Active Filings Review 2021:- Is It Really the most affordable Service?

Are you new to the market and want to start over a business?

Are you also aware of some online business Formation services that are doing an impressively recommendable job in their field?

Many companies are offering the same set of services.

Now the question is which company has to offer the most excellent deal for you.

If you are looking for these varieties of services, then you’ve landed on the right page as we’re discussing one of the most affordable and famous companies in this LLC Formation Industry, Active Filings.

This company has been a part of this Online Business Formation World and has formed thousands of companies since 2001.

About Active Filings

In 2001, Active Filings entered the market, helped around 60,000+ businesses in their formation processes, and provided them with after-sale services.

Active Filings is one of the most prominent LLC formation companies in America, offering several services with the LLC formation and registration services.

You can also trust Active Filings for other services such as accomplishing legal compliance, name availability check, and many more, which you will discover in this article.

Active Filings Packages

There are two kinds of ways which usually people prefer to registering your company:

The first route is the Do-It-Yourself route, in which spending tons of money hiring an attorney to do various works for your company.

The second includes a complete value package that contains many features and is quite affordable in terms of packages offered by many LLC formation companies.

You can choose and see which package is excellent for your formation process. A great value package attracts a lot of customers to your business.

Active Filings has three packages for the LLC formation process. You can opt for either of them which suits you the best.

Check out the three packages and choose your ideal one:

The StarterThe SprinterThe Finisher
$25 + State Fees$125 + State fees$275 + State fees
Active Filings packages

Starter: $25 (plus State Fee)

This Starter package is the first, cheapest, and most affordable package with lots of features. You can find such packages from other companies but at varied prices.

Following are the features that come in this package:

1. Prep and Filing of Articles of Organization:

Active Filings drafts all the crucial articles of organization and files them with the state to register your business officially with them.

2. Name Availability Searches:

Suppose you have decided on your LLC name during the registration process. In that case, you can tell them, and the team from Active Filings does the whole digging.

They’ll check the State’s Business databases to find if the name you desire is available or already existing.

3. Registered Agent Services:

A Registered Agent is one of the most influential people who play a trustworthy and reliable entity in your LLC formation process.

He receives all the essential documents from the state on behalf of you and forwards them back to you after getting approved by the state government.

Active Filings offers this service free of cost for the first year of your packages, and after that, they charge $99 per year, which is affordable for everyone.

And the good thing is that you can cancel this service without costing you any additional charges.

4. Customer Support:

The expert agents from Active Filings Customer support center are always available and resolve your questions and queries in three ways, Email & Phone calls or webchat.

You can send an email describing your need or queries to the customer support team, and they’ll get back to you ASAP. If you want to call the support team, you can talk to reach the support representatives from Monday to Friday and their work hour timing is from 9 am to 5 pm.

5. Operating Agreement:

It is a document that contains your business’s ownership structure with the ground rules in which the company will operate. Active Filings also drafts this customized document for your company.

6. Banking Resolution:

It is a document that will be drafted by Active Filings to help you open a business bank account, but if you already obtained the EIN, you won’t be needing it at all.

7. Online Document Access:

When all your filed documents come back from the state, Active Filings uploads them on your online client dashboard to use further if you need them.

8. Ongoing Compliance Reminder

9. Initial Resolutions

The Sprinter: $125 (plus State Fee)

This Sprinter package consists of everything from the starter package, and besides, you get a few more functions that might help you and your business for a complete formation and smooth operation.

Let’s have a look:

1. Employer Identification Number (EIN):

The EIN is a 9-digit number that is mandatory for every business to acquire.

It also plays the role of a social security number for your company, and with this number, you can file business taxes, open a business bank account, etc.

When you have to obtain it on your own, you have to get it from the IRS, but Active Filings does this job and saves your time and effort.

2. S Corporation Tax from Preparation:

This feature is mostly not utilized by many LLCs. Yet, if you want to have your business taxed like an S Corporation, then Active Filings will help you prepare and file your required forms with the IRS

3. Expedite Shipping:

Active Filings will send you a hard copy of the Articles of Organization and all the legal documents filed by them with the state government using the express shipping method. It takes 1-3 business days to deliver.

4. Membership Certificates

The Finisher: $275 (plus State Fee)

Active Filings has given this package the right name as it contains everything from the Starter and Sprinter package and has something for the customers in extra.

Plus, it finishes every requirement that you have.

Let’s see:

1. Corporate Book:

In this book, you get all the necessary information about corporate compliance rules, regulations, and some ways to deal with day to day situations that you are about to face after your LLC formation.

2. Corporate Seal:

It is a seal that you need to authorize your business documents and all the vital paperwork to legalize it.

3. Active Corporate Maintenance Plan worth $100

Pros & Cons


  1. With the starting package of $25, Active Filings offers a great value that beats almost every other package available in the market. With that, you get the subscription for a full year of registered agent service with any LLC formation package.
  2. No matter if you are their customer or not, they will offer you the Services of Free Business name availability search to every person who fills up the form for the same on their website.
  3. In case you speak or understand the Spanish language, they also have an entirely Spanish Translated Website for their customers.
  4. We don’t find tons of reviews or customer feedback for Active Filings, but those we find are positive.
  5. Active Filings is in this LLC formation Industry since 2001, and they have served around 60,000+ customers. And that’s why we say that they have good experience in these services without any snags.


  1. The Finisher package offered by Active Filings doesn’t seem like a great offer.

Features & Services

1. Name Availability Searches:

To start an LLC, you need a name and then verify it with the state government.

For that, you have to check through the State’s Business Databases and figure out that the LLC name that you chose is available or taken.

Active Filings helps you search whether your desired name has been registered with the state by someone or not.

2. Registered Agent Services:

It is one of the essential services in the process of LLC formation in America.

Active Filings offers this service free of cost in the first year of your purchase with the company, and after that, you have only to pay $99 per year to get this service.

This service is vital as a registered agent collects necessary paperwork and notice from your company’s state and forward it back to you.

According to the state government, a Registered Agent is the most reliable person to contact for your business’s queries.

3. Federal Tax Identification (EIN)

EIN is a security number for your business company.

The 9-digit number helps businesses do several kinds of activities such as filing taxes, opening a business bank account, and many more. You can obtain the EIN from the IRS.

4. Operating Agreement

It is an agreement that describes the ownership structure of your LLC. It also helps in framing the rules for your LLC. This feature lets you create a unique template for your customizable operating agreement.

5. Banking Resolution

It is a document that authorizes LLC business to open a business bank account and to do so, and you can use your EIN to open it.

6. Corporation Book

It is a book where you will get to know many legal compliances, rules, regulations, procedures, important dates, and deadlines as issued by the state government.

7. Tax Form Preparation

Active Filings also provides preparing and filing your business documents with your local state government.

If your LLC wishes to elect itself as an S Corporation with the IRS, you can choose this option.

Customer Reviews

Review Sources and their Rating

Facebook (26 reviews)Better Business Bureau
4.8/5 starsA+ Rating

Founded back in 2001, Active Filings has earned a lot of experience in the LLC formation industry.

And have served around 60,000+ businesses and their formation and registration processes to date.

As it has been in the market for the last 20 years, we wonder why we didn’t find enough reviews about them.

There aren’t many Active Filings reviews on the internet, but the ones we hunted are all positive, indicating the quality of services.

Customers who reviewed their style and way of providing services look great with the effectiveness and efficiency of services, personalized assistance, and better results.


Are Active Filings Legit?

Active Filings, found in 2001, and over the years, have helped around 60,000+ companies in their formation and operations.

Unfortunately, they don’t have an excellent customer base who are impressed with their prices and services. But those who are impressed, you can find their opinion on the internet.

Clients love their Starter LLC formation package and the general ease-of-use provided by the company.

Do Active Filings Offer Any Discounts?

No, we didn’t find any discounts, coupons, offers, or scratch cards.

Do Active Filings Have Good Customer Support?

Mostly, Active Filings has offered excellent customer care services to all their clients. Their customer care representatives are highly knowledgeable and helpful for everyone.

You have to contact them, and they will answer all your questions through an email, webchat, or a phone call.

Do Active Filings Handle New York Publication?

After contacting their customer support via phone, we know that they don’t handle any publication requirements.


So after this long article, you might have got the idea about what Active Filings are and how efficient and excellent services they offer to all their clients.

With the experience of 15+ years, they are standing straight and healthy in this industry and looking ahead in serving more businesses than they have served to date.

In our recommendation, Active Filings company is an excellent choice. They have a high ratio of advantages over disadvantages.

They have LLC formation packages ranging from $25 to $275, which is quite affordable than other companies’ prices in the market.

Hopefully, this Active Filings review helped you enough to discover if it’s the right choice for you.

Good Luck!

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