Inc Authority Review 2021:- Is It a Reliable Service? ( Pros, Cons)

In the current market scenario, we have so many companies who offer various services to their customers.

But when you are about to start your business, you need some help or assistance from some experts who have lots of knowledge in this field and can guide you in a better way.

Registration of a company is mandatory to make it legal, reliable, and trustworthy for the public.

There are so many companies in the market who are offering LLC formation services to the people.

We bring you the complete review of one of those companies, Inc Authority, which is also offering the same set of services for your LLC firm's registration.

This Inc Authority review article will provide you with detailed information about its features and packages offered by Inc Authority.

We will give you a perspective to judge whether this company is suitable for you or not?

About Inc Authority

Established in the year 1989, Inc Authority has formed 1.3 million+ businesses since then.

They boast about their free of cost package for the formation of your LLC and in the market.

You can only find two to three companies offering LLC formation services for free of cost, and Inc Authority is one of them.

When you are getting the whole LLC service package free, then it might not be a problem for you to pay for the state fees, which is quite reasonable.

Moreover, you also get a registered agent's services without any additional payment for the first year of your purchase from the company.

The company's price is not only the single factor that impresses the customers, but they also have an awe-inspiring customer response in thousands of numbers.

The reviews are from delighted customers and are nearly average ratings available on the internet. Let's find out in detail what they have to offer:


Inc Authority packages

The price and the package are the essential things that the customers search for when they look for a company.

Many competitors are offering different packages for different price ranges.

Here are the price and packages that Inc Authority is offering for LLC formation packages:

Free = $0 + State Fee

LLC formation is free, and here's what you get in their standard formation package:

Name Availability Search:

As a business owner, you need to give your business a unique name to be recognized by everyone.

Inc Authority will dig for your desired name into the state government's website to check that the name that you want to give your business is available or taken by someone.

Preparation and Filing of Articles of Organization:

The Articles of Organization is the most crucial document. The Inc authority helps you draft your LLC formation documents and submit them with the state to register your business entity officially.

One Year Registered Agent Service:

A Registered Agent is a person your state government relies on the most regarding your business information. He does the job of collecting and forwarding the necessary paperwork from the state government to you.

Many companies charge extra fees for availing a registered agent's services, but Inc Authority offers this service for the 1st year of your purchase without charging anything from you.

After the completion of one year, you can continue with this by paying $99 per year.

S Corporation Tax Election Form:

If you opt for turning your organization into S Corporation for taxation, they will help you prepare and file the company's essential documents.

And besides, Inc Authority offers 3 Third-party partnership with their baseline formation packages:

1. Tax Planning Consultation (offered through an unnamed third-party vendor)
2. Business Checking Account (offered through Bank of America)
3. Business Funding Analysis (offered through an unnamed third-party vendor)

Starter = $399 + State Fee

This Starter package includes all the features from the Free LLC Formation packages. And you also get something extra with this package.

LLC Operating Agreement:

An Operating Agreement is a document that outlines the various essential aspects of the operations of the business. Inc Authority will draft this document and assist you with it afterward also.

Record Book and Company Seal: 

It is a mostly symbolic feature that lets you bind all your business documents. The seal is an instrument that helps you authorize and authenticate the documents you have drafted before.

Ownership Certificates:

Inc Authority will issue you a certificate of membership for all the partners you have for your LLC. 

Federal Tax ID Number (EIN):

The EIN acts as a security number for your LLC business entity. It helps you file taxes, hire employees, and open a business bank account for your business. Inc Authority does the job of acquiring this number from the IRS.

One Year Inc Protection Advisor:

Inc Authority also offers customer support for some advanced issues like business licensing, payroll, lawsuits, audits, banking, etc. 

Executive = $499 + State Fee

This Executive package comprises all the starter package features, but you also got something extra in this package.

Business License Report:

With this Executive package, customers receive full-time access to Inka Thora tees business licensing software, which filters the licenses and permits that your business has to accomplish based on your business's nature and location. 

Website Domain

Tycoon = $799 + State Fee

In this package, you will receive all of the features from the Executive plan, and

Also, you get:

Express Processing:

Inc Authority will process your order as soon as possible.

BizCredit Express:

It is the suite of software tools that supports you in creating the business credits. It comprises of the following resources:

Business Credit Coach:

You get the one on one business credit coaching sessions for 90 days.

Multi-Tiered Credit Building System:

These features help you in building up the credit score for your business.

Business Credit LaunchPad:

It is a step-by-step business program through which each individual becomes a part of the business credit development process.

Dun and Bradstreet Credit Bureau Registration.

Pros and Cons

  • In this LLC formation industry, only two companies offer the LLC formation services free of cost, advantageous.

  • Their free package also includes a registered agent's services for the first year of the customer's purchase.

    And not only in the free one, but their every business formation package consists of a registered agent's service without charging extra money from you.
  • Customer reviews are the primary and prime sources that let you know about the quality of service a company provides.

    Inc Authority is very lucky in this criteria as they have over 3000 reviews available online, and almost all of them are positive and from happy and contented customers.
  • There is nobody out there who doesn't like discounts, offers, or coupons on their purchase. Inc Authority usually offers a 20% off coupon to their customers.
  • The Premium package offered by the Inc Authority is quite expensive, with a price of $399.

    It is quite affordable when hiring a lawyer or an attorney to complete the formation procedure for LC. Still, when compared to the other companies, it is costly.

  • The major drawback that we found in the Inc Authority services is that they don't offer or allow any refund in any given circumstances.

    If you want a refund, you can go for any other company offering a refund on cancellation.

Features and Services

Name Availability Searches

When you start your business, the first thing you do is the formation, but what is the next thing.

The next thing is to give it a name for its registration and recognition for the public and the government.

Inc Authority helps you in the research work and find out that your desirable name is available or taken in the State's Business Database.

Preparation and filing articles for your business

The Articles of business are those required documents to be drafted and then filed with the state government.

Inc Authority helps you draft and submit these business articles with their respective state government to complete the formation procedure.

Free Business Formation for Businesses & S Corporation

Inc Authority offers free business formation packages for LLC businesses and S corporations. customers also get different features

In this package and the One-year Registered agent subscription and after that, they can pay $99 every year to continue with the service.

A registered agent is a person whom the state Trusts the most regarding your business inquiry, and he is the one who collects the vital paperwork and forwards them to you afterward.

Inc Authority offers this service free of cost for the first year of your purchase from the company, and after that, you can pay $99 and obtain this service in the upcoming years.

Bank of America Partnership

When you have a newly formed business, you need to open up a business bank account, but there will always be a question, which bank is excellent at providing business Bank services.

Inc Authority has a partnership with Bank of America, which offers you some special incentives and percentile services like extra cashback for business, accepting credit card payment on lower processing fees.

It also offers to earn interest on your checking accounts, reward points for travel and other business expenses, and online and mobile money management on the go.

Great Customer Support

Dressmaking customers and sending them the packages isn't good enough. It would be best if you offered them support when they have some questions or queries to ask.

Luckily, Inc Authority got a commendable support system where they've allotted a generous, humble, and supportive team. The team members are available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

You can contact them in three modes; phone call, webchat, and email. You can use either option which is more suitable for you.

Federal Tax ID

The EIN is like a security number for your business entity. With this number, you can easily file your taxes, hire employees, open up a business bank account, and perform any other functions for your business's smooth and efficient running.

Customer Reviews

Review sources and their rating

  • Trustpilot (3,460 reviews) 4.8/5 stars
  • Google (508 reviews) 4.7/5 stars

Inc Authority was in the market in 1989, and to date, they have served around millions of customers, and the primary group of customers is satisfied with their services.

Undoubtedly they have earned the trust and hearts of a significant quantity of customers and have received plenty of online reviews.

Before going for any company or any service, our humble advice is to study its customer reviews.

Generally, the clients served to the date are quite impressed by their CLC formation package and their services' efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Inc Authority offer any discount?

As far as our concern, we don't know about any promo codes, sales, discounts, or any Inc Authority coupons.

Although they do offer the LLC formation services free of cost, then why look for a discount.

Does Inc Authority have Good customer support?

The customer support offered by Inc Authority is very commendable. You can contact their customer support department through email, phone call, or webchat.

You will receive the company's response on time, and representatives that you will be encountering with our very knowledgeable, friendly, calm, and professional.

They are available for the time limit of 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays.

Is Inc Authority Legit?

Inc Authority has established their business form in the year 89, and they have formed around 1.3 million+ business entities till the date.

With the excellent quality of services and efficient customer support, they have received thousands of customer reviews all over the internet. Almost all of them are positive, which concludes that it is a pleasant and reliable company to opt for your LLC formation.

Do They Have a Refund Policy?

Inc Authority does not offer any refunds in any given circumstances. Let's have a look at what they have to say about the refunds, "All sales are final due to the hard cost incurred with the filing of entities with your selected state."

Does Inc Authority Handle State-Specific Requirements?

They offer the service of preserving your business name in Alabama, but the publication services for the state-specific requirement aren't available.

In case you are forming your business in one of the states like New York, you have to take care of the publication requirement on your own.

Does Inc Authority Have Upsells?

They have some upsells at the end of their service order form for the LIC formation.

Yet, it doesn't bother customers at that particular level as they are offering the complete service for free, so it is alright if they want to make some money by showcasing upsells.


Inc Authority has been in this LLC formation industry since 1989.

They have helped form more than 1.3 million businesses and are looking forward to serving a lot more.

It has earned plenty of positive reviews worldwide from their satisfied customers who boast about their free package and impressive customer support from their customer care team.

Moreover, Inc Authority is one of the two companies offering free LLC formation services.

If you like the features offered in their LLC formation packages, you can go for it.

And lastly, they have user-friendly customer support who tries to get back to you as soon as possible they receive your query.

If this Inc Authority review convinces you, move forward with hope and trust for the best service.

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