracted by selecting what kind of business you should choose to start your own.

It is the first decision or steps you make in the journey of your Business World. So it has to be right and lead towards a healthy Business life.

But what comes next after deciding the field, the formation, and registration of your business with the state government.

Registration of an LLC makes it legitimate, and also, the reliability increases among customers.

For completing the registration process, you might be needing some assistance from the companies that have been doing this job for years.

In this IncFile review article, we will discover the most popular companies in this industry, IncFile.

They have served thousands of clients to date, and the fantastic thing is that all the customers are well satisfied with their services.

About IncFile

In 2004, IncFile captured the market and helped around 2.5 million+ businesses in their formation and operation processes.

IncFile is one of the most promising LLC formation companies offering several services other than the LLC formation and registration.

To not only for formation in the process, but you can also rely on IncFe for other services such as completing the name availability check and many others in the list that you will discover in this article.


IncFile packages

There are two kinds of situations when you register your company: First is going the DIY route, spending thousands of dollars on hiring an attorney who can complete all the drafting, submitted, and processing jobs under the state government's guidance.

The second includes a great value package that has lots of features and is economical in terms offered by many LLC formation companies, which you can choose and see your formation process getting done efficiently.
The right value package attracts a lot of customers to your business.

IncFile has three different packages for the LLC formation. You can go with either of them which suits you best.

A few months back, they were charging $49 plus state fees for their basic package, but now, with their latest discounted rate, that package is available for free.

Check out all the three pricing packages and get your ideal one:

  • Silver: $0 + State Fees
  • Gold: $149 + State fees
  • Platinum: $299 + State fees

Silver = $0 (plus State Fee)

This silver package is the standard and the basic one offered by IncFile.

They don't charge any fees for the services provided, but you have to pay the compulsory state fees to complete your registration process.

Following are the features included in this package are:

Preparing & Filing your Articles of Organisation:

IncFile drafted all the organization's mandatory articles and filed them on your behalf with the state to register your business officially with them.

Name Availability Searches:

When you have a name in your mind during the registration process, IncFile does the searching job and checks the state's business database.

They try to determine whether the name you desire to keep is available or taken by any other company.

One of the most influential people who play a significant role in forming your LLC is the registered agent.

A Registered agent files all the crucial documents on your behalf and forwards them back after getting approved by the state government.

IncFile offers this service free of cost for the first year of your subscription, and later on, they charge $119 per year, which is affordable for everyone.

Customer Support:

The expert agents from IncFile Customer support center are always available to resolve your questions and queries in two different modes; Email & Phone call.

You can write an email to them, and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you want to call them, you can talk to their support representatives available from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays.

Business Tax Consultation:

IncFile offers a 30 minutes consultation session with an expert and certified tax professional.

Any questions you have in your mind, like rules and regulations that your business should follow or will have to face in the future, will be cleared by them.

Order Tracking:

IncFile lets you keep a real-time update and track your order's live location through an order tracking tool on their website.

Lifetime Company Alerts:

Once you register with IncFile, you will be receiving email notifications for a lifetime for upcoming deadlines to submit documents like Business licenses, annual reports, etc.

Online Document Access:

When all the filed documents come back from the state, IncFile uploads them on your online client dashboard and makes them available for your viewing and downloading for further usage.

Gold = $149 (plus State Fee)

You might have heard that you can only get either gold or silver. But in this IncFile package, you can get both of them together.

This Gold package contains everything that you are getting in the silver package. It would help if you read more:

The services included under the package are

Employer Identification Number (EIN):

An EIN is mandatory for every business to have. It acts as a social security number for your company, and with the help of this number, you can file business taxes, hire employees, open a business bank account, etc.

When you do it yourself, you have to obtain it from the IRS, but IncFile does this job for you and saves your time and efforts.

Customer Operating Agreement:

It is a document that defines your business's ownership structure along with the ground rules in which the company will operate. IncFile also drafts this customized document for your company.

Banking Resolution:

It is a document that is also drafted by IncFile to help you in opening a business bank account, but in case if you already obtained the EIN, then you won't be needing it at all.

Express Shipping:

IncFile will send you a hard copy of the articles of organization filed by them with the state government using the express shipping method, which usually takes 1-3 business days in delivery, and a tracking number.

Gold Business Formation Kit:

It is a box that has your company's name on it and contains a transfer ledger and document organizing tabs inside.

S-Corporation Tax from Preparation:

This feature is usually don't utilized by many LLCs in the industry. Still, if you want to have your business taxed like an S-Corporation, then IncFile will help you prepare and file the relevant forms with the IRS.

Platinum = $299 (plus State Fee)

Platinum is famous for being The most incredible and expensive package in the market. IncFile has given this package the right name as it contains everything from the gold and silver package and has something for the customers in extra.

Let's See:

Expedited Document Filing:

This feature's availability depends on the situation where the state of formation is offering the expected services.

If available, then Incfile will go for that option, and you can get your package in a couple of days where you are getting it in several weeks.

Samples Document Library:

In this Library, you can get access to IncFile's legal contract templates, which are more than 25 business forms and documents drafted by an attorney and customizable as per your needs.

Business Website & Domain Name:

IncFile has a partnership with the web development service called SnapWeb. They will get you a professionally designed essential website with the pre-design template with the help of that.

If you leverage this feature, you still have to pay $20 a home month as a hosting fee, and the service of a free domain will only be available if you sign up for their annual subscription plan.

Pros and Cons

Any service provider will have its advantages as well as disadvantages. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of IncFile.

  • IncFile what is the LLP formation basic pack in free of cost, but you have to pay state fees, but it is quite ok when you are getting all the services without paying a single penny.

    This plan makes the company's services more impressive as one of the industry's well-known companies, LegalZoom charging $99 + State fee for the same set of services.
  • The company has earned vast experience of 15 years in this industry and has served over 2.5 million-plus businesses in their formation and operation processes since 2004.
  • It doesn't matter what prices IncFile is offering. The center of attraction is that they are offering a registered agent's services for the first year of your purchase. It is a mandatory service that every new LLC must-have.
  • Choose IncFile for the formation and registration of your LLC.

    They will offer you a lifetime company alert through which you will receive emails about the upcoming deadlines for business licenses, annual reports, statements of information, and more.

    This feature helps you work stress-free and keeps you away from the hassle of remembering all the important dates.
  • IncFile has an excellent customer track record. They have maintained higher average rating scores and thousands of reviews(15,000+) worldwide, and most of them are positive and from happy customers.
  • They do provide good customer care services to all their clients.

    The support center representatives are expert, experienced, and knowledgeable in their jobs.

    Whenever clients ask for help, they will always solve their issues and queries via a phone call and email support.
  • In the past few years, the customer support provided by IncFile has been gloomy a bit. But it does not happen inconsistently. They have improved their responsiveness in 2020, but occasionally, customers have to wait for 24 + hours to reply from the company, which was quite common in this industry.

Features and Services

Name Availability Searches

Start an LLC you need a name for and then claim it with the state government. You have to check through their databases and figure out that the desired name is available or taken by someone else.

IncFile helps you find whether your name has been registered with the state before by someone and if not, then they'll get you the name registered.

Registered Agent Services

Registered agent service is one of the essential services in the process of LLC formation in America.

IncFile copper uses Services free of cost for the first year of your purchase, and after that, you have to pay $119 to avail of this service.

And in this service, a registered agent forwards necessary paperwork and notice from the state for your company.

According to the state government, he is the most reliable person they can contact regarding your business queries.

Federal Tax Identification (EIN)

The Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a social security number for your LLC business.

The nine-digit number helps businesses do several kinds of activities such as filing taxes, hiring employees, opening a business bank account, etc. The IRS provides the EIN.

Operating Agreement

It is an agreement that defines the ownership structures of your business. It also helps in framing the rules and regulations for LLC. In this feature, you can create a template for your customizable operating agreement.

Banking Resolution

It is a document that authorizes the LLC business to open a bank business account and designates the account holders.

You can use the EIN to open this Bank business account. Nevertheless, it is not a compulsion for solopreneurs.

Gold Business Formation Kit

In this formation kit, you will get the name of your LLC business engraved on it and a transfer ledger, embossing seal, and sample documents along with the kit.

Tax Form Preparation

If you opt for having an S Corporation, then IncFile also provides the preparation and filing of mandatory documents with the state government.

It is only applicable to some LLCs who wish to elect themselves as an S Corporation with the IRS.

Business Website and Domain

IncFile has a link with the web development services known as SnapWeb, through which you can get your website design and customize the templates.

And after some additional payment, you can also get the services of site hosting by SnapWeb. Plus, you get a free domain name afterward.

Order Tracking

When a Customer places an order, they want to keep updated themselves with its real-time location.

IncFile has a real-time order tracking tool on its website, which gives you your package's current location.

It is one of the efficient tools that IncFile is offering to its customers.

Business Tax Consultation

After you get your LLC registered with IncFile, you get to select a free 30 minutes business tax consultation from a highly qualified professional.

In this business tax consultation session, you can ask your queries regarding LLC tax rules and regulations applicable to your LLC.

The well-trained professionals provide you with the most convincing answer and resolve all your doubts that you have. 

Customer Reviews

Review sources and their rating

  • Shopper Approved (10,000+ reviews) 4.8/5 stars
  • (13,000+ reviews) 4.8/5 stars

  • Trustpilot (50+ reviews) 4.2/5 stars

  • Better Business Bureau (100+ reviews) 4.6/5 stars

Founded back in the year 2004, IncFile has gained a lot of experience in the LLC formation industry. They have served around 2.5 million businesses and their formation and registration processes.

As the company has been in the market for the last 15 years, it is easy for us to find the customer's feedback and responses who have availed their services and are now very much satisfied.

After thorough research, we find out that the next period they have given to their customer is 80:20.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is IncFile A Free LLC Formation Service?

Absolutely Yes. IncFile is offering the LLC formation services for free of cost.

Initially, they were charging $49 for the basic package, but they offered the basic package for the LLC formation services for free when they introduced their updated and refined system.

Customers only have to pay the state filing fees, which is reasonable. The Basic package has some impressive features like lifetime company alerts, registered agent service, everyday business processing tasks, and more.

Is IncFile Legit?

IncFile has been in business since 2004. Over the years, they have helped around 2.5 million+ companies in their formation and operations.

Undoubtedly, they have an excellent customer base who are impressed with their prices and services.

They have served more than 15,000 reviews worldwide, and almost 90% of them are positive and from contented customers.

Clients love their free LLC formation package and the general ease-of-use provided by the company.

Does IncFile Offer Any Discounts?

What could be the most generous discount than getting the whole LLC formation package free of cost from IncFile?

Does IncFile Have Good Customer Support?

Mostly, IncFile has offered excellent customer care services to all its clients. Their customer care representatives are highly knowledgeable, humble, and helpful with everyone.

You have to establish contact with them, and they will answer all your questions and clear all your doubts through an email or a phone call.

But sometimes, they take a little longer responding to you, but that's quite alright.

Do They Have a Refund Policy?

Yes, they have a refund policy for their LLC formation packages. Many competitors offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and zero cancellation fees.

Still, IncFile charges $30 cancellation fees and will initiate your refund if you request before they submit your documents and the state's payment, usually within 24 hours of placement of an order.

Does IncFile Handle New York Publication Requirements?

After contacting their customer support directly via phone, we know that they don't handle any publication requirements.

However, they offer help with the name reservation requirements because it is an essential part of the LLC formation process.

Does IncFile Share My Information With Third Parties?

IncFile does have some 'special offers' listed on their website, and they may share your personal information with third-party partners.

For instance, if they have an offer to open a business bank account for LLC, they might share your info with Bank of America.

But here is the plus point, if you don't want your information to go out with any other party, you can ask them to opt-out of the special offer from your package, and your data will be safe and secured with the company only.

Does IncFile highly display their upsells?

As compared to LegalZoom, IncFile prefers to keep their upsells on a low profile.

Other companies showcase their add-on features by displaying the upsells, and it might bother you, but IncFile doesn't do that and keeps it steady and straightforward for you.

Other Than LLC Formation, What Else Can IncFile Do?

IncFile offers LLC formation and registration services, but they also offer many additional services like foreign qualifications, annual reports, registered agent services, amendments, and dissolutions.

They also offer Doing Business As (DBA) names, business licensing, Certificate of Good Standing, trademark services, handling IRS filings like EIN acquisition, business tax assistance, cooperation task selection, and much more.


So after this long article, you might have got the idea about what IncFile is and how efficient services they offer to all their clients.

With an experience of 15 + years, they are standing motivated in this industry and looking ahead in solving more business than they have served till the date.

Before opting for a company, you must do your homework, and in our recommendation, IncFile is a great choice.

They have a high ratio of advantages over disadvantages.

They have LLC formation packages ranging from $0 to $299, which is quite affordable than other companies' prices in the market.

Hopefully, this IncFile review article helped you figure out if IncFile is worth spending your time and money on to move forward with your LLC formation.

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