BizFilings Review 2021:- Is It Really Worth ( Pros, Cons)

To become successful in your industry, you need to take some action steps that might lead to your dream destination.

The business world isn’t that easy, and you have to take care of everything you will have to deal with to move forward.

But all this is possible when you take up your first step that is setting up your business entity.

Setting an LLC requires the completion of so many legal formalities and registration with the respective state government.

There are so many companies who are offering these LLC formation services in a pre-design package.

You can choose your desired package and get the formation procedure completed.

In this BizFilings Review, we will talk about one of those companies, BizFilings. It has been a part of the LLC formation industry for the last two decades and served a massive quantity of customers.

We are discovering the most popular companies in this industry, BizFilings, who have served thousands of clients to date and the amazing thing is all the customers are well satisfied with their services.

About BizFilings

Established back in 1996, BizFilings has served hundreds and thousands of businesses to form and complete legal formalities since then.

Many companies offer LLC formation services in the current scenario, but BizFilings still manages to take its place in the industry.

This BizFilings LLC service review will help you understand their services. Make use of this BizFilings review to help decide if they’re the best LLC service for you.

BizFilings Packages 

There are two ways for you to move forward with registering your LLC.

The First route is the Do-It-Yourself route, spending tons of money hiring an attorney to do various works for forming your LLC.

Second is a great value package with lots of features and is economical in terms offered by many LLC formation companies.

You can choose

The right package attracts a lot of customers to your business. BizFilings is offering three packages for LLC formation service: Basic, Standard, and Complete.

Check out all the three packages and choose the right one:

$99 + State FeesPrice varies ($159 – $244) + State feesPrice varies ($199 – $434) + State fees
BizFilings packages

Basic: $99 (plus State Fee)

This basic package is the cheapest and excellent package offered by Bizfilings. It looks affordable to some extent, and you also have to pay state fees.

Features included in this package are:

1. Prep and Filing of Articles of Organization:

BizFilings drafts all the organization’s mandatory articles and files them with the state to register your business.

2. Name Availability Searches:

BizFilings does the research and checks the state’s business database if your desired LLC name is up for grabs.

3. Registered Agent Services:

Registered Agent service is one of the significant services that play a significant role in forming your LLC.

He collects all the crucial documents on your behalf and forwards them back after getting approved by the state government.

BizFilings offers this service free of cost for the first six months of your subscription, and later on, they charge $164 per year, which is optional.

4. 6 Months BizComply Tool:

This online compliance management tool is a very significant addition to this package. It helps you keep track of state-specific rules, regulations, and filings documents on respective deadlines.

It also consists of a registered agent’s services for six months, and after that, you have to pay extra to continue with the services.

Standard: Price varies ($159 – $244) plus State fees

You might have heard that The Standard package includes all the features from Basic packages.

Let’s find out what you get additionally:

1. LLC Kit and Seal:

It comes with a binder that has the name of your company embossed on it.

With that, you also receive a decorative seal for stamping documents, a membership transfer ledger, and a customizable membership certificate for the owners.

2. Sample LLC Forms:

With this package, you will get a CD with customizable templates of business documents like resolutions, operating agreements, meeting minutes and many more.

3. Expedited BizFilings Processing:

BizFilings will consider the processing of your order before processing any Basic package orders they’ve received at the same time.

In case you want to expedite your order with your state of formation, you need to pay expediting fees.

Complete: $299 (plus State Fee)

BizFilings has given this package the right name as it contains everything from the Basic and Standard package and has something for the customers in extra.

Let’s see what else it includes:

1. Federal Tax ID Number (EIN):

This EIN acts like a Social Security Number for your LLC. You need this EIN to open a business bank account, hire employees, and more. BizFilings will get this number for you from the IRS.

2. “Now That You’re Formed” Compliance DVD:

It consists of a video instruction manual to help you form and move forward with your business.

3. Certified Copy of Your Documents with Overnight Shipping:

BizFilings will obtain a certified copy of your articles of organization from your respective state after filing, then forward the same to you overnight.

4. State-Specific Features:

This package may include some additional features depending on your state.

For instance, If you are forming the LLC Business in the state of Washington, the Complete package includes an initial report, a certified copy of your filed formation papers, and a state tax ID form.

Pros & Cons


  1. Bizfilings offer you the creation of an initial report and publication requirement for the state level compliances. Mostly this service is not provided by every LLC formation company out there in the market.
  2. Whichever package offered by the BizFilings selected by you always comes with the subscription of a Registered Agent for six months.
  3. Their Business Owner’s Toolkit is one of the most extensive resources included in the LLC formation package, which helps in the formation process and taxation guides, compliance tips, and so much more. It is a rare set of services that other companies don’t provide in general.
  4. Even if you are not a customer of the company, you can still get complimentary business name availability checks.


  1. The prices offered by BizFilings are relatively high than other competitors, plus they don’t have enough features in their package to make it more justifiable.
  2. Every feature mentioned is not clearly explained. For example, BizFillings offers “Expedited Processing Service” in their LLC formation packages, but when you read the final receipt, you’ll get that this does not expedite your order with the state.

Features & Services

1. Name Availability Searches:

To form an LLC, you need a name to move forward. It would help if you claimed it with the state government.

To do so, you have to check their databases and figure out if your desired name is available or taken by someone else. BizFilings helps you find whether your name already exists or not.

2. Registered Agent Services:

It is one of the essential services in LLC formation in America.

BizFilings offers the Services of Registered Agent for the first six months free of cost, and after that, you have to pay $164.

A Registered Agent deals with your LLC’s paperwork and notices from the state on your behalf.

According to the state government, a Registered Agent is the most reliable person to contact to know business details.

3. Federal Tax Identification (EIN)

An EIN is a social security number for your LLC business.

It is a 9-digit number that will help your businesses do several activities such as filing taxes, opening a business bank account, etc. The IRS obtains the EIN amber.

4. Preparing & Filing your Articles of Organization

BizFilings helps in drafting all the mandatory articles of organization and file them with the state to register your business officially with them.

5. 6 Months BizComply Tool

BizComply toll is an online compliance management tool to help you keep track of state-specific rules, regulations, and filings documents on respective deadlines.

It also consists of a registered agent’s services for six months, and after that, you have to pay $164 to continue with the services.

6. Certified Copy of Your Documents with Overnight Shipping

BizFiling will get a certified copy of your articles of organization from your state after filing, then forward the same to you overnight.

7. LLC Kit and Seal:

This kit comprises a decorative binder and a customized seal, which have the name of your company embossed on it.

Customer Reviews

Review Sources and their Rating

FitSmallBusiness (2 reviewsBetter Business Bureau (1 review)
3.5/5 stars1.0/5 stars

We can only find a total of three customer reviews for BizFilings.

They claim to serve around lacs of customers, but it didn’t appear that the customers are well satisfied with their services and that’s why I haven’t given any reviews about it.

It is hard to believe that the quality of services that they are boasting about on their website is not worth reviewing by their customers.


Is BizFilings Legit?

BizFilings, founded in 1996, and over the years, they have helped around five million+ companies in their formation and operations.

And the surprise here is that they have a high quantity of customers, and still they don’t have any customer fan base who would review their services and provide a clear picture to the prospective buyers.

Does BizFilings Offer Any Discounts?

No, they don’t offer any discounts, offers, promos, or coupons for their customers.

Does BizFilings Have Good Customer Support?

They certainly have good customer support. You can approach them from 9 am to 8 pm from Monday through Friday through phone, email, or webchat.

Their customer representative experts are always a call away and can solve a wide variety of problems.

Do They Have a Refund Policy?

They do have a refund policy. If you cancel your LLC Formation order before they do your preliminary name check, they’ll initiate your refund from a purchase price-cutting an amount of a $50 processing fee.

If you cancel after that, it’s $75.

Does BizFilings Handle New York Publication Requirements?

BizFilings is one of the LLC formation service companies that handle state-specific requirements.

Many of them cost an extra amount. But it’s excellent BizFilings provide such useful services.

For example, they charge $100 to handle your publication requirement, not including the actual cost of newspaper advertising fees.


So after this BizFilings review article, you might have gotten an idea about what BizFilings consists of and how efficient services they offer to all their clients.

With 20+ years of experience, they stand firm and motivated in this industry.

It looks forward to serving more businesses than they have served already to date.

Before going forward with a company, you must do your homework.

Good luck with your LLC formation.

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