Harbor Compliance LLC Services Review 2021:- ( Pros, Cons) {Updated}

Many people want to start their business and achieve success in their life.

Some people choose to take help, and others go with the DIY route.

With the help of assistance, all the formalities and legal procedures are taken care of very well.

But in the DIY way, you have to face so many difficulties, and due to less knowledge, you may make some mistakes that are not acceptable in the legal formalities.

Many companies offer the best LLC formation service in a special package at an affordable price that you can select, sit back, and see your LLC formation process.

In this Harbor Compliance review, we discuss Harbor Compliance LLC services, a part of LLC formation services since 2012.

Let’s discover what they have to offer to their customers.

About Harbor Compliance Services

The very popular LLC formation services Harbor Compliance was founded in 2012, and since then, they are serving the LLC formation to many new companies.

Since the date they have established their entity, they have already helped around 10,000 customers in such a lesser period.

In this current scenario, there are so many firms offering LLC services. Still, Harbor Compliance dares to manage a suitable place for themselves in the US LLC service industry.

Harbor Compliance Services Packages 

Harbor Compliance LLC services has only two packages for the LLC formation.

The first one is the formation, and the other one is Compliance. Customers can pick either of them and start their LLC formation process.

Let’s go a little deep to know about both packages and the features they carry:

$399 + State Fee$799 + State Fee
Harbor Compliance packages

Formation = $399 + State Fee

1. Filing your Articles of Organization:

The articles of associations are the form that you need to submit with the state to form your LLC officially. Harbor Compliance files these documents on behalf of you and files the same with the state.

2. Name Availability Searches:

Before going with the procedure, we have a name that we want to keep for our company.

Harbor Compliance will help you in finding that the name you want to keep is available in the State’s Business Database base or not.

3. One Year Registered Agent Service:

Every LLC form in American is a designated registered agent who is the most reliable person in the state’s eye.

He collects all the essential paperwork deliveries from the state and forwards them to you afterward.

The State government relies on him regarding your business, and whenever they want to know something, they will call your designated registered agent for the same.

Harbor Compliance LLC services offers this service free of cost for the first year of your purchase from the company, and later on, you’ll have only to pay $99/year.

This price is comparatively less than the other firms who are offering this service at high prices.

4. Federal Tax ID Number (EIN):

An EIN is a social security number for your business. With this number, you can file business taxes, open Business bank accounts, hire employees, and do many more things.

5. Sample Operating Agreement:

A sample operating agreement of a business States the form’s ownership structure and defines some specific operational activities guidelines.

Harbor Compliance provides you templates to create your personalized Operating Agreement per your LLC entity’s requirements.

Compliance = $799 + State Fee

In this Compliance package, you will get every feature from the Formation package, plus:

1. Managed Annual Report Service:

Harbor Compliance will take up the command of every aspect of your LLC and the annual filing documents. They remember all the important dates and keep track of it to create reports and submit them to your state.

2. Initial Report:

In some states, you need to file an initial report right after the formation of the LLC. Harbor Compliance will help you in drafting and filing the report.

3. Publishing:

The publishing requirement is the second need that a new LLC must-have.

With Harbor Compliance’s assistance, you can select state and publish the new entity’s existence and formation in your local newspaper and an affidavit provided by the state showing that you have complied with every needed regulation.

4. LLC Kit and Seal:

This LLC kit comprises a binder with your company’s name embossed upon it and a customized symbolic seal with your business’s name, the state you have established your business and the incorporation date.

5. S-Corp or C-Corp Tax Election:

There are some situations in which you would like to choose your LLC taxed like a corporation in place of a partnership.

Harbor Compliance mail draught and filed all the required forms with the IRS to convert your LLC status in the S-Corporation.

6. Ongoing Support:

There comes a situation where customers need support from some highly knowledgeable professionals. And the Formation package only provides customer support through your LLC formation process.

Pros & Cons


  1. The most significant sales factor that Harbor Compliance has is their Premium Customer service. Harbor Compliance assigns a Compliance specialist to every client to help you in every step of your LLC formation process. When you have any query you can directly email or call your specialist and get the answer immediately.
  2. Harbor Compliance is an Ultimate contender in the industry of LLC formation services. They offer various features such as state-specific compliance guidelines like publishing your LLC’s formation news in the newspaper. Many firms don’t provide these features in their LLC formation services.
  3. They also offer a free one year service of a registered agent that is compulsory for every LLC in America.
  4. Customer feedback is a dessert for Harbor Compliance one can hardly find any critical feedback for their services anywhere on the internet.


  1. The introductory price offered by Harbor Compliance is $399 + State fee is quite expensive as compared to the other LLC services, which only charge $39 or offer free basic packages. So the prices can be a significant disadvantage for Harbor Compliance.

Features & Services

1. Name Availability Searches:

If you have a name in your mind that you want to keep for your LLC, Harbor Compliance will check in the state’s business database and find whether the name you want to register an LLC with is available or claimed by someone.

2. Registered Agent Serviceslity Searches:

Registered agent service is one of the most compulsory Services.

With Harbor Compliance, this service is free of cost for the first year of your purchase from the company, and after that, you can pay $99 every year to continue with the service.

3. Federal Tax Identification (EIN):

The Employer Identification Number (EIN) acts as a social security number for your LLC business.

With the help of this 9-digit number, you can do several kinds of activities like hiring employees, opening a business bank account, and many more. The IRS obtains the EIN amber.

4. Operating Agreement

It is an agreement that mentions the ownership structures of your business. Operating Agreement helps in framing the rules and regulations for LLC.

With this feature, you can create a template for your customizable operating Agreement.

5. Tax Form Preparation

If you want to have an S Corporation, then Harbor Compliance Services also provides the preparation and filing of mandatory documents with your respective state government.

It is only suitable for some LLCs who want to convert themselves as an S Corporation with the IRS.

6. LLC Kit and Seal:

This LLC kit consists of a binder with your company’s name embossed on it and a customized symbolic seal with your business’s name, the state you have established your business, and the incorporation date.

7. Publishing:

When your newly established LLC, you need to get the formation news published with the local newspaper with an affidavit provided by the state government to comply with all the necessary regulations for the formation process.

8. Sample Operating Agreement:

A sample operating agreement is the document which states the ownership structure of the form and also defines some specific guidelines about the operational activities.

Harbor Compliance provides you with pre-designed templates to create your personalized operating Agreement per your LLC entity’s requirements.

9. Managed Annual Report Service:

Harbor Compliance will take up the full legal command of every aspect of your LLC business and submit annual filing documents.

They remember all the important dates and keep track of it and help you draft reports and submit them with your state.

Customer Reviews

Review Sources and their Rating

Google (68 reviews)Facebook (24 reviews)Better Business Bureau (29 reviews)
4.7/5 stars4.7/5 stars5.0/5 stars

Being a new company in which industry, Harbor Compliance managed to gain a lot of experience and a customer base who is happy with their services.

The scenario doesn’t matter how many customers you have served until the present date, but the customer feedback will be the only key on which your prospective customer will judge you.

Harbor Compliance has limited customer responses, but most are positive. If you want to know what customers have to say about their services better, you should read some feedback to get a broader view.


1. Is Harbor Compliance Legit?

Harbor Compliance has been a part of this LLC formation world since 2012 and has served around 25,000 businesses in their formation since then.
The responses they have received from their customers are mostly positive and define the quality of services they provide.

2. Does Harbor Compliance Services Offer Any Discounts?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any promo codes, coupons, discounts, or sales offers for Harbor Compliance’s services.

3. Does Harbor Compliance Services Have Good Customer Support?

Harbor Compliance brags about their ultimate customer support as they assign every business client with the compliance specialist who helps them at every step of the formation process.
This kind of customer support is hard to find in this industry.

4. Do They Have a Refund Policy?

Let’s hear this in their own words: “If you order services from us, you may not cancel.” Fair enough!
They will initiate your money after a deduction of 5% of service fees without asking any questions.

5. Does Harbor Compliance Services Handle New York Publication Requirements?

Harbor Compliance is the most popular and reliable LLC formation and services available on the internet, and they also provide the New York publication requirements with their LLC formation packages.
But they charge an extra amount for that, which is $325, and take care of your album on name reservation.


So after this long article, you might have gotten the idea about what Harbor Compliance LLC Services has in store and how efficiently they offer their services to all their customers.

Though they have less experience than all their other competitors, they are still trying their best to provide excellent quality services to their attending customers.

Before opting for a company, you must do your homework, and in our recommendation, Harbor Compliance LLC Services is a great choice to go with because of the features offered by them.

Plus, They have a high number of advantages over disadvantages.

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