Best LLC Service 2021 – Top 8 LLC Formation Services Compared

Among numerous Best LLC services that are available at present, you might be confused about choosing the right one that would gratify your business requirements.

This article can guide you to find best llc service for you.

When you start a business, one of your significant steps would be to decide on the business structure, and an LLC could be an option.

But, first.

What is LLC?

An LLC or Limited liability company, as the name suggests is a company that provides limited liability to the business owner.

Simply put, if you’re the owner, you won’t be held personally accountable for the company’s debts and liabilities.

Ultimately protecting your assets and giving you the benefit of pass-through taxation. Here you’re considered as a member.

Pass-through taxation is a significant advantage in an LLC as double taxation can be avoided. You don’t have to face any corporate taxes but rather report your share of profit and loss on your tax returns.

These reasons can help you decide the kind of structure you think is best for your business.

If you’ve decided the structure of your business to be an LLC,

How do you form one?

You can do it on your own by getting all the paperwork done, but that may take you time and effort leading to delays and more work.

So, this is where LLC services come in. Instead of taking this work on yourself, you can choose an LLC service to help with the process and move forward with ease. 

An LLC service provides an online solution to form an LLC making your work easier and enables you to focus on your business more rather than the headache of filing it on your own.

An LLC’s sole purpose is to provide its members with asset protection and individual taxation, allowing flexible profit distribution.

So, to make it easier and fast, we turn to the LLC services.

Now you will need to research and find the LLC service that would work best for you and your business. Well, look more.

This article will help you out to choose the right one with the top 8 best LLC services that you could rely on.

Which one is the right one for you?

We’ll now see everything you need to know about each service to choose the one for you. At the end of your read, you can conclude which one is best for you.

Top 8 Best LLC service in 2020

  1. Zenbusiness
  2. incFile
  3. Northwest Registered Agent
  4. LegalZoom
  5. Rocket Lawyer
  6. Swyft Filings
  7. Inc Authority
  8. Nolo

1. ZenBusiness – Best LLC Service


ZenBusiness is easily a highly recommended service. It provides quality service giving you complete satisfaction. 

It has an easy to use platform, registered agent services and business operation services. You won’t be disappointed with this service. It certainly provides more than what you pay for. 

This includes free accounting and tax assessment and registered agent services for up to a year with every plan provided. It’s also wholly refundable but, without including the expenses.  

Their rates begin at only $129 (USD) per year. The services they provide come at a discounted rate.

Registered agent, operating agreement template and 100% accuracy guarantee are the primary vital features provided with any plan that you choose.

At $129, they offer all the above essential features with standard filing service. You’ll get rush filing speed, employer ID number, bank resolution template, business document templates library and worry-free compliance added to it at $249 a year. 

A business domain name, business website and business email address are added to it if you choose a $349 plan.

You can select additional features like adding an employer ID number to your primary plan but, it’s available at additional cost. They offer many more individual add-ons for you to utilize quickly. 

They use an automated process and technology that offer affordable and fast services for your business and help manage it.

Registered agent service will help you manage your correspondence with the state to ensure all legal documents.

And alerts are kept private and handled adequately with most care. The template provided for your operating agreement acts as a legal document for your LLC.

It outlines ownership, member duties and working relations among the business owners, members and managers.

In addition to this, ZenBusiness also provides additional services like creating a business bank account, business insurance, credit card, Google ads credit and business name reservation.

You can also find the fee and timing estimator page in zenBusiness website to review their processing times.

The processing time for basic plans in ZenBusiness is 2-3 weeks. Registered agent included in the formation package that later can be used at $119 per year. They also provide advisory service.

ZenBusiness is the most recommended for small business because the services they provide are of high quality and are available in affordable plans for entrepreneurs. Rest of the features vary according to the plan you choose.

In a gist, every package comes with preparation and filing of the LLC formation documents, an LLC agreement, name availability search, free accounting and assessment for your company. And registered agent service if you choose ZenBusiness. 

However, the above services are free for all the plans for only 12 months after which you will have to pay $119 per year for Finally.

ZenBusiness has an excellent customer support service that is available through live chat and phone from Monday to Friday and staff support on Sundays. 

You can also reach them through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

To come to the point, ZenBusiness is top-ranked for obvious reasons such as their wide service options and customer support.

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2. incfile


Incfile is the next Best LLC service provider that we are going to look into.

Like any other LLC services, Incfile also has its advantages.

For the low prices that they offer, they deserve a spot in our top 8.form an LLC for free. 

Incfile offers business formation for as little as $0 + state fee within contracts and no hidden fees. 

Other than free LLC filing, Incfile provides a full suite of start-up services, like, banking and book-keeping. They help you get started and support you throughout the process.

You can verify company name availability, prepare and file articles, process on the next business day, utilize free Registered Agent service for one year.

You can also utilize lifetime company alerts, online order status tracking, lifetime customer support, free business tax consultation and online access to incorporation documents.

One year Registered Agent service and one-hour free tax consultation is a very generous offer.

This makes it the best LLC service for start-ups, with limited capital. Incfile is also a BBB accredited company with an A+ rating, which makes it more reliable.

Incfile also provides assistance in company formation, statutory compliance as well as IRS filing.

It’s silver plan package fee is zero dollars plus state fee, it’s Gold plan is priced at $149 plus state fee Platinum is priced at $299 plus state fee.

Inc file has helped launch over 250,000 businesses since 2004. Incfile not only offers a wide range of company formation services.

But also has a Learning Center that educates you on starting a business, growing your business—and choosing the right business structure.

Incfile does prove to be one of the most highlighted best LLC services.

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3. Northwest Registered Agent

north west registered agent

Northwest Registered Agent is the next Best LLC service that provides quality services in our list.

This LLC service company provides full business formation services that include one year free Registered Agent service with all its packages. 

The packages supplied by Northwest Registered Agent include preparation and filing of articles plus, lifetime customer support.

It also offers additional services that include an operating agreement, EIN and expedited service.

Northwest Registered Agent ensures privacy by default and corporate guides. They’ve mentioned in their website that your business address privacy and free mail forwarding are included and that they never sell your data. 

The company’s business experts guide you through starting and maintaining a business lifetime guide service for whenever you need help.

This LLC service provides the best Registered Agent service that serve as businesses’ contact for legal matters with the state.

They happen to be expert Registered Agents and highly regarded in this industry for their knowledgeable professionals hence, earning a spot in our top 8 list.

If you want to cover several states at once, Northwest is the company for you. Northwest gives its customers more significant discounts, the more states you want and apply.

Northwest premium features offer a discount for the fourth to ninth states and an additional value for every other state.

You can reach a knowledgeable, professional person directly, instead of having to go through an automated menu. It also consists of an easy to use online form system.

One significant aspect of Northwest service is that there are no specific plans for the services.

You basically pay only for the services that you need, individually. If you want to form an LLC, the fee in Northwest is $225 plus state fees. Registered Agent services are available at $125. There are a lot of forms that are available on the site for corporations and employees.

The services that they offer are at reasonable prices, and they also provide customizable plans.

The most notable aspect about Northwest Registered Agent is that it provides same-day application processing service.

Their price starts at $79 plus state fees, and the processing time for the basic plan is one week. It also provides an operating agreement.

EIN registration offered for $50, which included deluxe and premium packages and annual compliance service at $100. Primary offering includes preparation of your Articles of Organization. 

They will also file these documents with your state to officially form your company. This package consists of 12 months of Registered Agent service.

The additional services and features of North West Company are,

Mail forwarding for $40 a month where they’ll offer you with a unique address and website bills suite number that you can use on your letterhead, and more.

It also provides annual report filing at $ 100, in which it guarantees on-time filing of your annual report. So you can have nothing to worry about regarding the on-going compliance requirement.

The other unique service that Northwest provides is a virtual office. Where a fully staffed office location with a full suite of on-demand secretarial service provided to enhance the professionalism of your business for $49 per month.

Northwest Registered Agent company provides stellar customer service for your help and guidance.

Registered Agent service is the most significant part of this LLC service company. As it’s agents are known to deliver the most quality guidance and most professional service.

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4. LegalZoom


LegalZoom is yet another company that provides good service to take place in this list of top 8 best LLC services.

LegalZoom is probably the most well-known business service provider around for its robust advertising.

They are indeed very popular and also offer a lot of good services that might be useful for you.

They assure you that they’ll guide you whether you’re ready to form your business right now or still searching your options.

To get started, LegalZoom provides a simple guide by first knowing a little about your business.

And sharing their thoughts on what services might work the best for you, after which you can pick the best business package for your needs.

LegalZoom has been helping millions of entrepreneurs to start and run their businesses since 2001.

They claim to have trusted partners to help you get your business going and with your other needs like legal advice and a business bank account.

LegalZoom provides clarity, with either their simplified self guided legal services or works with one of their independent attorneys or both.

They handle forms and filing. All you have to do is answer their simplified questionnaire, and they do the rest.

LegalZoom charges flat fees, which means getting help in business formation contracts, estate planning, and trademarks. 

And other self-guided services done without getting charged by the hour. They also provide experienced attorneys who are more friendly to speak with to help you through the process with ease.

LegalZoom, like any other LLC service provider, has its disadvantages as it’s not exactly packed with value for the price.

One of the other disadvantages is that the ordering process is a never-ending series of persuasion for their Registered Agent service, Federal Tax ID, acquisition, a business license research package, business tax software, a legal services subscription service and compliance assistance. 

This is even before you reach their package selection page.

Yet they have several advantages like unlimited consultations, total compliance feature and manual double-check and their experience.

Regular zooms price starts at $79 plus state fees and takes a processing time of 30 business days with an economic plan; Registered Agent costs $249 per year. 

They offer operating agreement and EIN registration depending on the package and compliance for $280 per year.

LegalZoom excels in advisory service with unlimited legal and accounting consultations. Here you pay for each service that you get. 

Trademark registration starts at $199 plus federal filing fees. Business Advisory plans start at $31.25 a month.

Significant benefits and features of Legal Zoom is that it can help with trademarks and patents, nondisclosure agreements, workplace benefits and legal advice.

Legal Zoom offers three packages for LLC formation starting from $79 up to $349 covering every single thing from introductory article filing to company certificates and express packaging processing.

The basic package has pretty much everything that you need to start a company but has a processing time of 30 days.

 The economy package priced at $79 with name availability search, preparation and filing Articles of Organization, 30-minute tax consultation, 30 business days processing.

The standard package offered for $329 with everything in economic package plus business organizer, certificates and official sea, 15 business days processing time. 

Express gold package priced at $349 with everything in standard package plus VIP processing and express shipping, bank account authorization letter and customer support seven days a week excluding state filing fees.

Additional services that are provided by LegalZoom are operating agreement for $99, operating agreement and EIN for $159, operating, EIN and licenses For $249 and Registered Agent service for $249. 

Extra services make it expensive but, then again, it’s a well established, experienced trusted company. Customer service hours have been expanded, making it easier for busy entrepreneurs.

When you make any purchase from LegalZoom, they give you a sixty-day time frame for you to decide if you’re pleased with their services or not.

If you decide that you’d like a refund, they will grant one with no questions asked. If experience and brand name is what you’re looking for LegalZoom can be your find.

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5. Rocket Lawyer


Rocket Lawyer services can be your go-to if your company is a start-up company with extensive legal advice needs.

This legal service provider helps you with the formation of your company.

Which is the majority why it is best known for providing help for any company that might look for extensive legal advice in addition to other business services.

Rocket Lawyer helped over 17 million businesses, families, individuals make legal documents and get attorney advice and confidently protect their futures.

It has created about 50,000,000+ documents to 240,000+ legal questions answered 200,000 business served. 

It has been providing its service since 2008. From trouble-free legal documents and business incorporation to discounted prices with outstanding lawyers, they’ll help and guide you every step of the way.

Rocket Lawyer offers access to affordable and simple legal services.

They also offer a seven-day free trial, which gives access to premium member services that includes unlimited access to all legal documents.

Document reviews by an attorney, documents discounts on incorporation services, filing of one LLC formation application, you can ask a lawyer questions, 30-minute attorney consultations on each new legal matter, attorney fees for long term engagements up to 40% discount on attorney fees for long term engagements, e-signing online dashboard and document storage.

Rocket Lawyer helps more than just setting up a business entity. It also offers a variety of legal services like creating a contract or filing trademark applications.

Rocket Lawyer provides help with our business formation, trademarks and patterns, contracts and legal advice.

With the help of Rocket Lawyer, you can get affordable legal advisers from the attorneys. You can get quick answers from real lawyers quickly. 

You can even ask any legal questions or have an attorney review your document over a phone call. You can either Connect by phone, email or chat. You can get your answers within one business day. Rocket Lawyer offers a discount when you hire an attorney.

They also offer a seven-day free trial, which gives access to premium member services that includes unlimited access to all legal documents. 

Document reviews by an attorney, documents discounts on incorporation services, filing of one LLC formation application, you can ask a lawyer questions, 30-minute attorney consultations on the new legal matter, up to 40% discount on e-signing, online dashboard and document storage. If you try Rocket Lawyer free for seven days, it offers legal services you can trust at prices you can afford. 

You could become a premium member and then get instant access to their entire library of legal documents. Document defense which is protected on all your contracts, secure cloud storage with options to edit, download and print anytime, quick legal service advice from a lawyer via phone call.

With Rocket Lawyer, you can make your free LLC operating agreement. An LLC operating agreement is the operating rules of a Limited Liability Company. 

You can build your document by answering a few simple questions to make your document in a few minutes.

You can also save, print and share the progress that you’ve made, and you can finish It on any device and download and print at any time. You can securely sign and make it legal and even invite others to sign. 

It is as uncomplicated as that to make your LLC operating agreement with the help of Rocket Lawyer.

Rocket Lawyer has a fully-featured monthly subscription plan, top-quality legal complaints and services and on-call lawyers available for questions and reviews.

Now that we know all the basic structure of Rocket Lawyer let’s get to its plans and pricing.

Rocket lawyers’ seven-day free trial, as mentioned above, provides unlimited legal documents, document defense, free incorporation for new members (25% after that). And it can automatically upgrade to premium if not cancelled.

Its premium services cost $39.99 per month with service provisions like 25% of Registered Agent service, discounts on legal services, free 30-minute legal consultation along with everything provided in a seven-day free trial service.

If you want only LLC formation, it is priced at $99.99 where it provides LLC formation and accessible legal documents and quick online sign-on.

Rocket Lawyer offers additional services as follows: premium members can access and ask a lawyer who is an on-call service to ask questions to a real lawyer at any time. But, a non-premium member can order this service at $49.99 per question.

 It also offers document defense which is available for non-premium customers at $9.99 per document. One other additional service that’s provided is priced at $149.99 for Registered Agent service. It provides a review of any document by an on-call attorney. 

Customer satisfaction and online reviews are remarkable for Rocket Lawyer, which makes it a trustworthy service provider.

Rocket Lawyer is the one for you if you need the choice of receiving on-going legal advice service and business formation.

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6. Swyft Filings

swyft filings

In our sixth place is Swyft Filings. Swyft Filings claims to provide LLC formation service in just 10 minutes.

Swyft Filings’ specialty is business formation for small businesses as well as medium-sized businesses.

Swyft Filings is a company with outstanding customer reviews and fast incorporation.

This service provider offers a basic business formation package with one day turnover time, which is way faster than most providers.

Swyft Filings provide a three-step process for you to get your business up and to run.

The first step is to fill out the online form, which can be completed in just 10 minutes or less.

In the second step, with the information that you’ve provided, the company will file the paperwork.

They prepare all the required documents and file them directly with the secretary of the state.

The last and final step is where you receive your documents. Once the state has approved your records, you will receive your completed LLC package by mail.

Swyft Filings offers to handle your business filings while you focus on growing your business.

They assure you that they will do it the right way, saving you time and money by avoiding costly errors with their business specialist. 

It also provides personalized customer support where each customer is assigned a personal business specialist.

If you have a question, your personal business specialist can be reached directly through a phone call.

 When you place your order in Swyft Filings, they immediately start the process of forming your new business, ensuring fast turnaround time. The reverting time is so little that it’s one of the fastest in the industry.

The process can happen in a blink of an eye with Swyft Filings. 

Their major strengths are cost-effective LLC formation, fast incorporation, outstanding customer reviews, user-friendly dashboard, multiple avenues of customer support, massive list of additional services and features useful compliance tools and being a renowned company. 

Pricing plans start at $49 and offer some of the industry’s most affordable options for LLC formation services.

On top of this, it allows you to pay in two installments for its services to take the loaded weight off your shoulders.

Processing time taken by Swyft Filings is so little that it happens the same day. A registered agent can be utilized at $149 per year. An operating agreement is included with the top two tiers.

So is EIN registration. Annual compliance can be obtained at the cost of $99 plus state fees. It also provides advisory service, and web domain and hosting included in the top tier.

Now to the pricing plans, the basic plan provided by Swyft Filings is priced at $49, which includes the essentials of business formation, along with the statement of the organizer. A handful of third-party partner offers.

The second pricing is the standard plan, which costs $149. The package offers all the features of the basic package plus, federal tax ID number, which is abbreviated as EIN. A custom LLC operating agreement, a custom banking resolution and organizational minutes.

The premium package adds electronic delivery of state documents, a custom digital LLC kit, expedited processing with your state, FedEx shipping and the third party business website and hosting offers along with the features of standard plans.

The major strength of Swift Filings are their low price points, excellent customer feedback and guaranteed same-day filing. Customer support is available via web chat, email, or phone. They always respond instantly with accurate solutions for the queries asked.

You can fearlessly go with swift filings if you are looking for a business formation service that can be finished from the comfort of your home or office. This is because it provides online best LLC service that will be able to offer online legal service right when it’s needed. 

They are making it happen from the comfort of your own home or office. Because they offer excellent business formation and processing, your work can be finished in a very short time.

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7. Inc Authority

inc authority

Sitting on the 7th place is Inc authority, where LLC formation and incorporation service provided.

Inc authority can help you with your business at only zero dollars. They refer to themselves as the home of free LLC and Corporation. 

They claim that it’s always a hundred percent free for their LLC set up services. You will only have to pay for the state.

Inc authority provides affordable business entity formation along with drafting and filing of corporations and limited liability companies.

Now you might be wondering about the features included in free LLC and corporation service.

They offer a five-point name check where Inc authority will check your business name against multiple databases. Preparation and filing of your entity formation documents and submit them to the state.

They also provide a Registered Agent to ensure that you lose a legal notice. Inc authority surely will be your registered agent for one year.

Digital storage and delivery where their digital copy is delivered to you and stores your essential start-up documents.  

It also provides checking and merchant services, giving access to a business checking account with merchant services to accept credit cards and exclusive incentives.

Inc authority prepare and filing of S-Election document form 2553 with the IRS. This feature is optional to you. You can choose it if you need it.

Inc care support is one of the other features where the experts from Inc authority help answer any query you have via phone or email.

Tax planning consultation also offered by Inc authority. Where your new business will collect a tax planning consultation to help you save extra of your business income.

The final feature provided is the business funding analysis. Here, the funding expert will review your financing needs and share start-up funding solutions with you.

With the above features being provided for $0, excluding the state fee, you can choose to access additional features at extra cost.

LLC formation works in three easy steps. The first step is to choose your state. Second is to enter the business name. The third is forming your new LLC. Inc authority’s family of companies has formed over 148,481 corporations and LLCs since 1989.

Their service is hundred per cent as said before. Still, you have to pay the state fee and postage, which are mandatory regardless of who incorporated for you. Although, you’ll have the option to choose their recommended upgrades during checkout.

 They offer a top-quality range of benefits for premium plans on excellent customer service, simple, basic, free LLC formation. It is one of the longest-running LLC incorporations. If you want anything added to the free package, the cost is comparable to the other providers.

Let’s have a look at its full-service package plans and pricing.

The starter package is priced at $399; Inc authority provides preparation and filing of articles of organization, business name availability check, online Document Delivery, meeting minutes, EIN, operating agreement tax consultation and free Registered Agents service for one year.

The executive plan costs $499. In addition to the starter plan, it provides business license reports and LLC website domains.

The third and final plan, Tycoon, costs $799 with express processing, credit building services including bureau registration and business launchpad along with every feature from the executive plan.

Customer Support for all packages available during business hours, or by email. The additional service that’s provided are registered agent services priced at $99 per year after the first year.

The add-on prices are, EIN for $49, operating agreement for $10 and express processing for $49.

Inc authority offers free registered Agent services in every bundle.

 It has a user-friendly website and an easy to use checkout process. Customer Service and Support is very responsive and knowledgeable.

Inc authority is exclusively partnered with Bank of America. Which makes it easier for if you are an entrepreneur looking to unlock a business bank account, you will have extra help and support. 

The company offers a coupon for 20% off the purchase if you choose to add additional services during the checkout process.

Suppose you think the basic features are more than enough for your business. 

In that case, you can choose Inc authority and pay only the state fee and obtain LLC formation free of cost with good customer support. And business account help if needed, through Inc authority’s partnership with Bank of America.

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8. Nolo

Nolo LLC

Nolo is yet another best LLC service that has many useful noticeable features. Nolo is not BBB accredited, but it does have an A+ rating with BBB.

The Nolo network presents over 50 web properties making it one of the web’s largest libraries having DIY legal information available for free. 

Their provisions include online legal forms, software and digital guides, all written in plain English. Nolo also helps you to connect with attorneys in your area using their online legal directory.

LLC creation service is one among its wide range of legal products. Nolo has a huge extensive library of legal articles which are free to browse. They also provide a ‘find a lawyer’ service that can connect you with a local lawyer by location.

Additional key features of no low Nolo’s website are dozens of free calculators including mortgage, car payment, investment and retirement calculators.

The processing time for LLC formation is two to three weeks with Nolo’s standard packs. With their express premium plan, priority rush filing and shipping included. 

Where your forms are submitted to the state within one business day, and you will receive your final LLC documents in about one week.

Nolo’s filing includes company name validation, Articles of Organization, unlimited customer service support, a guide to formalizing your LLC, automated error checking, etc.

Their three-step process includes generating a profile and selecting your package by answering a few questions and getting to know your business better.

The second step is to describe your LLC by filling out an easy to use, step by step guide with all the information needed to form your LLC in your selected state. After which you can save your progress as you go and file when you are ready. 

When the first two steps are finished, you are ready to start doing your business. Once you submit your order, the rest is handled by them like documentation and filing.

No claims to have been providing legal help for about 48 years. As a consumer and business owner, you can handle many legal matters yourself with Nolo’s DIY products which range from online forms and software to books and he guides. This step by step instruction can be very helpful for you to get your job done.   

It has sold over 10 million DIY products so far. When you want legal advice from my lawyer, their lawyer directory can help you by providing a shortlist of attorneys for you to choose from.

They even give you access to their guide to learn about individual lawyers and enables you to connect with the attorney that you prefer. They have thousands of lawyers in their directory.

Nolo’s basic service cost $99, which includes standard filing and shipping and customized LLC Operating Agreement.

The processing time for basic service is one or two weeks. Express Premiere Service costs $299 that covers priority rush filing and shipping processed in one business day, customized LLC Operating Agreement, personalized LLC records kit and seal and IRS application for EIN.

Nolo is a part of the list as it provides various free products that can be useful for you as it provides many do it yourself instructions. This is the one for you if you’re looking to extend your knowledge around everything LLC.

Essential things that you should consider while choosing an LLC service

 Every person has different requirements and priorities. An LLC service can be chosen based on the preference of your business.

An important aspect that you should look into is the plans and pricing of the LLC services and the features that they provide.

If everything that you require for your business are covered in a particular LLC service that might be the one for you.

While searching for the right best LLC service, you should analyze if you require any additional features or if formation alone is enough for you. Most LLC services provide a variety of additional features at extra cost.

If you can handle the extra cost that comes with the add-on service for your business, look for the one where you can obtain it at a lower cost.

Decide if you want on-going services because there are companies that provide on-going services that can benefit you in different ways.

If you think customer service is a very important aspect for you, you could choose the best LLC services that are rated best for their customer service.

Although most LLC service provides good customer support, some LLC companies pay extra attention to customer service support.

One other thing that can be considered while choosing an best LLC service is the processing time that particular service provider takes to process your LLC formation request.

The processing time depends on the LLC service or in some cases on the packaging plant that you choose.

Before choosing an best LLC service, jot down your priorities and requirements to help you choose the right LLC service provider accordingly.

To give you a start, pricing and features, value for money, service provided, customer care support, reliability and refund policy can be few of the major aspects to be taken into consideration while choosing an best LLC service provider.

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1. Can you create an LLC yourself?

Yes, you can create an LLC yourself. You can find all the information and forms online. You need to check with the requirements and state fee in the secretary of state’s website. Make sure you have all the documents and follow all the steps one by one.

2. What are the advantages of LLC business structure?

LLCs have the advantage of pass-through taxation, so the owner need not have to face issues like double taxation. Paper works are way fewer liabilities limited. It also has management and ownership flexibility. Your profit distributions are flexible.

3. What are the disadvantages of LLC service?

In case of taxation, LLC owners have to pay taxes at personal income tax rate due to which they must pay self-employment taxes. For social security and medicare on their share of the net business income. LLC owners must pay tax on the total amount of net income of the business while corporations can keep retained earnings and only pay taxes when income is distributed to owners as dividends.

4. What is an EIN number?

An EIN number is a type of taxpayer identification number that identifies your LLC with the IRS

5. Do these service providers offer services other than LLC formation?

Yes, some of our top 8 offer services for initiating other business structures, attorneys and any more.

6. How is LLC different than a corporation?

LLC is more simplified when compared to corporations. An LLC doesn’t demand by-laws or corporate charter.

7. Can I obtain LLC service for free?

No, LLC services are not free. The state filing fee is mandatory when you form an LLC. The state filing fee differs for every state.

8. What is the basic process of LLC formation?

Obtaining an Employer ID for your business, registering with the state and creating an operating agreement are the three basic steps involved in the process of forming a Limited Liability Company.

9. Does relying on online services really work, and are they legit?

Everyone finds it hard to go with online services because you put your money on something virtually. But, the above services are reliable as there are millions of people just like you who have taken a shot and benefited off of it. These services have experience and can guide you with your needs. Service providers on our list are legit, and you can go for it with closed eyes.

10. Why would you recommend online services?

Online LLC services can be obtained from the comfort of your home in the most secure way. You can focus on your business rather than paperwork, filing, tracking, etc.

11. What other taxes do LLC members have to pay?

LLC members pay income taxes, sales taxes, and property taxes, just like any other business type. However, LLC members should pay income tax on profits of the business.

12. Is registered agent service compulsory?

Though it is required to designate an agent, it’s not legally required. You can appear as your registered agent or ask a friend or family to do so.

13. What is an operating agreement?

An operating agreement is a key document that should be used by any LLC as it outlines the business’ financial and functional decisions, including all the rules and regulations along with the provisions.

14. Are Operating agreements and Registered Agent service required for an additional cost?

LLC service company provides only a template for your operating agreement, which you can easily find for free, which is one click away with the help of Google.

So, it really is your choice if you want to purchase at extra cost.

In the case of Registered Agent service, it is mostly recommended to purchase it because it is way easier to keep your business on track.

15. Is reserving my LLC name ahead of time important?

Reserving the LLC name before starting your LLC is not necessary for majority cases. In one or two states, they ask you to make a business name reservation before you start the LLC formation process.

So, if you want to make sure that the business name that you want is available before you form an LLC, you can definitely do it, but it is not essential.

16. What are Articles of Organization?

The most crucial part of forming an LLC is the preparation and filing of a document. This document is called the Articles of Organization. This is the form that you submit to the state to create your company officially.

17. What is an LLC organizer?

LLC organizer is the individual person or business entity that handles the actual formation of your company. The main responsibility of the organizer is preparing and filing your Articles of Organization, with your state government.

18. How should I name my LLC?

The name you choose for your LLC is a crucial decision because it is going to represent you and your business to your associates and clients. For LLCs, most of these states will require you to add a signifier, such as LLC at the end of your company’s name.

19. How many members are needed to form an LLC?

LLC formation doesn’t require a fixed number of members or owners. Single-member is qualified for pass-through taxation, but it differs at the state level.   

20. Do I need a lawyer to set up an LLC?

No, a lawyer is not necessary for the setting up of an LLC, since all legal requirements are self-explanatory. Although, you may want an attorney to check your documents before filing it with the state and for your legal doubts.


Forming an LLC has become comfortable with the availability of tons of online services. The only part that you, as a business owner, will have to do is decide what your priorities and requirements are.

LLC is the most famous business form today. So, regardless of the LLC service that you choose, your work will be securely done at the end of the day. 

The ultimate goal of any business owner would be to get the job done without any risk. And focus more on the business rather than the formation procedure, which is more workload on the shoulder.

Center your thinking more about what you don’t want for your business while choosing your LLC service. 

Each LLC service has its advantages but also disadvantages. Every LLC service is different in its way. They have many useful features that make it worth buying. One is always better than the other, but it depends on what’s better for you. 

Zenbusiness took first place because it offers more than what you pay for. But, at the same time Rocket Lawyer is the best if you need continued legal advice service while Nolo provides an attorney list for you to choose from.

Ask yourself what is more important to you in comparison to one another. It is clear that LLC service is the easy way for your business needs. Take a leap of faith, explore and pick.

The best one genuinely based on your outlook and what you think is best for you and your business:) 

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